July 2006

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Professor Jones: No Nukes at the WTC

I just want to pass on a couple findings from Professor Steve Jones, to clear up confusion.

Professor Jones has tentatively found that:

  • The levels of radiation measured at and near the World Trade Centers are far below those which would indicate the use of nuclear weapons or mini-nukes
  • The thermite/thermate used at the World Trade Centers likely included nanothermite or nanothermate, and not just conventional thermite/thermate. Dr. Jones tells me "Actually, the evidence suggests both forms were used! The molten metal seen flowing from WTC2 would be from the conventional form, for instance."

The Middle East Crisis, Cindy Sheehan And The King David Hotel

Those thinking of demonstrating in DC this September 11th may want to consider the recent comments by Cindy Sheehan, there is a good chance that no 9/11 Truth will be heard. Rick Siegel is going to DC this September, however Cindy is likely to get all the press. A good alternative is the demonstration at Ground Zero.

Good write up by Dem Bruce Lee Styles, follow the hyperlink for the whole thing.


Whistleblower suspects 9/11 inside job

Another article on Elsberg, use it...

The Pentagon insider who revealed the cynical lies behind the Vietnam War disaster has concluded that the Bush Administration probably orchestrated or at least allowed the horrific attacks against America on Sept. 11, 2001.

Daniel Ellsberg bravely leaked the "Pentagon Papers" in 1971, which finally turned America against the bloody and amoral war. Now Ellsberg says Washington's despots likely committed the ultimate treason right here at home.

Documentary Director Fears Fictionalization of 9/11

You and me both:


The director of a new documentary on September 11 fears that two upcoming Hollywood dramatizations of the World Trade Center attacks may eclipse her project.

"I hope the truth does not get lost amongst the fiction," Linda Ellman, a former NBC News producer, who made her film directorial debut with "On Native Soil," told Reuters.

"I don't have a problem with fictionalized stories or fictionalized efforts about 9/11, because people need to be kept aware and should never forget. I just hope the truth isn't replaced by fiction, because the truth is shocking," she said.

Has 9/11 changed your life? Tell us about it

Well MSNBC, I thought you'd never ask. Have your say:


E-mail your story to MSNBC.com — it could be featured on the site

From subtle shifts to complete transformations, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, changed the lives of millions of Americans.

First, of course, there were those who faced the devastation of losing family and friends, as well as those who witnessed the attacks or were uprooted from their homes and workplaces in and around the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Then there were the thousands of reservists who were called up to serve in America’s armed forces or made the decision to join up and serve in the armed forces.

Moran Alert.

What's wrong with the following paragraph?

Obviously, in order to present his theories, he must have a firm grounding in many scientific disciplines as well as some knowledge of engineering in order to debunk the established theory that two 767s filled with hundreds of thousands of pounds of jet fuel plowed into two 110 story buildings at more than 500 miles per hour, igniting and burning the fuel at several thousand degrees causing support structures to weaken until the weight bearing beams holding up the top several floors gave way allowing the entire edifice to pancake down to the ground. But Mr. Barrett has so far not shown that he has any expertise in anything, much less his possessing the specialized and collective knowledge of The American Society of Civil Engineers, whose brilliant analysis of why the towers fell is generally accepted in the scientific community as the best theory available about how the disaster happened.

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UPDATE: Today's show is now available in the WBAI archive.

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Today, Thursday, 7/20, Les Jamieson will be on New York's Pacifica flagship station WBAI (99.5 FM) from 3 - 6 PM to doing a special radio show to call attention to the 2nd anniversary of the 9/11 Commission Report.

The 9/11 War Games

911Truth.org has a brief new article about the "Military Exercises" that preceeded, and took place on, 9/11. To give it some context, I'll post some links to some other, older articles, as well.

Exclusive Report: Did Military Exercises Facilitate the 9/11 Pentagon Attack? - July 2006

...We can see that Pentagon training exercises prior to 9/11 routinely involved the simulated crashing of an aircraft into the building. But might another such exercise have been scheduled for the morning of 9/11? There are various pieces of evidence indicating this may have been the case. Although the existence of such an exercise has never been stated explicitly, this might be because the exercise was declared classified....

Cynthia McKinney Facing Runoff Election Comments on Electronic Voting, 9/11, and More

Machine Vote-Flipping Claimed in McKinney Primary - atlantaprogressivenews.com

“You’ve got electronic voting machines. Many people called in and shared their concern. They pushed the button for Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson came up. It wasn’t one time, it wasn’t two times, it was many, many times,” Karen Fitzpatrick, who has been monitoring elections for US Rep. McKinney’s re-election campaign, told Atlanta Progressive News in an exclusive interview.

Let me repeat: The McKinney Campaign says they have documented complaints of voters here in Georgia whose votes FLIPPED BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES on Diebold machines.

Mike DeWine Uses "Doctored" 9/11 Video in Attack Ad.

Mike DeWine decided to try on the "9/11 Halo" and it didn't work so well...

DeWine blunder adds fuel to controversial Sept. 11 ad

The controversial video of the burning World Trade Center towers in a television campaign ad for Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine is doctored, U.S. News has learned. The television spot, which has been lambasted by critics as a political exploitation of the Sept. 11, attacks Democrat challenger Rep. Sherrod Brown for being weak on national security.