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9/11 Free Fall-- Dennis McMahon-- NYC CAN and Building What? (11/8/12)

Dennis P. McMahon is a member of the New York and Massachusetts bars. In 2009, he served as attorney for the 9/11 family members in Burke vs McSweeney, as part of the NYC CAN petition effort to have NYC voters decide whether New York City should have its own investigation into what really happened on 9/11. Dennis was instrumental in introducing the “Building What?” campaign, later renamed “Remember Building 7.” In 2011, he helped coordinate part of the “Investigate Building 7” conference held in West Hartford Connecticut. Dennis currently serves as a member of David Ray Griffin’s Consensus 911 Project, and is a member of the Writing Team at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

New TV Ads On the Way! + An Important Action Alert

“The day we see the truth and cease to speak is the day we begin to die.”
 -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Friends,

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Mark Stepnoski for generously offering $10,000 to match all donations made to the BuildingWhat? campaign during the last three days of 2010.  Supporters across the country and around the world rose to the occasion, giving nearly $30,000 on top of Mark’s $10,000 to bring the campaign to $67,000.  Thank you all for your generous support and your belief in our strategy.

In the next few weeks we will be releasing a series of brand new TV ads.  Without giving anything away, we are confident in saying these new ads will generate much publicity and create a groundswell of public demand for a new Building 7 investigation leading up to the 10th Anniversary.


To help pave the way towards that day, we have an important action item that will take you only two minutes to complete.  Please help us send 500 emails to the Speaker of the New York City Council to inform her that 2010 was only the beginning of our campaign, and our calls for the empanelment an independent commission to investigate Building 7 will grow as the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

Once you send your email you will be asked to click a button to record your participation.  This button is on the webpage and transparently displays the total number of letters sent, so we are counting on you to show our numbers.  You do not need to be a resident of New York City—we encourage people everywhere to contact Speaker Quinn.  Press the button below to take action now.


Thank you for speaking up on this day of honor for Martin Luther King Jr.


The BuildingWhat? Team


An In Depth Interview with Bob McIlvaine – Visibility 9-11

Notes by John Bursill

In this in depth interview with tireless 9/11 Truth campaigner Bob McIlvaine, we look at 9/11 in its historical context. We also hear about Bob’s detailed research into what happened to his son Bobby on 9/11 and the evidence an explosion other than the planes killed his son.

Listen Here:

Bob McIlvaine

As a long term 9/11 Truth researcher (2001) , an ex-history teacher and someone who has worked in mental health, Bob has a unique perspective on society and it’s drives. In this interview Bob gives us a insight into how he sees the world and it’s working’s and why 9/11 Truth should be seen as possibly the best chance we’ve had at bringing peace to our world. Bob believes that we may have already been successful at preventing other wars with our exposure of the 9/11 fraud; I totally agree.

Raw Story: Geraldo ‘much more open minded’ about 9/11 thanks to NYC television ads

By Stephen C. Webster
Sunday, November 14th, 2010

A new television ad campaign featuring the family members of 9/11 victims has succeeded in garnering what 9/11 activists have lacked for years: serious treatment in the mainstream media.

Granted, that media was Fox News host Geraldo Rivera, who in a former iteration ran a Jerry Springer-like daytime talk show. That and, the last time Rupert Murdoch's conservative-tilted television channel seriously talked about issues pertaining to 9/11, they were calling for a public official's resignation over a signature on one of the "9/11 truth" petitions.

Still, at the end of his serious-yet-brief treatment of questions surrounding the collapse of World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7, pictured), Rivera admitted that the activists had made him "much more open minded" about questions surrounding 9/11.

Email Friendly WTC7 demolition attachment now available

Word of mouth networking is some of the best advertising.

Using our Facebook accounts and email address books, we can share awareness of the Building What campaign.

Many email services have a limit on the size of attachments you can send.

Therefore, I've edited a WTC7 demolition montage down to under 20 MB, allowing it to be sent as an email attachment.

I sent this to everyone who I know reasonably well, with text listed below.
Feel free to copy or modify as you desire.

Using You Tube Downloader, Video Slurp, or similar software, you can download the following video and send as an email attachment.

(My virus checkers says it is clean.)

Here is the accompanying text:

Attached is a brief compilation of video clips showing the "collapse" of World Trade Center Building 7 the evening of September 11, 2001.

WTC 7 was a 47 story concrete reinforced steel high rise, NOT hit by an airplane. It was the 3d building to come down on 9/11.

It had relatively small fires on several floors that burned for only a few hours.

BuildingWhat? Important Update


Important Update

The “BuildingWhat?” fundraising drive has been extended to Wednesday, September 22. We first want to thank all of those who have donated to getting the “BuildingWhat?” TV ad on the air in New York City. Your contribution has helped us reach over $75,000 in just a few weeks. This is an incredible success for all of us and our collective effort will have an enormous impact. 

But, we are not there yet. For the “BuildingWhat?” ad campaign to achieve the fullest success possible, we need to reach our goal of $100,000.

We invite you to be a part of this success by donating $10 or more. Please watch the ad and donate right now. If everyone across the world who lays eyes on this letter chips in $10, we would easily surpass our goal by the end of the week.

Help expose the collapse of Building 7 to millions of New Yorkers with this historic ad campaign. 

We also invite you to take “The Pledge” to spread the word to at least ten friends. It's easy and quick and will help “BuildingWhat?” reach thousands more people. 

See all the details at

Final Version of the BuildingWhat? Ad - Spread It Far and Wide!

The final version of the "BuildingWhat?" ad is here!

BuildingWhat? Final TV ad version

 As of Friday, September 10 we have raised $70,000.
Let's make it to $100,000 by the end of the weekend!
Visit to see how you can contribute.

Manny Badillo on The Corbett Report

Very good interview by James Corbett with 9/11 family member Manny Badillo who talks about the new "BuildingWhat?" TV ad campaign, his participation with NYC CAN and much more.

Part 1 of 2:


BuildingWhat? - $100,000 = 2.5 million views

BuildingWhat? TV Ad
Click to watch the ad!

Dear Friends,

Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the “BuildingWhat?” TV ad campaign going into the final week of the fundraising drive:

ACTION ALERT: September 11th Letter to the Editor

*Please submit the following letter to your local newspaper on behalf of Bob McIlvaine and other family members who demand 9/11 truth and justice. Select one of the two versions below depending on the word limit requirements of your paper's public forum. (If 300 words, use the first letter--- if 200 words, use the second letter). NOTHING to write. Just mail this LTE along with your contact information or submit online at your newspaper's website. Let's set a goal of 100 submissions. They will ALL be read by newspaper editors and many will be published. Together we can reach millions of readers while promoting Building 7 awareness and activism. Do it for Bob!

LTE-268 words
This letter is written in honor of those who died on September 11, 2001, and in support of their families who are still seeking the truth about that day, including Bob McIlvaine, who lost his 26-year old son, Bobby.

NYC CAN World Video Premiere on The Alex Jones Show Today
August 26, 2010


After much anticipation, an advertisement featuring footage of Building 7’s collapse, soon to be seen on TV screens all over New York City, will be unveiled on Prison Planet TV!

The “BuildingWhat?” TV Advertising Campaign is a movement-wide effort to blanket New York City with TV ads in the second half of September featuring footage of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. The campaign is cosponsored by David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage, Niels Harrit, Kevin Ryan, Bob McIlvaine, Manny Badillo, and several other leaders and organizations. The campaign seeks to raise $500,000 in order to expose over one million New Yorkers to footage of Building 7’s collapse.

The reason why the mainstream media won’t air footage of Building 7 is quite simple – because that footage is the “Zapruder film of 9/11.” On the evening of March 6, 1975 more than 11 years after the assassination of JFK, the Zapruder film was aired publicly for the first time ever, allowing millions of Americans to see with their own eyes the brutal tragedy that had unfolded a decade earlier on a sunny afternoon in Dallas. A few seconds of footage refuting the fairytale of a lone gunman changed the way a people thought about the event of their generation, and public outcry led to a new congressional investigation.

Today Building 7 gives us that same opportunity. When a judge in a New York City courtroom says, “Building WHAT?” in response to hearing the words “Building 7”, it tells us just how well Building 7 has been hidden from public view. But two weeks of TV ads can begin to change everything. For months the New York City Council and Manhattan DA have been educated about the collapse of Building 7. It is now time to raise public awareness so that a handful of courageous officials will have the public support they need to stand up and demand the truth.

Tune in today to see this ground-breaking ad aired publicly for the first time ever, and please consider donating at to ensure it is seen by one million New Yorkers.