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David Ray Griffin's Foreword to "America in Peril"

(Bob Aldridge, the author previously of First Strike! The Pentagon's Strategy for Nuclear War, has a new book out; America in Peril. The foreword is written by David Ray Griffin, and Griffin has supplied the text for visitors here to see. -rep.)

Bob Aldridge’s America in Peril is a wake-up call for Americans. Several such wake-up calls have been published recently. But this book is different.

Aldridge not only points out that many developments since 9/11 have moved us toward fascism; he also discusses in detail these post-9/11 developments---such secret detentions, military commissions, extraordinary renditions, torture, the loss of habeas corpus, the Patriot Act, extraordinary military spending, unprecedented government secrecy, and unprecedented claims for presidential authority---all in the name of “national security.” He also shows how the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have been justified on the basis of 9/11 and demonstrates that these wars and most of the other developments are in line with neoconservative ideology, which 9/11 allowed the administration to turn into official policy.

Aldridge’s book is distinctive because, besides highlighting all these things, he resists the standard explanation, even among left-leaning thinkers, according to which the Bush-Cheney administration simply took advantage of the shock created by the 9/11 attacks. Rather than portraying these attacks as merely good fortune from the point of view of the Bush-Cheney administration, Aldridge comes right out and says what millions of Americans---including growing numbers of architects, engineers, pilots, scientists, and former military and intelligence officers (see the Patriots Question 9/11 website) believe---namely, that the 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by this administration, precisely for the sake of putting its preestablished agenda into effect.

Video spot examines newly released "alleged hijacker" timeline.

9/11 researcher Bryan Sacks takes a look at the FBI "hijacker" timeline released via a FOIA request from Kevin Fenton.

Sacks is one of the contributing authors to The Hidden History of 9/11.

Brattleboro, Vermont, Votes to Indict Bush and Cheney

By David Swanson - Wed, 2008-03-05

Brattleboro, Vt., voted today in support of a measure calling on the town's police force to arrest and indict Bush and Cheney. The vote was 2012-1795.

Marlboro, Vt., passed a similar measure at its town meeting today at which the vote to indict Bush and Cheney was 43-25-3. That's 43 in favor and 3 abstaining. Thus Marlboro beat Brattleboro to it by a few hours. In Brattleboro, the indictment question was on the primary ballots for both parties.

Here's a kit for other towns to use:

Here is background on Brattleboro's indictment ballot initiative, written prior to the vote...


"9/11 and Nationalist Faith" by David Ray Griffin

How Faith Can Be Illuminating or Blinding

According to David Ray Griffin, "People of faith" are often accused of allowing their faith to override evidence. With regard to 9/11, the greatest obstacle to seeing the truth---that 9/11 was an inside job---is not the lack of evidence but what can be called "nationalist faith"---the belief that America is the "exceptional nation," whose leaders never deliberately do anything truly evil, at least to their own citizens. Denver, Colorado. October 19, 2007

Link here (All 9 parts will play one after another)

The parts are listed here as well:
9 Parts - "9/11 and Nationalist Faith" by DRG
Part 1
Part 2

Cynthia McKinney still running for President, and still supporting the 9/11 Truth Movement!

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is *still* running for President of the United States under the Green Party Ballot She is a relentlessly strong patriot who constantly strives for a government that is transparent and held accountable. She openly supports the 9/11 Truth Movement and a new (or real) investigation into 9/11 and whose character is of unlimited courage seeking truth and justice. She was the only member of Congress (to my knowledge) to take on Donald Rumsfeld and Gen. Richard Myers about the wargames of 9/11 and the 2.3 Trillion Dollar Announced Lost on September 10, 2001

Cynthia McKinney: Exclusive Interview at the Audubon by Kimberly Wilder February 21, 2008

How to Say "NO" to a 'False Flag' Operation - Cambodia, 1966

It may seem naïve to some, to offer pledge cards to the military asking them not to participate in a False Flag operation. However, sometimes the right message needs to get to the right person, and who is to say that a pledge card wouldn't be a good way to get the message delivered? It might help someone think over a decision that they may regret for the rest of their life.

In 1966, LTC USASF (Ret.) Daniel Marvin refused to participate in a False Flag operation. Now retired, Marvin revealed his story in a book called "Expendable Elite". The hardback was released in 2003, after nearly 20 years of searching for a publisher. Immediately following the release of the book, the Special Forces Association began a campaign to discredit the book's contents, and ultimately bankrolled a libel suit against Marvin and his publishers. Marvin won the legal battle, and the whole sordid tale is included in the softcover version of the book, which you can order directly from the publisher, TrineDay.

The chief claim in the book which set a legal battle in motion that has cost Marvin and TrineDay over $150,000 in legal fees appears to be this; in June of 1966, a CIA agent by the name of Walter Mackem approached Marvin with a plot to assassinate Prince Norodom Sihanouk, at the time, Cambodia's Head of State;

He very matter-of-factly told me that the agency had been asked to dispose of a very delicate situation... "We've been asked to terminate Prince Sihanouk. Yours is the closest Special Forces Camp to Phom Penh; you've got all Hoa Hoa's in your CIDG and their record is good. We want you take care of it... because we believe you can get the job done." ...

"You want us to assassinate Crown Prince Sihanouk?" I asked, not really believing he'd come to ask us to kill Cambodia's Head of State. "Don't get me wrong, I've got no love for Sihanouk, but don't you have some of your own people in Cambodia who could make the hit?"

"Yes... we want you to do the job." Mackem went on to tell me their analysis had determined that the Cambodians would take up arms against VC and NVA forces and push them back into Laos or North Vietnam if their Prince was thought to have been killed by the Viet Cong. "Your job," he went on to say, "will be to bring about his death and make it appear to have been done by the VC."
- "Expendable Elite", 2nd Edition, p. 262.

Dr. Hans Koechler's Observations on the "War on Terror"

(Dr. Koechler's website.)

In addition to the skepticism recently voiced in New Zealand by Dr. Koechler, he has updated an essay originally presented at the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang back in December, 2007. The essay will be published in Studies in International Relations, Vol. XXX, later this year.

The essay is called, "The “Global War on Terror” and its Implications for Muslim-Western Relations". Here are some excerpts;

At the beginning of the 21st century, a comprehensive analysis of the notion and practice of the so-called “global war on terror” and the role that has been “assigned” to Islam in this antagonistic, almost hypocritically Manichaean, post-September 11 scenario has remained a desideratum – in spite of all the proclamations to the contrary. My preliminary philosophical reflections focus on the aspect of the “metaphysical enemy” in the context of the actual discourse on terrorism and the global order...

In the framework of international power politics in which the term is used today, “terrorism” has become a reified concept that signifies an enemy for whose actions no motivation other than “doing evil” is being admitted. Thus, the term has become a kind of value label employed in a specific context of (often undeclared) political interests, with the purpose of de-humanizing the adversary and, thus, gaining the moral high ground in confrontations that are often driven by economic interests, not by a commitment to moral or legal principles. Accordingly, the construct of a “global war on terror” attributes to “terrorism” a kind of mythical dimension, personalizing something which is a method of violence or tactic – as distinct from the acting subject against whom alone a war can be fought. Thus, the collective effort described as “war” in this sense implies a rather strange reification of actual conflict situations the causes of which those who claim to act in self-defense refuse to analyze.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher links WTC 1993 bombing to OKC bombing and 9/11 in 15th anniversary speech - February 26, 2008

On February 26, 2008, Congressional Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California made some very interesting observations on the House floor; *

"In my tenure as a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, both as chairman and ranking member of an investigative subcommittee, I have witnessed firsthand behavior by the Bush administration which I find deeply troubling.

The disdain and uncooperative nature that this administration has shown toward Congress, including Republican Members, is so egregious that I can no longer assume that it is simply bureaucratic incompetence or isolated mistakes. Rather, I have come to the sad conclusion that this administration has intentionally obstructed Congress' rightful and constitutional duties.

Tonight I will discuss some serious examples of this administration's contemptuous disregard for the authority delegated to Congress by the Constitution. This bad attitude has consistently manifested itself in a sophomoric resentment toward Congress' constitutional role as an equal branch of government. The result has been an executive branch too insecure to let Congress do its job, an executive branch that sees Congress, even when Republicans held the majority, as a rival and a spoiler, rather than as elected representatives of the American people playing a rightful role in establishing policy for our great country.

Unfortunately, when the President of the United States rejects the legitimacy of congressional prerogatives, there are serious consequences. Tonight, I will provide examples of how this administration for the past 7 years has undercut congressional investigators, has lied to Members of Congress, and has forged ahead with secret deals in spite of efforts and pleas by Congress to be informed, if not involved.

When Discussions cross into "Conspiracy Theory" and becomes "Forbidden" to Exile the Inquisitor

Anyone involved in exposing the 911 false flag event and cover-up has most likely heard, and even been the recipient of, the term "conspiracy theory" and derivations of it. The term has spread over the years from the JFK era to today that has been used to label or stereotype individuals in a negative manner. Its connotation is continually hammered away as a negative "scarlet letter" and repeated by the media by anyone who may fall unscrupulously privy to it.

The link to the article examines the term "conspiracy theory" as being a label for forbidden thought. It looks at what seems as an unwritten line in a debate that when crossed there is a uneasy realm that logical discourse and free thought now become uncomfortable, stagnant area, where logic does not exist, facts are not analyzed, and a balance of evidence in either direction of a debate is irrelevant.

A Blast From the Past: Decoding Bojinka

(Reproducing here for archive purposes.)

Decoding Bojinka
By Rafael M. Garcia - November 15, 2001
Newsbreak contributor

THE NIGHTMARE of many years ago was reliving itself that Black Tuesday. I was on a business trip in Minneapolis. As I was driving, two radio program hosts went hysterical about a fire in one of the towers of the World Trade Center. A few minutes later, they became even more hysterical as a plane had crashed into the second tower.

Project Bojinka! This was one of the plans I had discovered on the computer of Ramzi Yousef in 1995 at the Josefa Apartments in Manila when a fire, accidentally triggered by Abdul Karim Murad and Yousef, attracted the attention of security personnel who called the police. Murad was apprehended while Yousef was able to escape to Pakistan where he was ultimately caught.

Report on Brussels Presentation from Dr Eric Beeth

Yesterday evening I attended the Film + debate evening organised by the Euro-Parliamentarian Giulietto Chiesa, together with Yukihisa Fujita, David Ray Griffin and the makers (Paolo Jormi Bianchi, Thomas Torelli, Francesco Trento and Franco Fracassi) of the documentary film “ZERO - Inchiesta sull’11 settembre”.

Excellent movie, produced thanks to an enormous investment of time and money by the film-makers, and out of pocket donations from a very large number of citizens wanting the truth to shine forth. It deserves a wide distribution, hopefully also to a world-wide television audience.

It complements’s “Unter Falscher Flagge”, which can already be seen on google-video with English sub-titles. The film “Zero” interviews many military and intelligence experts, some who I had not been listening to before. A highlight of the film is the wonderfully happy face of Dario Fo (1997 Italian Nobel Prize winner in Literature) who through-out the movie comments on certain known facts with his logic that should be grasped by the humanity loving child within each of us.

We all have way enough proof that the whole “Al-Qaeda” hype and “War on Terror” is a fraud. We must not tolerate these “McCain-like” synthetic-terror-mongering false paradigm messages in our media. It is long overdue that we speak out as citizens, and not only in internet forums. For example, we can picket the media during “11th of the month” actions.

Yukihisa Fujita stressed the importance to continue to increase the political and cultural weight of the growing amount of credible allegations by responsible people in all walks of society. Although the US State department is irritated that European media and political institutions are more and more deeply questioning the “OFFICIAL MYTHformation” of the “War on Terror”, in the end, the US will be most inclined to change its ways only when the American people themselves inform themselves better on the full depth of the criminality and “false flag” deception of its current rogue administration. This is something that will not magically disappear by electing an “Obama”. The whole media and political institution needs a full renewal before it again can deserve the trust of us American citizens.

Short videos, a sound analysis of pre-collapse explosions, WTC1 corner pulverizing, and an Eyewitness Accounts clip

Just a few recently added short clips from a few dedicated individuals on youtube to add to any 911truth arsenal. Based on physics and on eyewitness accounts by the first responders who were there. In order of personal preference.

Eyewitness Accounts of the first responders of "explosions"
The Eyewitness Accounts - From : Whats The Truth - Part 2

Just a portion of 118 accounts of "explosions" article.

WTC1 Northwest corner view of it being explosively pulverized

Military exercises, wargames, supposedly providing 'enhanced response' are smokescreens for the false flag event(s)

The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out. As the linked article details, this is exactly how government perpetrators in the US and UK handled the 9/11 and 7/7 "terror" attacks, which were in reality government attacks blamed on "terrorists.", says former military intelligence officer Captain Eric H. May, who spent five years with the U.S. Army 75th Division conducting military war games.

With ailing health, his aim is to convince the American people that the "next 9/11" -- constantly promised by officials and the media -- is likely to be carried out under the guise of future military exercises. If the American people are aware of pending exercises and the danger they represent, then the exercises cannot "go live" and effect the very terror events that they are supposed to be rehearsing against.