March 2012

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Music Video SELLING FUTURES posted at Truth Troubadour Channel on YouTube

Selling Futures reviews the many aspects and consequences of the complete takeover of US society by consolidated corporations and their attempt to globalize and militarize the entire world under the cover of “privatizing” resources and fighting a “war on terror”. Of course, as always, 9/11 Truth is an integral part of Vic's songs and videos. Eric Golub is featured on ukulele. The song was recorded by sound engineer/owner at Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley, CA.

If you like Selling Futures, support it with “like” and "share" buttons, as well as sending the link out in your emails and posting it to other sites. The same goes for any of the 9/11 Truth specific videos: Blowback or Bloody Treason, Trouble in the Rubble, Ballad of William Rodriguez, and Cheney's in the Bunker. Thank you! The song, Selling Futures, is copyrighted. But the video has a Creative Commons Copyright with free download and use without the right to change the video.

Vic Sadot is Truth Troubadour at twitter, 911blogger, gmail, youtube, bliptv, and blogspot.

Selling Futures - Truth Troubadour Music Video at You Tube

Richard Gage in Toronto, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Halifax, & Montreal

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are currently doing well in their Canada Tour 2012. Canadians in the following regions are encouraged to attend Richard Gage's presentations:

April 1 - Saskatoon - Travelodge Hotel Saskatoon

April 2 - Ottawa - Bronson Center - Mac Hall

April 3 - Toronto - OISE, University of Toronto

April 4 - Moncton, New Brunswick - Capitol Theatre

April 5 - Halifax - Olympic Community Centre

April 7 - Montreal - Centre St-Pierre

*Tickets Information:
- For Toronto, visit
- For all other cities listed above, visit

New NIST WTC Investigation FOIA Records For WTC 7 OEM “Bunker” & Confidential NYC DoB Collapse Assessment

On March 20, 2012, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provided via reply to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, detailed records describing construction plans for the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) “bunker”, as well as a confidential post-collapse World Trade Center (WTC) assessment by the New York City Department of Buildings.

(Download files here)

Richard Gage "911 Blueprint for Truth" Edmonton March 30 2012

FACEBOOK COMMENTS - EDMONTON: I just returned from an incredible event about 9/11 truth. The amount of evidence that a controlled demolition and cover up of the truth happened along with the hastily removal of crime scene material was simply staggering. At this meeting, there were engineers, pilots and firefighters. The eloquent Richard Gage, AIA member with 40 years of experience in architecture represented the “1,600 Architects & Engineers for 9//11 Truth” organization and did an incredible presentation. People are waking up! Master photographer Con Boland

Lynette Bondarchuk of Edmonton Small Press said "glad to hear it went well Doug (and sorry again we couldn't make it out) - very important to have reasonable scientific debate about this issue, and leave the conspiracy theories to the online tinfoil crowd. :)

Leading Military Nano-Thermite Developer: No Records Describing Its Nano-Thermite Uses

Within a March 16, 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reply, the Indian Head division (IHD) of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) advised that it possesses no records describing uses of its nano-thermite products, despite IHDNSWC being described as the leading developer of nano-thermite circa 2008[1] and being "the only reliable source of aluminum nanopowders in the United States” circa September 11, 2001.[2] In 2009, the discovery of nano-sized thermitic material within World Trade Center dust samples was reported.[3]

WTC panel agrees that toxic substances from 9/11 causes cancer

For the first time, WTC rescue heroes diagnosed with cancer will be able to collect benefits from the Victims Compensation Fund (VCF). On Wednesday, the World Trade Center Scientific Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) voted to recommend a list of different cancers to be added under the Zadroga Act.

911 Victim's Opinion of US role in War on Terror

Hi there I'm new here.

My name is Max. I lived on Murray and West Broadway (which was 2 blocks away from building 7 I believe). My uncle died and I got forced out of my home on that day. I was 11.

Anyway, some friends from Paltalk recommended that I join this site and post a video I just made. It happens to be my entry for the Infowars anchor contest. I hope you enoy.


“Celebrating Reenchantment: The Philosophical, Religious, and Political Thought of David Ray Griffin.”

Posted March 26, 2012
On April 12 to 14, there will be a conference in Claremont, California, entitled “Celebrating Reenchantment: The Philosophical, Religious, and Political Thought of David Ray Griffin.”

The conference will feature scholars addressing the various topics Griffin has covered, including 9/11. Two of the lectures – those by Tod Fletcher and Peter Dale Scott – will deal with 9/11. Here is the program:

• John Buchanan, an independent scholar, will talk about Griffin’s writings on life after death.
• Philip Clayton, the dean of Claremont School of Theology and provost of Claremont Lincoln University, will address Griffin’s views on religion and scientific naturalism.
• John Cobb, emeritus professor of theology at Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University and founding director of the Center for Process Studies, will address Griffin’s writings on evolution.
• Daniel Dombrowski, professor of philosophy at Seattle University, will talk about Griffin’s treatment of the mind-body relation.

British MP claims FBI and CIA used secrecy powers to cover up pre-9/11 failures

9/11 case that 'highlights the danger of secret court plan': U.S. intelligence used similar powers to hide failings, claims Tory MP

A senior Tory MP last night issued a warning over the dangers of Government plans for ‘secret courts’ as he claimed U.S. intelligence services used similar powers to cover up embarrassing details of how the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented.

Former shadow home secretary David Davis used Parliamentary privilege to allege that officials squandered the chance to have access to al-Qaeda and Taliban calls and emails two years before the attacks in New York.

Mr Davis told MPs that U.S. authorities then used controversial powers to shut down court cases that would have exposed their blunder.