Jim Fetzer

Jim Fetzer Interviews Steven Jones on the Dynamic Duo

27MB MP3

This is an interview of Steven Jones by Jim Fetzer on the Dynamic Duo show on gcnlive from the 17th.

Have a listen, post some comments.

Thanks to solar roller for the heads up!

James Fetzer on The O'Reilly Factor - Video Download

24mb WMV
(sorry for the minor audio stuttering)

Bill O'Reilly invited Dr. James Fetzer from Scholars for 9/11 Truth onto his show tonight. Bill was at the top of his game tonight in his mastery of 5th grade insults not seen since he berated the son of a victim of 9/11.

O'Reilly's only purpose for inviting Fetzer on this evening was to invite him to be his personal body bag to verbally abuse and insult as a sort of follow up to his coverage last night of Kevin Barrett (be sure to check out Ann Coulter Jr.). Dr. Fetzer perhaps got in 3 to 4 sentences edgewise during O'Reilly's gradual melt down until O'Reilly quite literally advocated the government having the FBI track Fetzer down to find out "what you guys are up to" - Bill O'Reilly quite clearly proved tonight that he is in fact a fascist.