'Some Misunderstandings Related to WTC Collapse Analysis'

Gregory Szuladzinski, Anthony Szamboti and Richard Johns

"Some Misunderstandings Related to WTC Collapse Analysis"

International Journal of Protective Structures.

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Media Roots Radio- Libya, Nuclear Power, Religious Environmentalism

Media Roots Radio- Libya, Nuclear Power, Religious Environmentalism by Media Roots

bbie and Abby Martin host this edition of Media Roots Radio and cover news about the Libyan bombing, Obama's newest White House pick, nuclear energy, peak resources, religious environmentalism and the political hijacking of the "green" movement.

Loosening The Oppressive Grip Of The Elites And Corporations On Automobile Fuel

what if the demand for oil suddenly fell through the floor?
how much of an effect would it have on the few who own everything if we emancipated large sections of populations from dependence on fossil fuel? possibly their whole house of cards would crumble.
we have the tech now so that we can do so. and the revolution has already begun.
my own car ... a 1989 Toyota Corolla went from 13.3 to 28.3 MPG in two days!
Forget about BMW's new hydrogen car or the Japanese air car or electic hybrids and such.
There are millions of cars out there right now that need to be converted to hydrogen hybrids and we have the way to do it for under $200

Beating High Energy and Food Prices

Energy and food prices will keep going up (due to the printing of gzillions of dollars by Helicopter Ben to pay for the Iraq war and the bailout of Freddie, Fannie, Bear et al, the biofuels subsidies, and other idiotic financial policies).

How can we protect ourselves against this threat to our wallet?

Perhaps by producing more of our own energy and food. Now, this article is not about getting back to the land and singing Kumbaya. I'm writing simply on how to stay afloat financially in a very unstable economy.


Due to high oil prices, major breakthroughs in energy production are happening every day.

For example:

The Great Anglo-American Energy Miscalculation?

The Great Anglo-American Energy Miscalculation?

In far off countries, about which we know little, deals are being struck that will bring exasperation and ever increasing degrees of desperation to the "Anglo-American Military Industrial Complex's" aspirations of controlling the world energy markets.

There are hot wars, and there are cold wars, both are going on right now. The general public is largely oblivious to them both. The hot wars are in Afghanistan and Iraq, these are waged for the very same reasons that the cold ones are currently being fought out. The most obvious cold war currently is the war against Iran, but a few degrees cooler than this is the war being carried out against Russia.