Ahmadinejad tells U.N. most blame U.S. government for 9/11

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE68M55W20100923

(Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the United Nations on Thursday most people believe the U.S. government was responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001, prompting the U.S. delegation to leave the room in protest.

In his speech to the General Assembly, Ahmadinejad said it was mostly U.S. government officials who believed the Islamist militant group al Qaeda was behind the suicide hijacking attacks that brought down New York's World Trade Center and hit the Pentagon.

Another theory, he said, was "that some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grips on the Middle East, in order to save the Zionist regime." Ahmadinejad usually refers to Israel as the "Zionist regime."

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And most of the comments agree he's telling the truth!

Does anyone in 911 Truth make sure that translated...

materials are delivered to the right people in foreign governments like Iran? I would guess many in the Iranian government would be aware of US groups like AE911Truth, but maybe not. I don't know. If Ahmadinejad is going to make political waves with the issue of 911, I would hope that he doesn't become a tool of the propagandists by shooting off on some unlikely tangent to logical core of 911 evidence and questions.

Has "911:Blueprint for Truth" been translated into Farsi?


This crazy heathen probably believes in outrageous theories like "the laws of physics," gravity and a helio-centric planetary system.
I'd walk out too if someone threatened my faith in the authorities and everything they've always taught me.

Love your comment.


Take Down

Well said. It's either that he's a crazy heathen believing in voodoo laws of physics, or, the truth about 9/11 is so blatant that even a terrible idiot like him can figure out that 9/11 was an inside job.

Gotta love this guy

Mahmoud, u da man!

The country on your eastern border has been invaded and occupied by the world's only "superpower", an out of control death machine in love with torture oil and stupidity.

The country on your western border has also been invaded and occupied by this very same insanely rapacious monstrosity.

Now this blood drenched bunch of crazed killers is hurling threats your way.

What does he do? Goes smack into the belly of the beast and lays some TRUTH on em!

Damn, that man is a cool customer.

Love YOUR comment, too.


Are you outa your mind?

Right. Cool when his government decides to stone to death an alleged adulterer too, hey my friend? Statements like yours will play into the hands of those who write us off as terrorist sympathizers. We don't need the heads of repressive states to endorse our movement. We need the endorsement of the Nobel Committee, Science magazine, NIST whistleblowers......that type of support instead. Cass Sunstein will love comments like yours......

From his own mouth

Watch the translation of what he actually says:


Pretty good stuff . . .


Victoria, considering your strong inclination to consider damaging associations to 9/11 truth, I think it's important to underscore that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Holocaust denier. The enemy of my enemy is not automatically my friend.

I question the so-called

I question the so-called Holocaust, too. I understand that in certain countries in Europe you can actually go to jail for writing a book or doing some kind of research into the German work camps in which Jewish persons were imprisoned if your research does not agree with the "Readers Digest" 6 million figure. Oh, Lord, how dare we question Reader's Digest, that tomb of infinite wisdom?

My advice to people: religion aside, question everything. Demand proof. And, when people start telling you to stop asking questions, you had better believe that you're ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!!!

You question the Holocaust?

Did you really mean to say that LV911Truth?

If so, you may wish to look at the Nazi's OWN accounts of their atrocities, easily accessibly on the internet.

Having Mahmoud on our side is no benefit. It can only hurt our cause.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Associating with holocaust deniers does not help us or our cause of bringing 9/11 truth out into the open of the American consciousness. But being the Iranian President and speaking in front of almost 200 country leaders at the U.N. General Assembly in New York kind of trumps that at the moment in my view.

He was also recently interviewed on Larry King and Charlie Rose.


I think the fact that one of THE Holocaust deniers of this age, who even organized a damn conference on the issue, who also happens to be the dictator of a brutal theocracy, is our biggest spokesperson with the most prominent podium is precisely the problem.

I'm taking bets that Ahmadinejad believes the "Jews did it" canard, too. It's difficult to rhyme this double standard with my conscience, or with 911blogger policy, which specifically disavows and denounces Holocaust denial as damaging to 9/11 truth. If I must stand alone in this position, then I will. However, I suspect there are others, although they dare not speak up in the face of the massive Ahmadinejad cheerleading going on here.

Meanwhile, the same person who attacked Donna Marsh O'Connor, in an article that was initially front paged, just referred to the Holocaust as the "so-called Holocaust", essentially advocating the big tent in the same breath.

Read on SnowCrash, I support

Read on SnowCrash, I support your view. We are walking into a dangerous trap here and the Truth Elders need to speak out on this issue ASAP.



Doesn't 911blogger have a policy against talking about Holocaust denial? Discuss this elsewhere.


There's no policy against discussion of people who support Holocaust denial.

Forgive me

Could you tell us what the policy is then? Thank you.

Bruno -

Before an account is created for a new user, they are sent something like this:

"Thank you for your interest in 9/11 Blogger, before applying for a user account please familiarize yourself with the general site rules;


Please note that some topics are not welcome here, specifically; "Holocaust Revisionism" (racist rhetoric in general) and "TV Fakery" are ones to avoid. Neither topic is tolerated on the site. "DEWs" and "mini-nukes" as causes of the ~WTC destruction don't play very well here either; due to lack of evidence.

For some background on why this is, and what these odd terms are, please see these blog entries;

"On Disinformation and Damaging Associations"

"Missing Links" provides the critics of 9/11 Truth with ample ammunition.

"Deactivating Bill Deagle's "Neutron Fuse"

Please reply back confirming you agree with the site rules and let us know what user name you would like to use (spaces are ok)."

It is possible that some older users have not seen this before, but a version of this has been sent out for quite a while now and new user accounts are not created unless the person states that they have read and agree to abide by the rules.

More specifically, we feel that 911Blogger is not a site where a historical examination of the WWII Holocaust should be undertaken, for what should be obvious reasons to everyone by now. However, this does not prohibit anyone from discussing the fact that certain individuals openly question the WWII Holocaust, as long as there is credible evidence in the public record that said individuals have done so.

We are in the process of clarifying and refining the site rules and will post a blog stating the updated rules as soon as they have been completed.

Personally, I find the term "holocaust denial" almost meaningless, as there are so many shades of gray on this subject that a general label such as this has become an easy oversimplification meant to shut people down quickly. This is one reason why certain people work so hard to connect 9/11 truth with holocaust denial, as it is considered socially unacceptable to question the WWII Holocaust in most western countries, and those involved in the ongoing cover-up would similarly prefer that the events of 9/11/01 also be considered off limits.

If this does not answer your question adequately, feel free to ask for a further clarification.


Thank you John EOM

end of message

Holocaust denial

isn't only socially unacceptable, it's factually and historically incorrect. The definition of Holocaust denial is simple: if your position is anything other than the affirmative, you are a Holocaust denier.

Furthermore, association with Holocaust denial through theocratic dictators like Ahmadinejad, who hosts Holocaust denial conferences with guests such as KKK 'Grand Wizard' David Duke, is catastrophic.

A world leader from a country that is being unfairly

sanctioned as a result of US lies and distortions has now asked the world to take another look at 911. Many of his past comments have been taken out of context and mistranslated etc. There are many people around the world who reject the creation of the state of Israel and rightfully blame it's dishonest leaders for extended abuse to the palestinians. I personally find the treatment of the palestinians socially unacceptable. I find the justification for such treatment including the confiscation of lands by Israel factually and historically incorrect. Ahmadinejad is not even close to being a dictator. While his latest election may have been tainted what high ground can our own country really claim after the Bush robberies. A conference on the Holocaust which allows for open discussions regarding the events of history should be allowed. Someone who feels they can substantiate their views should be allowed the freedom of speech.
There are no subjects that should be censored from honest discussions. Victims and evidence of their abuse should be heard as well. If David Duke wanted to become a 911 truther what right would anyone have to stop him. If he went on TV and said that WTC7 was a controlled demolition and 1300 A&E's agreed it was, I would support him.

David Duke

Supporting David Duke is the nuttery in a nutshell. Why? Would you stand beside him in a rally? Would you cite his statements in a book? What on earth.. what in heaven's name could possess anybody to do such a thing?

The only comments rivaling in cluelessness are by those who claim to want to "have a beer" with Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad drinking beer. It's a real thigh splitter, isn't it?

any person who honestly is protesting for the truth about 911

standing next to me at a rally is ok. Someone who supports the palestinian policy of Israel and the likes of Ariel Sharon or Nut in yahoo now that's my definition of cluelessness.


I would stand next to neither.


Well then please, "peaceful warrior," stay away from me. Running around supporting bigots because you found one subject you agree with them on is a sad rational for your lack of critique and willingness to embrace them. You would get behind David Duke and his archaic, racist ideas?? Well not only is this not a very "peaceful" route (ie. KKK or in Ahmadinejads case, CRAZY WAR PROVOKING!) for you to take, but these racist views of Judaism (just to mention one) which both Duke and Ahmad embrace are both false and completely outdated. I want nothing to do with David Duke or Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad's statements about 9/11 are FALSE! Example: "most people in the US think the US orchestrated 9/11." This statement is simply false, even if the majority of American's have questions about the event. Just because George Bush likes fried chicken, doesn't mean I cheer him on just because we both like fried chicken!

Yikes, what I find racist

is that today some folks will build more homes for "jewish" people only in the west bank and east jerusalem. Now that sounds like a "crazy war provoking" policy to me.

I said anyone honestly seeking 911truth can stand by me in a rally, David Duke was your hypothetical.


And because he's from Iran, with what you consider unallowable views about unrelated subjects you want to dismiss him. Too bad he's wrong about most people thinking the US orchestrated 911......but who's fault is that? Certainly not Iran's.

Thanks John


If you go through the litany

If you go through the litany of Ahmadinejad speeches,the man loves to talk,you will find no reference to him denying that Jews were killed en masse by the Nazi's.He has accepted this,as a fact,many many times.As for the conference it was no more than a publicity stunt to emphasize that,in Iran,you can discuss anything,including views casting doubt on the Holocaust,something that cannot be done in Europe.There were, in fact, many Jews at the conference.What Ahmadinejad's three points of issue,regarding the Holocaust, are,indeed, valid points..

1, 98% of those killed during WW2 were civilians,why do the Jews get their very own word for their suffering when so many people all over Europe also suffered,from all religions and creeds.

2,Why is this issue closed to debate when no issue should ever be closed to scrutiny.Why is it criminal to do your own research,reach your own conclusions and voice those conclusions openly and freely.

3,What does the Holocaust have to do with Palestinians?.The Holocaust happened over 60 years ago,yet Palestinians are suffering right now,TODAY!.

Do you know something that nobody else knows,that Ahmadinejad thinks the Jews did 9/11,from where did you pull this statement,other than out of thin air.

I have read every word Ahmadinejad has ever spoken and cannot help agreeing with him on many issues.He uses words in their purest of forms and not the bastardized versions of those words,for example,MYTH! does not have to mean something that did not happen.The use of the word myth,in the context he used it,is that the justification for the creation of Israel,based on the Holocaust is,in fact, the myth,because there is no justification for usurping other peoples land.The "Wipe off the map" quote,bandied about by lying, Zionist propagandist,s was never even said.yet not a day goes by without this canard being repeated by some lackey.

The last,ad the most ridiculous point you raised is that Ahmadinejad,who has no control over Iran's military,nuclear programme or even police force is a dictator.How you can reach that conclusion when he has only token jurasdiction over Irans policies, this is simply an absurd assumption.

That you are allowed to post propaganda on this site is the real shame and the real reason 9/11 truth has been stymied for 9 years.To be honest I am sick of Jews throwing the holocaust card around and stifling the life out of any debate,including 9/11,and I am sick of the tactics used to achieve that feat,your post shows exactly what I mean.

Ahmadinejad does not hate Jews but he despises colonialist usurpers,war mongers and Imperialists,he hates double standards and liars,he hates capitalism and globalization and he stands up and actually says it out loud.Good on him and shame on you for parroting MSM nonsense and not doing your own research.Don,t think it has not been noted how you and John Parulis,with your 16 posts,tried to drive this debate into the gutter,how very predictable.

Thanks for those words


I have gone through the "litany"

of Ahmadinejad's speeches and interviews, such as this.

George Orwell wrote: "Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."

Now let's see just what Ahmadinejad, the 9/11 'truther' says about the Holocaust. (emphasis mine)

"I don't know whether it is possible for you to publish the truth about the Holocaust."


"Well, then we have stirred up a very concrete discussion. We are posing two very clear questions. The first is: Did the Holocaust actually take place? You answer this question in the affirmative. So, the second question is: Whose fault was it? The answer to that has to be found in Europe and not in Palestine. It is perfectly clear: If the Holocaust took place in Europe, one also has to find the answer to it in Europe."

"On the other hand, if the Holocaust didn't take place, why then did this regime of occupation ... "


"We don't want to confirm or deny the Holocaust. We oppose every type of crime against any people. But we want to know whether this crime actually took place or not."


"And if the Holocaust actually occurred, then you should permit impartial groups from the whole world to research this."


"I will only accept something as truth if I am actually convinced of it. "


"But there are two opinions on this in Europe. One group of scholars or persons, most of them politically motivated, say the Holocaust occurred. Then there is the group of scholars who represent the opposite position and have therefore been imprisoned for the most part."

....Then... the following exchange:

Spiegel: "Who is that supposed to be? Which researchers do you mean?"

Ahmadinejad: "You would know this better than I; you have the list. There are people from England, from Germany, France and from Australia."

Spiegel: "You presumably mean, for example, the Englishman David Irving, the German-Canadian Ernst Zündel, who is on trial in Mannheim, and the Frenchman Georges Theil, all of whom deny the Holocaust."

The idiocy continues:

"Look here, my views are quite clear. We are saying that if the Holocaust occurred, then Europe must draw the consequences and that it is not Palestine that should pay the price for it. If it did not occur, then the Jews have to go back to where they came from."


"If there really had been a Holocaust, Israel ought to be located in Europe, not in Palestine."

Then, this exchange, which goes to the core of the issue:

Spiegel: "This letter to the American president includes a passage about Sept. 11, 2001. The quote: "How could such an operation be planned and implemented without the coordination with secret and security services or without the far-reaching infiltration of these services?" Your statements always include so many innuendos. What is that supposed to mean? Did the CIA help Mohammed Atta and the other 18 terrorists conduct their attacks?

Ahmadinejad: "No, that's not what I meant. We think that they should just say who is to blame. They should not use Sept. 11 as an excuse to launch a military attack against the Middle East. They should take those who are responsible for the attacks to court. We're not opposed to that; we condemned the attacks. We condemn any attack against innocent people."

Der Spiegel is correct: Ahmadinjad's statements are always filled with double talk, insinuations and innuendos. The method is clear: Ahmadinejad only talks about the Holocaust in the hypothetical, never in the affirmative. There are a lot of 'ifs' and 'buts' and 'if it didn't happen, then the Jews should go back', type rhetoric. Occasionally and informally, the facade is dropped and either he or one of his minions will unequivocally deny the Holocaust.

Only a gullible fool would interpret the above statements as anything other than Holocaust denial. The fact that his denial is, more often than not, couched in vague, duplicitous language such as 'confirm nor deny' is telling to anybody without blinders on. He plays this cowardly merry-go-round again with the 9/11 question. It's political language, slippery like a greased pig, and no matter how much lipstick you put on it, it's still a pig.

Which is why Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said, in relation to the Iranian Holocaust denial conference: "I have visited the Nazi camps in Eastern Europe. I think it is exaggerated." Note that the source of that report is the Associated Press, not Fox News.

However, suppose it turns out that the quote is invalid and mistranslated, as so often claimed with respect to the speeches and comments by the Iranian theocracy? Let's assume this as fact for the sake of argument. Then: who visited the Holocaust denial conference? There were many visitors, but prominent among them were, for example, David Duke, Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and Holocaust deniers Robert Faurisson and Fredrick Töben.

Here's a picture of the conference:

David Duke, imperial wizard of the KKK, is seated to the left.

Now with respect to the three points:

(1) Gypsies, homosexuals, socialists, communists, Jews, handicapped, intellectuals, many groups were exterminated and decimated by the Holocaust. Therefore, Holocaust denial is as much an affront to these groups as it is to the Jews, and countries which participated in it, such as mine.

(2) Holocaust denial and research shouldn't be criminal. I disagree with this. It's nevertheless as stupid and offensive as the claims made by Fred Phelps and his "God hates fags" movement. 9/11 truth has no business associating with it. Not just out of fear for public opinion, but out of ethical considerations and common sense.

(3) Nothing. This point is valid and I agree. However, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the issue at hand, which is that Ahmadinejad is a notorious Holocaust denier, associating with 9/11 truth, pitching a future conference about 9/11 in Iran which invokes clear comparisons with the earlier Holocaust denial conference. The common denominator: racist motives on the part of the theocratic Iranian rulers.

Clearly, you haven't "read every word Ahmadinejad has ever spoken". A myth is just what it is:

"Myth \Myth\ (m[i^]th), n. [Written also mythe.] [Gr. my^qos
myth, fable, tale, talk, speech: cf. F. mythe.]
1. A story of great but unknown age which originally embodied
a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience,
and in which often the forces of nature and of the soul
are personified; an ancient legend of a god, a hero, the
origin of a race, etc.; a wonder story of prehistoric
origin; a popular fable which is, or has been, received as
[1913 Webster]

2. A person or thing existing only in imagination, or whose
actual existence is not verifiable.

[1913 Webster]

As for Mrs. Primmins's bones, they had been myths
these twenty years. --Ld. Lytton.
[1913 Webster]

Myth history, history made of, or mixed with, myths.
[1913 Webster]

No amount of Orwellian double talk is going to cover this up. Your definition and contextualization of the word myth, as used by Ahmadinejad to describe the Holocaust, is itself mythical.

I didn't invoke the "wipe off the map" quote. I've used verifiable, reliable sources as I always do. Do you deny the Holocaust denial conference (which was, of course, named euphemistically) took place and that many Holocaust deniers, the grand wizard of the KKK and a few token 'defenders of the Holocaust' attended there?

Of course no amount of sourced documentation is going to persuade you away from your viewpoint that Ahmadinejad is some kind of benevolent, democratically elected leader with sincerity in his heart and without any anti-semitic double agenda.

Instead, again, the argument deteriorates into snitchjacketing, with insinuations from your side about Zionist propagandists and lackeys.

An extremely large part of 9/11 research is cited from the MSM. When Richard Gage has an MSM breakthrough, you cheer. The MSM isn't monolithic. The MSM can't be generalized, sidelined and dismissed as 'all lies'. Otherwise, what use is History Commons? Where did we get all the imagery of the WTC 1, 2 and 7 from? The reports and interviews of firefighters and witnesses on the day? Oversimplification, blown out of proportion into ridiculous straw men, snitchjacketing and ad hominem, is Orwellian. A critical view of the mainstream media is indeed necessary, but a complete and total dismissal is impossible, unless you want to go back in a time machine and redo all the journalistic work we source as evidence for criminal complicity.

The hypocritical exception made for Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial amounts to doublethink. (Add to that the hypocritical posturing about Ahmadinejad's NWO comments by those who normally vilify any leader for the same) I don't care for Holocaust deniers, and those who sympathize with them. There are no excuses; when these memes infect 9/11 truth, I will speak out, whether they involve Hufschmid, Shafquat, or Ahmadinejad.

Your amateurish and embarrassing perspective on recent European history is going to alienate Europeans from the cause of 9/11 truth. It's 70 years ago, and this continent is forever altered and shaped by the second World War. The pain is still palpable in the personal memories of many war torn families. To watch non-Europeans bastardize history for the sake of politics is disgusting. Moreover, the association with 9/11 truth is catastrophic. Gain Ahmadinejad, defend his Holocaust denial and a host a 9/11 'truth' conference in Iran..... lose many Europeans who may have otherwise supported 9/11 truth.

The problem with...

The problem with arguing about 'Holocaust Denial' is that you will end up arguing over the details. I think most "Holocaust Deniers' are in reality questioning the details. They are "Holocaust Details Questioners'. But that is neither here nor there when put into the context of 9-11 Truth. Questioning the Holocaust right now is a dangerous and damaging side issue to 9-11 Truth, and should not be discussed in a forum focused on 9-11 Truth.

Whether put into context of 'denial' or not, the point is made that Ahmadinjad's association with 9-11 Truth has its good and its bad. His statements about 9-11 truth are good to bring 9-11 Truth into the mainstream. Passersby will be more curious about what we are saying when we have our outreach set-ups in the streets. His statements about 9-11 truth are bad because he is somebody who the public has been so trained to revile (whether or not its justified is irrelevant) and he has now taken the political lead in the 9-11 Truth movement. He is associated with "Holocaust Denial" for questioning the Holocaust, and again whether or not he 'denies' it is irrelevant because he has been successfully associated with 'Denial'. At this point in time in the 9-11 Truth Movement, any association with "Holocaust Denial" is something the 9-11 Truth movement seriously needs to avoid and shake off.

No matter what anybody's individual opinion, research or take on the Holocaust is, we need to avoid digging into the details... here or anywhere else where 9-11 Truth is the focus. I am hoping we can keep to the very general nature of the discussion as I attempted to outline here- association with 'Holocaust Denial' is bad for the 9-11 Truth movement.

Holocaust-dogma laws are a fact

in parts of Europe. Presenting counter evidence is denied in court. Amazing fact. The real denial is done by the court.

That's right. As an

That's right. As an American, I find it fundamentally offensive this idea that it would be a crime to investigate another crime. What if it were a crime to investigate 9/11 here in the U.S.? Wouldn't that be creepy? There is something so inherently Anti-American about that, I can't even describe my abhorrence for it in words. Investigating a crime should NEVER be a crime!!!

Columbus Denier

Knowing what I've learned in the past 9 years, I believe that Holocaust denial is one of the most successful physiological operations ever. It reminds me a great deal of religion; either you believe the entire bible literally or you are a heretic; also, either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. There are no shades of gray. You are a good person or a bad person. We all want to be good people. If I were to say 5 million died rather than 6, I would by definition be a Holocaust denier and by extension a bad person. If I were to say 15 million American Indians died rather than 20, would I be a Columbus denier? Who would care what I thought? How about the Holodomor? Isn't that just as important as the Holocaust?

My two cents: Kudos,

My two cents: Kudos, geoffritchey. I totally agree.

Show "Stop slandering" by FredHendrik


would be the proper language Fred? Would it be this?

Would you like to have a prolonged, utterly retarded 'discussion' on the 'historical accuracy' of the Holocaust?

You know what especially sick, Fred? You are Dutch. I am Dutch. In our country, 75% of the Jews were exterminated, compared to an average of about 40% in Belgium and France. After the war, the Jewish district in Amsterdam was all but EMPTY, Fred.

You know why? Because we, among other things, are meticulous administrators. Then there was the 'excellent' cooperation of our census bureau, helping the Nazis identify who was a Jew and who wasn't. That should give you a 'proper' clue on why I hate totalitarianism, including, but not limited to, theocracies.

So we, especially, have a responsibility TO OWN UP TO OUR MISTAKES.

Now, I didn't want to go here, nor do I want to get into the ordeal of my own family, but then I read on your profile you were Dutch. A non-European, such as Ahmadinejad, who doesn't understand a rat's ass about the Holocaust, colored by his (justified) disapproval of Israeli genocide, that's one thing. But not you, especially not with that condescending tone of yours. If you'd like, I can post some pictures, so we can all see exactly what is 'proper language' with respect to the Holocaust and what isn't.

Now the question is, do I want a 9/11 'truth' conference in Iran? Maybe I shouldn't go there, because after all, I'm not American. OTOH, right after the installment of our new right-wing extremist government, the American government immediately put the pressure back on to start participating in the Afghan war again, the exact same issue our previous government fell over. After all, we are their gutless, spineless NATO lap dogs. But I will tell you this: after the Iranian 9/11 'truth' conference, which is undoubtedly going to be a regular mosh pit of embarrassment and harebrained stupidity, 9/11 truth in Germany and the Netherlands will be DEAD.

Not if I can help it.

By the way

Show "ADHD?" by FredHendrik

What does ADHD mean Fred?

Asinine Defense of Holocaust Denial?

real adult responses please


Yes, an interesting topic

If Ahmadinejad had been pairing it with holocaust denial in this speech I'd likely not have promoted it. The world knows that's his belief, but he avoided it.

As it turns out, Ahmadinejad is the leader of a nation whose arch enemy is Israel and he openly denies Israel's historical event of their holocaust. Go figure!

He is the leader of a relatively backward religious state (in terms of their culture) with little or no human rights. The world pretty much knows this about him and Iran.

That's different than the circumstances where average sounding Western academics leading comfortable first world lives appear to have suddenly gone nuts and/or are denying the holocaust . . . oh, and by the way they're also 9/11 conspiracy theorists!

When former Bush Officials suddenly appear to have gone insane as soon as they question the 9/11 official story, where PhD scientists formerly normal are suddenly spouting insane claims, where award winning professors are suddenly claiming that all the videos of the impacts were faked . . . these are not just people with ugly beliefs who have many who share the same beliefs around them, who also believe 9/11 should be investigated. These are something else.

Ahmadinejad's behaviors do not appear to be insane -- however wrong some may be and distasteful -- in part because in general, his beliefs which are repugnant to many in the West are shared by a lot of those in his own region.

Another interesting situation -- What country has murdered 1 million people recently in an aggressive occupying war for no reason -- supposedly -- except to "spread" a particular political ideology (not to steal the oil)? Not that Ahmadinejad wouldn't if he could, but it's an interesting exercise to put things in perspective when we consider who is so backwards and who is so advanced.

It's fascinating how his (wrong) denials of a historical event are more important than anything else. Or has the profit-driven MSM created that situation for us?

This time, Ahmadinejad had the entire world listening to his words, and he spoke rationally about 9/11 in a way he never has. He avoided the holocaust. Its' possible, he's getting coached by Castro and Chavez. Let's hope they all figure out about how the MSM will manipulate them.

Ahmadinejad is a complicated story, nothing so simple as Morgan Reynolds or David Shayler.

In many ways, he is revolting and his words of peace and love were disgusting to hear, knowing what happened to those who opposed him recently, among many others. But he is figuring out how to penetrate the US MSM. His story is increasingly tailored to do psychological battle, to engage in the information war against the West. He appealed to the religious base of the US strongly and played the non-violent advocate of love and peace to the many Americans disgusted with war. He's learning . . . somehow. And he took the MSM by surprise. That's something.

Ahmadinejad is not a Holocaust denier!!

I am astonished that the people here who should be well versed in the way the MSM twists the truth of historical events to suit the Neocon establishment, so readily accept their interpretation of Ahmadinejad's pronouncements. He does not question the fact of the Holocaust. He does question why it is that the Palestinians are the ones who have to suffer the consequences. Why is it that the Zionists (He also separates Zionists from Jews) have in effect declared the Palestinians to be sub-human unworthy of any respect and not entitled to their lands and property in what has become Israel.
He has never threatened to destroy Israel or to wipe it off the map as has been claimed. He has said Iran would retaliate if attacked but also bear in mind that Iran has never invaded or attacked any other country
except Iraq after Iraq had lunched an invasion of Iran.
The way he permits his judiciary to brutalize both political opponents and women is disgusting. He is an unpleasant opportunist who gains succour from the crimes of the Zionists and the misery of the Palestinians. The fact that he is more right than wrong on 911 simply points to the crimes of the US Neocons but it does not absolve him of his own.
We should reject him as an ally because he is a corrupt political opportunist but we must also take care that we do not get sucked in by the lies spread by the MSM about him.

That's okay Victoria

I just feel as though we are walking into a minefield of exactly the type of associations that have damaged 9/11 truth so consistently in the past.

The state of Israel? I'm not sure it has the legal right (by standards of international law) to exist. After all, the dark evil of the Holocaust does not excuse the dark evil of the displacement, injustice and terror brought upon the Palestinians. Two wrongs does not make a right. In my view, time did not ameliorate or provide a term of limitation for these misdeeds as, perhaps, the Zionist cabal had hoped. A new state should be formed, with full reparations for the Palestinians for decades of abuse and oppression. America's national interests and Israel's national interests no longer coincide.

Be that as it may, more pressing issues closely related to 9/11 truth now confront us. Ahmadinejad is currently profiling himself as the go-to guy for Holocaust denial and revisionism and, I strongly suspect, "The Jooos did it"-meme soon to come. Now we're discussing a possible 9/11 'truth' conference there, which will be nothing less than a circus of discredited, anti-semitic clowns a la Hufschmid, interwoven with a few credible researchers who mean well but will be crucified back home. This will embarrass us all. You were concerned about the 10-year anniversary. Well, a time bomb has just been identified and it is ticking. Which wire do we cut?

Holocaust denial and 'The Jooos did it' (as opposed to the reasonable alternative 'the Mossad was somehow involved') and Al Qaeda-cuddling aren't going to lift us up: they are going to put us under. Besides, the truth is what matters, not the established parameters of cultish conformism. I am watching this 'avec méfiance'.

Not to crazy

At least he didn't say "And then the Zionists flew the plane over the pentagon and fooled everyone."

Actually Ahmadineschad is no Holocaust denier

and he did not say "wipe Israel off the map". Both are false accusations by western media outlets. Check it yourself!

He said: "The myth in name of the Holocaust". What's totally different and tends more to Norman Finkelsteins theories.

And: "The (zionist) regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time" (a quote from Khomenei)
Again totally different from what we were told.

Read Juan Cole- or german Arbeiterfotografie, a leftist organisation.
Don't believe everything the media tells you- it's the same media that gives us names everytime they can, that distort 9/11victims family members for the official view, and so on.

A new 9/11 investigation by UN, even on Irans input, will be fine for me.


Ahmadinejad IS a Holocaust denier. And accusing me of claiming Ahmadinejad said he wanted to "wipe Israel off the map" is a straw man argument. Why do you attack me for something I didn't say at all?

I put no words in your mouth

I said the western media put words in Ahmadinedschads mouth.

As for the Spiegel Interview, I read it the day it was made, that were loaded questions.

As I stated: He doesn't think there was no Holocaust. He said there was a myth created in the name of the Holocaust, to advance a political agenda, by "sacred" und unquestionable horror. A myth. Remember David Ray Griffins words.

The media is already implemeting the same "unquestionable" status for 9/11.
To question the numbers of death in the Holocaust is bad taste, it doesn't matter, it's always mass murder and to condemn, but to question agendas based on such horrfic crimes has to be and will be allowed ever.

That's the intelligent way without preaching to the choir.


You said: "Both are false accusations by western media outlets. Check it yourself!", implying that I hadn't 'checked it' myself. Implying that I support and believe the Western media's propaganda without question. In fact, I've checked it out long ago, here.

As for him not believing there was no Holocaust: that's cleverly worded, because he does not believe there WAS a Holocaust either. Orwellian double talk.

Moreover, a spokesperson for the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs said, as reported by the Associated Press: "I have visited the Nazi camps in Eastern Europe. I think it is exaggerated."

Last but not least, Ahmadinejad organized an entire Holocaust denial conference, featuring notorious Holocaust deniers and even the Imperial Wizard of the KKK, David Duke.

"Not confirming" the Holocaust is Holocaust denial. Organizing a conference for the express purpose of giving notorious Holocaust deniers a podium, is Holocaust denial.

Therefore, none or hardly any of the questions by Der Spiegel are loaded, furthermore, Ahmadinejad's answers are clearly unsatisfactory. They go way beyond questioning the agenda behind the 'Holocaust industry' [Finkelstein] as moral blackmail to justify zionism, and into the realm of negationism.

In fact, Ahmadinejad poses copious amounts of loaded and rhetorical questions himself, such as "IF the Holocaust happened" and "IF it REALLY happened", sandwiched in between other statements supporting the work of Holocaust deniers and comments such as "We don't want to confirm or deny the Holocaust".

What if I said I don't want to "confirm or deny" planes hit the WTC? Is that acceptable for 9/11 truth? Isn't that just duplicitous language designed to promulgate a meme without properly owning up to an agenda? Isn't that cowardly, slippery, conceited double talk? I'm not having it. It's a shame I don't speak Farsi myself and can analyze Ahmadinejad's comments when he's speaking to his base of anti-semites. I do speak German, however, and since you are a German, you may want to correct the Holocaustleugnung [Holocaust denial] section of Ahmadinejad's German Wikipedia page.

By the way, I do not need David Ray Griffin to explain the word 'myth' to me. I know the meaning, and if necessary I can check a dictionary.

Unsatisfactory answers

You are Sorry, but if someone comes to me, who already put me words in my mouth that I don't used, and Spiegel Online was one of them, then only wanting him to confirm he denies the Holocaust, I can totally understand the answers given by Ahmadinedschad.
It may be unsatisfactory, but I won't handle this nuts other way, too. His "ifs" are more like setting conditions: "If" the Holocaust did take place, why was palestinian land given away. Sorry- I lately saw other rational explanations on this here in this thread. You're overreacting, hyperbole, snapping Holocaust denial. No one would take about that- if you don't bring it up repeately.
You may know it- 9/11 truth in germany is more or less dead since 2003, back then even with false antisemitism charges against honorable ex-minister Andreas von Bülow. THEY WILL DO IT ANYWAY!
And thank god you're not the one to decide, whether someone will attend such a conference.

BTW: Wikipedia is a censored, pro-oct and heavily overwritten scum, I don't waste a minute in editing entries there.

If you can read german, you may be interested in my blog entries on Ahmadineschad (where you can learn I'm no friend of him)


And Arbeiterfotografies take as well:


Think yourself. Or learn Farsi, as suggested.

Ah, and instead of arguing one another

we should better "waste" our time by setting up a panel of real scientist and scholars who shall attend the conference. If the real scientists and scholars won't attent, the field will be ready for the Fetzers and Woods of this world. That could not be our aim. Even if there are some nuts mixed in. The media will spun it anyway, therefor that is meaningless.


"Sitting bull" you didn't even read SnowCrash's earlier links!! You are wrong in your sad excuses for questioning the Holocaust. You are associating poor information and research with 9/11 Truth. SnowCrash's points are very clear. Please read SnowCrash's full comments and links before responding.

Two quick rejoinders

1. Earlier, you quoted Webster's definition of "myth", highlighting the second definition, which emphasized the idea of falsity. But you ignored the first definition, which states: "A story of great but unknown age which originally embodied a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience, and in which often the forces of nature and of the soul are personified; an ancient legend of a god, a hero, the origin of a race, etc.; a wonder story of prehistoric origin; a popular fable which is, or has been, received as historical." If you use that definition, then calling the Holocaust a "myth" is not so off base in that it does not assume that the legend is not true, and I believe that is how "myth" is generally understood by many scientists, anthropologists, etc. (Granted it may be a way for Ahmadinejad to "have his cake and eat it too" by using a word that has several meanings.)

2. If someone were to say, "even if the planes were piloted by Moslems, that still is no reason to attack Afghanistan", would you say that that statement in itself is affirming or denying that Moslems piloted the planes? Probably you would not say that. So why is saying, "even if the Holocaust occurred, Israel should not occupy Palestine" a form of Holocaust denial. I don't think the logic is there.

I don't say that A. loves the Jews. I think he considers that the self-denominated "Jewish state" of Israel is an enemy who is trying to destroy his country and people, perhaps with nuclear bombs, and I think he has very good reasons to feel that way. If he can undermine Israel a bit through words, why wouldn't he and why shouldn't he? But what does any of that have to do with 911 truth? And if this forum is not a place to argue about the Holocaust, then shouldn't arguing about who is a Holocaust denier be part of the same spirit? Such arguing seems to me like the same thing, only through the back door.

He's right, but he's not real high on "need to convince" list

I'd put Ahmadinejad on the "need to convince" list somewhere between Marilyn Manson and Hulk Hogan.

All the thousands of gallons of ink that were used by Tass and Pravda writing about Martin Luther King, Jr in the 50's and 60's probably didn't move Civil Rights along even a millimeter.

NBC's Version.

More of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Speech (11min 24sec)

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


I also saw Rachel Maddow of MSNBC cover this as well. Of course she did a hit job on Ahmadinejad making fun of him.


Faustian bargain

Maddow concludes with:

"But, any truly substantive insult to that little Holocaust denying 9/11 truther tyrannical creep, is, deeply satisfying"

Holocaust denial <-> 9/11 truth
Tyrannical creep <-> 9/11 truth

Unfortunately, both accusations of "Holocaust denier" and "tyrannical creep" are factually irrefutable. We have many credible spokespersons for 9/11 truth who are neither, yet we choose to put this man on a pedestal as one of our influential and "helpful" allies. Neither association matters in logically determining the plausibility of 9/11 truth (guilt by association fallacy). However, when one rallies behind a spokesperson for a cause, they should be free from damaging associations. I'm not merely arguing from a PR perspective, I'm also arguing from my own moral compass. None of us are perfect. All of us have our flaws, but the more influential and powerful a spokesperson, the higher the demand for personal integrity.

The underlying psychology that feeds this negative perception comes from Ahmadinejad's motivations: he's not pro-9/11 truth because he's anti-tyranny: he's pro-9/11 truth and pro-Holocaust denial because he is sullying his geopolitical enemies: Israel and the United States. Therefore, instead of rationally examining his claims on an individual basis, they are dismissed by the general public as hate speech and hypocritical propaganda. This, too, is fallacious (well poisoning fallacy).

It's not that I don't see the fallacies in Ahmadinejad's dismissal by the mainstream. Besides, they would dismiss almost anybody with only slightly less zeal. We all know that in the MSM, if it's not ideologically, psychologically or sociologically motivated (ostracism, conformism, cognitive bias), then it's orchestrated propaganda. It's just, with Ahmadinejad it's target practice. He's a sitting duck for this type of dismissal. For people to rationally look at the research produced by the 9/11 truth movement, its promotion needs to be decoupled from bad associations and bad sources.

I'm not happy, or triumphant in saying this, nor do I get any satisfaction from having confrontations with 9/11 truth peers who study and work on 9/11 as I do. I feel saddened and upset that we could all be so naive as to support him as a spokesperson. Shouldn't it be perfectly clear by now that 9/11 truth is a psychological battlefield? Then why are we ignoring the rules of engagement? In theory, we could all dress up as clowns and scream "9/11 was an inside job" at Ground Zero on a 9/11 anniversary, emphasizing the truth isn't in the presentation but in the content, but the slightest trace of emotional intelligence tells you nutty behavior is going to achieve the exact opposite. So will nutty associations.

Why isn't Manny Badillo's recent call for a new 9/11 investigation at Ground Zero viciously attacked by the MSM? Because as a spokesperson, Badillo has been unimpeachable, he's free from damaging associations, and nobody can question his motives in the slightest, even fallaciously.

It's logical, it's sensible, it's responsible, it's smart, it's morally right to join ranks with the victims families, the first responders and the survivors. They are untouchable, so they're avoided by the MSM hit teams like lepers.

Why, when some pseudoskeptic, pedantic, uppety ignoramus whines: "Somebody would have talked", don't we reply "Somebody did"?

Why, when somebody questions whether or not 9/11 was a government conspiracy, don't we cite these examples, one of which was achieved, if I recall correctly, by your courageous efforts?

What, if anything, is the enemy going to do, attack Bob Kerrey for being "anti-American"?

Moral considerations in choosing arguments and associations aside, it seems we don't understand the psychology of 9/11 truth. If you want to win this battle, you have to exploit the enemy's weaknesses, encircle them, close off all escape routes, and then crush them without remorse. Promoting Ahmadinejad as a spokesperson, or worse yet, attempting to legitimize a besieged movement in a tyrant's backyard, is like exposing your general's neck for decapitation. And excuse all the war analogies, this is information warfare.

Case in point:

No, I'm not okay with that. I am a blogger too. Freedom of expression. So, no, I can't detach it from 9/11 truth.

Save 9/11 justice and accountability, I'm here to speak the truth about 9/11, whether it supports the official story or refutes the official story, simply because I despise totalitarianism, historical revisionism and propaganda. I don't need a "tyrannical creep" and a "Holocaust denier" to help out. It's a Faustian bargain.

Faustian Bargain ? Perhaps.

However, I ask how much blood does this man have on his hands? As much as Bush, Blair, Sharon, Obama? I think not. Is he in charge of an agressive country which is trying to dominate the world by stealing resources and destroying people and infrastructure? Or is he part of an ancient country trying to resist world domination by a super power?

The man is a world leader with the ability to address the Nations of the World and he is calling for an independent investigation of the events of 911. Sorry but I would be pleased if the Castro boys and Chavez stood up and joined him in this cause.

If the actual Holocaust numbers were to include non-jewish victims some experts estimate an increase to 11 million or even more. This would not include the direct casualties of soldiers and civilians from various nations involved in direct combat. Should we not equally remember these victims as part of the nonsense associated with warfare? Without the interest of bankers could Hitler have risen to power? Without the help of Switzerland to help steal the assets? We are all the victims of the economic model perpetuated on the backs of the masses for the benefit of the few. I hope you will consider a broader perspective in these matters at some point the future of humanity may well depend on it.

Consider this

How much blood does David Duke have on his hands? How much Judy Wood? How much Eric Hufschmid? You pose a loaded question: you assume that for a spokesperson to lack credibility, he or she must have (lots of) blood on their hands.

However, let's humor your argument for a minute. I just cited you the persecution of two bloggers. This is not incidental but systemic. Please browse through this and refute it all point by point. After all, shifting the burden of proof over to me is inappropriate in this matter. The long record of human rights violations in Iran is well established. (As are the human rights violations in the United States) One might argue the Wikipedia article is biased; in which case I request that you examine each cited source and yield your verdict on a source by source basis.

However, again, the amount of blood a spokesperson has on his/her hands is certainly not the only criterion, however, it seems to be yours.

As for non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust, I previously mentioned them emphatically and explicitly in this comment. [See (1) ] ....If you didn't read this comment, I guess you could be forgiven for pretending I argued otherwise.

To be fully redundant in my response to these straw men, I submit to you I would neither promote Hitler's (P. Bush, F. Thyssen) nor Switzerland's bankers as spokespersons of 9/11 truth. The topic, mind you, isn't condemnation of evil in general but the desirability of promoting tainted individuals and holding conferences in their backyard.

After considering your post

perhaps you have mistaken my comments for something that they are not. Yes Iran may have a history of human rights violations but to make this man personally responsible is a stretch. My comments about blood on his hands was in reference to the lack of warfare associated with this president. I really feel that your underlying objection to this leader is due to some comments about the holocaust and the conference held in Iran. I think much of the discussion with regard to such has been distorted, similar to the disinfo regarding wiping Israel off the map etc. The big picture is that as a world leader his call for an independent investigation is important and in my humble opinion overshadows the concerns you have outlined. My point about the economics of war and subsequent suffering concerned the larger forces which contribute to the moral decay which you seem to find relevant with respect to your objections of this man. The drumbeat of war has been in the air for sometime regarding Iran, should the warmongers succeed I will be in deep regret for all involved. If these actions can be diverted with reference to the lies of 911 I will not hesitate to lend my support.

I don't support war

against Iran. It's going to be a tragedy of unimaginable proportions for all parties involved.


Sometimes, you've gotta start a fire to stop a bigger fire. It helps and it hurts. Bill O'Reilly's gonna love this one.

So the US and EU walked out. But Russia, China, Japan, India, Brazil, etc, etc., stayed and listened. One of our big boys should send the nano-thermite paper to the UN

You bet your boots O'Reilly's

You bet your boots O'Reilly's gonna love this one....so too his vast right wing audience....

How large is the portion of the US and World's poulation that..

now realizes that everything coming out of Washington is deception?

This is awesome, as Orang says, bunches of

media are forced to cover this. At around 6pm EST it was the first story on Google news.

And as Geoff says, many comments are leaning our way. One hell of a lot more than a few years ago.

So encouraging to see such concrete proof of our movement's growth.

Hopefully we all are doing our reverse Sunstein duty to the extent time allows.

I'm banned from most sites, but I'm finding lots of virgin territory tonight. Happy Hunting!!

Even HuffPo is gettin jiggy widdit. They got like 1,800 comments! 38 freakin pages.

Jump in gang, waters nice

This puts "9/11 Truth" in the spotlight.

Regardless of how the media spins this speech, it puts the topic of 9/11 Truth back in the spotlight.
The more often the subject matter is presented, the more we will see people research the subject.

And remember, BILLIONS of people.....................

in many oppressed and third world countries, will see this. That is the beauty of the internet.
And they will see that a leader of a great and powerful nation, Iran, has told the world that the attackers during 9/11 were AMERICANS in the government of the US.

This is so freaking huge.

I don't care right now if Americans remain so stupid as to not care or understand what the 9/11 truth movement has been trying to say.

I DO care and am excited that many around the world are being exposed to the truth.
And it is all over the world where the movement may expand and become a major force, and I'm all for it!

Despite the blackout,the world over is being exposed tothe truth

On the 20h00 channel France 2 television this Friday 23/09/2010 news they only showed the Americains and French leaving the amphitheater. But they said clearly that Ahmadinejad was saying that it was an inside job. Too short but such a pleasure because some people out of the billions will go onto the internet to find out more.

Will try to find a copy of the news and put an extraction on YouTube? I put the link here if done.



Bad Publicity is Good Publicity?

Tom this seems to be an ongoing line of thought in the Truth Movement...that even bad associations and ties to erroneous positions are "good" for our movement because they keep a spotlight on 9/11 and the claims we make to an alternative view. Where is your proof that this type of negative association works? When we get associated with Ahmadinejad, please explain in detail, just how that helps the assertion that we have valid claims on the truth of what happened 9 years ago? I think that just the reverse is possible. That too many negative associations will hinder the kind of climate we need to advance what we're best at...and that is so far, the irrefutable science around the evidence for controlled demolition. To condone negative associations at this point in time places us in the unnecessary position of having to defend people like Ahmadinejad and the policies of his government. Rather than positioning us with credible science, this kind of endorsement associates us with repression and casts doubt on the wisdom of the choices we make.

Attention starved truthers

Many people in the 9/11 truth movement see any mention of 9/11 truth in the msm as a good thing, even negative associations with someone like President Ahmadinejad. This is because far too many put far too much importance on validation by the msm and forget that when 9/11 truth is given a fair hearing in the broader msm, our work will be finished for the most part.

What we need to do is what we have been doing, quietly educating the American people one-on-one as to the true facts and science regarding the events of 9/11/01. This is what is swinging the American people around to the truth, not celebrity endorsements.

What an endorsement from President Ahmadinejad and other msm reviled individuals does, is harden the 20% of Americans who will never accept 9/11truth, and put pressure on those that may lean toward the truth to dismiss it as the rantings of a vile anti-semitic crank (this is how he is framed in the msm, not how I see him necessarily).

While an event like this does provide a few more online forums for putting the truth in front of the web reading public, the number of anti-truth trolls and years of exposure has already saturated these same online forums, so the net benefit is negligible, at best. All the comments I've tried to make at HuffPost have been censored, so I see no real change there.

We need to just keep on keeping on when it comes to educating the American people (and the world at large) and talk to people in the streets and at local farmers markets and festivals, like the Petaluma Progressive Festival this Sunday. (Can you drop by sometime? We are hoping to have a booth there).

I make it a point to expose at least one person every day to the truth about the events of 9/11/01. More and more I am finding that people already know about WTC 7 and want answers that make sense, too.

I think if President Ahmadinejad's support of an alternate theory regarding the events of 9/11/01 is brought up, the best thing to do is simply state that everyone is entitled to an opinion and the 9/11 truth movement does not support him or any repressive regime anywhere in the world. We are about facts, physics and logic, and getting a complete and transparent investigation into the largest single day crime ever to take place on American soil.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks LeftWright....now

Thanks LeftWright....now let's watch you get voted down by the hordes of Ahmadinejad supporters here.

I have to ask myself if we've seriously lost our bearings with this issue. Getting Ahmadinejad's support is only counter productive and undeniably loses any shred of support from Holocaust victims or victims of repressive regimes anywhere. Our support for Ahmadinejad will be used by our critics to further the unrelenting process of marginalizing us. Why can't we rather get excited about an additional major scientific endorsement? Instead we've rushed to the trough of MSM news around this, playing on their terms, in their field of dreams and not our own.


>>.that even bad associations and ties to erroneous positions are "good" for our movement because they keep a spotlight on 9/11 and the claims we make to an alternative view.

I agree totally with this in general.

In this case, however, I think that something is different. It's possible I'm completely off base -- I'm human after all and not above mistakes -- but I think this is a different situation. I appreciate that you're speaking out also.

yes it could be counter-productive

This is all about antagonizing traditional paradigms for political gain. This is not our best arena because we are not about traditional paradigms...especially political ones. We need to continue crushing the official 9/11 story without getting political and without falling into the "who dunnit" trap. To cut everyone some slack, it's serious mainstream buzz, which we rarely get, so we have every reason to acknowledge it and want to capitalize on it.

The path we were on prior to this speech did not need Ahmadinejad. And it still doesn't need to include him.

"Building What?"

i've never bought the idea that. . .

. . ."there's no such thing as bad publicity," a statement often attributed to p.t. barnum, of circus fame.

as i see it, the main issue here is: “how will ahmadinejad's statement be viewed by u.s. citizens currently outside the 9/11 truth movement?”

i don’t see how the mainstream media's association of ahmadinejad with 9/11 truth will be helpful to the cause of educating the u.s. public about 9/11. most of the people still unaware of the 9/11 evidence are basically hooked on/into mainstream media, which of course is already linking "that crackpot" ahmadinejad to 9/11 truth.

in today's wall street journal, for example, the caption above the page 1 photo of ahmadinejad reads "iranian outburst [outburst?] on 9/11 prompts a walkout at the u.n." below the photo are these words in bold caps: “CONSPIRACY THEORIST.” in the body of the story, paragraph two refers to a statement issued by the "u.s." saying that ahmadinejad's comments were 'as abhorrent and delusional as they were predictable.’ thus, wsj readers are being led to associate the "delusional" ahmadinejad with 9/11 truth, and as a result will continue to dismiss and distrust both.

today's ny times' wrote that ahmadinejad was framing his comments about 9/11 "as an examination of opinions, an approach he has used repeatedly in questioning the holocaust," thereby linking 9/11 truth to holocuast denial--another association we don't need.

in sum, i don't see how this is anything but "bad publicity" for 911 truth, p.t. barnum notwithstanding.

Thanks Dennis55, my

Thanks Dennis55, my sentiments exactly, expressed in your way to effect!


You are right!

And so are John and LeftWright

The more often the subject matter is presented...

The more often that the 9/11 topic is presented, the more that people's attention is directed towards the 9/11 topic.

~~Basic marketing key elements are "attract or direct attention" and " instill interest".

Some people have the opinion that this exposure of the topic of "9/11 Truth" will result in fewer people researching the subject.
...well, okay...that is your opinion.
My money is that more people will become curious about "9/11 Truth" as a result of this exposure.

One thing is for certain: If a person is not exposed to the topic of "9/11 Truth", they will never research the subject.

I realize that the "marketing positioning" is poor with this demonized, Iranian fellow speaking about 9/11 at the U.N.
I would bet that most mainstream news stories about "9/11 Truth" try to portray a "poor positioning".

So what about this event? ...it happened. You or I could not change that event. We could opine for days about the liabilities or benefits of this U.N. event, but the event occurred. So what? It happened. And more people have attention on the topic (for better or worse). The "9/11 Truth" topic is again in the spotlight.

I will just keep repeating the 9/11 Truth message by giving out DVDs and broadsheet flyers, and encouraging people to go to websites like www.AE911Truth.org or www.stj911.org .

(By the way, I rarely vote)

Paul Craig Roberts: "UN is a showcase for US propaganda"

'9/11 was an inside job': Full speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN 33:49

'9/11 was an inside job': Full speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN 33:49

Some useful links

Full Speech Text.

Full text of President Ahmadinejad's speech at UN
United Nations, New York, Sept 24, IRNA -- The following is the full text of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech delivered to the 65th annual meeting of United Nations General assembly in New York on Thursday.

"........It is proposed that the United Nations set up an independent fact-finding group for the event of the II September so that in the future expressing views about it is not forbidden.

I wish to announce here that next year the Islamic Republic of Iran will host a conference to study terrorism and the means to confront it. I invite officials, scholars, thinkers, researchers and research institutes of all countries to attend this conference.


Interesting PrisonPlanet.com article


Well now, this is finally getting quite interesting...

For quite some time now I have been posting the following:

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Seems the shoe fits us pretty damned well I'd say...sooo...

Fasten the seat belts, check the air bags, load in some water and NoDoze, grab a few dried fruits, make sure you have cash for gas...because its gonna be a real interesting ride from here on out.

Sorry that most of you were not able to be at Ground Zero AND at the 9/11 Mosque and participating in all THREE public activisms on 9/11 as I was...but its all coming together in a fascinating way...and you know what?

love, peace and understanding will come to rule...



The 9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice Movement.

And BTW...if any of you normal Truthers had a chance to see the bottom of the barrel DREGGS recently enlisted in the Ron Paul-Libertarian political front store known as We Are Changes do "their thing" in NYC this past 9/11, you would throw them all out on their own as I have. WACs have glommed onto the viable 9/11TM because they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on their own in supporting Libertarianism and Ron Paul.

Ron Paul the "Truther" who the WAC desciples still believe is a "Truther"... YET...every time Ron Paul has taken to the airwaves he has HAMMERED us as being nutcases. Cognitive Dissonance I'd say...

No matter with the LINT of the 9/11 Truth Movement [the WACs] because the infusion of "the left" on this past 9/11 anniversary in NYC [including Dick Gregory committing to a two year liquid fast until there is another investigation into the eevents surrounding 9/11], will bring some needed balance and integrity to the 9/11 TM that the WAC/Ron Paul/Libertarian/Alex Jones influences have STRIPPED from us.

Some really good things are on the way...and just keep on talking Mr. Cass Sunstein...just keep on opening your biased mouth!

Finally, I cannot wait to CRANK the FAUX Peace Movements in this country when I will soon point out that they have to make some really difficult choices...

...to believe the Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld-Tenent THUGS...

...or to give some credence to Ahmaninejad's perspectives regarding 9/11!

OH...is this ever going to be interesting!

love, peace and understanding...

...the foundations of...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Yes, we should all be watching Sunstein............

an Obama appointee.
He is a Harvard former professor who has written that 9/11 truthers are, of course, completely wrong, are filled with erroneous information, and are DANGEROUS.
And he feels that anything that can be done to stop the movement should be done. He particularly likes "cognitive infiltration"............seeding the movement with people who will destroy the movement.
This is all documented in David Ray Griffin's new book, "Cognitive Infiltration".

We will be under attack now like never before.

Can we replace Amy Goodman with Ahmadinejad........

on Democracy Now?

We NEED someone not afraid of telling the truth.

Thanks to Willie Rodriguez for Apparently advising Iran on this.

It is well known that 9/11 Hero , Willie Rodriguez has been invited several times to Iran and it is known that Ahmadinejad has William's docu's. We may remember that it was also announced here in 9/11blogger his first invitation that he "canceled" due to the circus it created. See here: http://911blogger.com/node/5132
Rodriguez has been very successful in meeting heads of States from around the world and advising them on 9/11 truth, examples are:

Getting Hugo Chavez to talk about 9/11 at the UN 2 years ago. ( It is well documented his trip to Venezuela with Jimmy Walter)
Getting Malaysia's Former Prime Minister , Tun Mahatdir Mohammed to question publicly 9/11 on highly publicized
events ( Rodriguez himself has mentioned visiting Malaysia many times and visiting the Prime Minister Palace more than once)
Willie has not kept a low profile and has been on many shows as far back as one week ago.

So, the issue here is that after the statements from Ahmadinejad.... Is Wiliam Rodriguez safe????????????????


Jimmy Walter say's ridiculous statements about Israel in interviews that I have heard. And Penn and Teller's use of their interview with the very childish Jimmy Walter on their show "Bull*!#@" is a PERFECT example of why we cannot support radical ignorant bigots just because they have questions about 9/11.

Link please

@KDUB , but then again, it is a well known fact on the truth movement that William Rodriguez cut the ties with Walters when Walter's started to talk about planes not actually hitting the Towers and that CGI was used. See for yourself WR statements years ago, here at 911blogger : http://911blogger.com/news/2006-12-19/911bloggercom-exclusive-william-ro...
About Penn and Teller, are you aware that they did used editing to make them look more loony as it has been the complain of every person approach by them. See this: http://nationalexpositor.com/News/2190.html
A perfect example to agree on something but disconnect on other issues.

It will be interesting..

to see how this is viewed by the general public. He is not the most respected man on the planet but this is definately gaining plenty of media attention.

I feel disgusted that New Zealand walked out also, When our former Prime Minister refused to take part in the Iraq war I was proud, she is now secrtetary to the UN. But now we seem to be greasing up to the USA in foreign policy which concerns me.

As others have said before, this is terrific coverage for the truth movement, the google hits on the subject over the next couple of days will be overwhealming....

lets see what happens.....

to see how this is viewed by the general public.?

The comments at Yahoo News will make you cry.

As they say in Hollywood,

As they say in Hollywood, "any attention is good attention"! It brings 911 truth back into the spotlight & there is a certain percentage of people who will for the first time say,"UUMM" and do a bit of research & end up here as Truthers. That's good thing. As for Willie Rodregez, did you know he used to work for James Randi founder of JREF? That makes him a bit suspect in my book.

No news there either

waitew, It is part of Willie's bio, his Wikipedia and his Documentaries, He never hide the fact that he was a magician either and said that 9/11 was a misdirection trick. Randi himself have no interest in 9/11 and still calls Rodriguez a friend despite not agreeing with him or his experiences.
See here: http://forums.randi.org/showpost.php?s=b7f880d24cdd849280cc49cdc869eb04&...

Randi's website is a range of many, many themes and he never posts on the 9/11 Issues. Notice how many times he has posted compared to assholes like "Gravy". He has no interest except for psychic phenomena "issues". It is well documented, but if that makes Rodriguez a suspect for talking around the world , getting evicted from his home, blacklisted by the government, placed on a no-fly list for a long while and continuously harassed and stalked, then yes, he should be a suspect.... for those who do not want the truth.

Think how great this is for the Muslim world...........

over a billion Muslims will see this.
They are an embattled group.
They have been bombed, belittled, humiliated, imprisoned illegally, occupied, massacred, left homeless.............all because of 9/11.

And they heard 9/11 may not have been done by Muslims, but their own disgusting leaders were too chicken to tell them the truth.

Thank you Ahmadinedad for giving these oppressed people some hope of the truth coming out to the rest of the world.

Beware the Sovereignty Trap

As exciting as this news may seem, I would caution against too much excitement about it. Asking the U.N. to investigate 9/11 is like asking Al Capone to stop crime in your town. He might do it, but, you might not like how he does it and once he starts, you won't be able to stop him, either!

Sky News

I was following this live on UK Sky News. It was interesting that just at the point where Ahmadinejad was about to talk about the US involvement in 9/11, they interrupted to announce that Great Britain would be attending the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. They then went back to the UN showing Ahmadinejad talking but there was no longer any audio - instead their reporter was informing us that the US and other delegations were leaving, probably because Ahmadinejad had mentioned Zionism or the Holocaust.

- Bump -

More incredible efforts by the media to suppress voices questioning 9/11.

How many people around the world agree with Ahmadinejad?

How many Muslims are there?

Muslims, for the past 9 years, because of 9/11, have suffered insults and humiliations on a monumental level to their culture and religion.
They have been slaughtered, bombed with drones, imprisoned illegally, tortured, left homeless, maimed............all to the cheers of the West.
And it all pivots on 9/11.
And now we know: the story is a f***ing lie.

My Muslim friend has four sons growing up. All of them see how their ancestral culture and their religion is demonized by idiot and hating Americans.
It is time they know the truth about America and its leaders...........how 9/11 was planned and executed.

Let's all agree we need a thorough, independent investigation, just as Ahmadinejad says.

If you can't agree to that, you obviously have some nefarious agenda going on.

Please leave out the profanity

It doesn't help.

It is our duty to question everything especially on crimes

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
I thank Ahmadinejad so much for what he said at the U.N. He is becoming one of the men that humanity needs.

I agree with "geoffritchey's point. ( sorry geoffritchey a bad manipulation did not put this entry at the right place.)

At one of the anti-war manifestations in Paris an elderly woman past me some photo copied pages of a book that she absolutely wanted that I should read.

At home I read the pages and realised that they were from Robert Faurisson' book which I had vaguely heard about. On doing some research I found out that we are forbidden to ask questions on that subject which pushed me to go a lot further just to the creation of Zionism 1891. I think that it is very dangerous not to be able to question a subject. I cannot help asking myself what is behind it.

Today, I think that the State of Israel was a U.N. mistake because I think as long as that regime is in power there will never be peace in the middle-east. I think that the regime should be replaced internationally by a secular ( “laîque” ) state where the different religions can live in peace.



World Government Puppet

Ahmadinejad tells the truth about 9/11 but coming from him it's only subject to ridicule among non-Muslim countries. Maddow even calls him Little Ahmad, can't even show enough respect to say the full name. He can't even mention the name israel, because it's not chic in the Muslim world to do so and so his credibility in the West plummets along with his naming the US responsible for 9/11. To be sincere and knowing he had world-wide coverage, he only talks about the failure of US intelligence but he should have given some of the proof for his assertions such as mentioning the peer-reviewed paper and many other facts. Instead, Ahmadinejad just gave an irrational version that was easy to attack.

No, the walk-out looked planned - the US delegates didn't even motion to each other to take the short route out. They knew this speech had a hook for their huffy act and exit. How can anyone not believe he's cooperating with those who want to hide the truth?

We don't need to criticize Ahmadinejad's speech at all..........

...............considering he is the first world leader not to be criminally involved in the 9/11 coverup.
That he doesn't mention Israel? So what?
HE is not the problem.
Our media is.
And particularly our progressive/alternative media.

"but coming from him it's

"but coming from him it's only subject to ridicule among non-Muslim countries."

What about China, Japan, South America, Russia? Do they ridicule him? I don't believe so.

The truth hurts. Don't shoot the messenger.

this guy is in a tough position in his own country between the religious ruling elite and the reforms he has tried to advocate. His comments and positions have been distorted by the US and it's cohorts for years. While I am not a big fan of his I know it could be worse much worse. The nuclear issue has also been distorted and personally I can understand Iran's desire for a nuclear bomb. While I don't believe they are close to getting one I understand that a country's sovereignty seems to almost depend on it. Outside the US his comments will have a greater benefit than within the US matrix. It can't be good for the perps in the long run so overall I am pleased. However in the short term we can expect some unfair publicity for our cause. So what else is new.

I agree 100%

He may not be the perfect messenger of what we are saying, but he is, among world leaders, the ONLY messenger.
He has baggage like all others.
I think he does quite well with it all.

Next, we need Hugo and Evo and Fidel and maybe even Putin to chime in.

Both Castro and Chavez have expressed their doubts.

Both Castro and Chavez have expressed their doubts.

Yea exactly and

Chavez has RUINED his country and very much endangered everyone who lives there. He makes flamboyant statements which are to broad brush to even be true. But maybe we should just cheer him on as a good guy cause he has expressed questions about 9/11.

voting THAT comment down?

You obviously don't know anyone who lives in Venezuela. He says some things I agree with, but Chavez is not the hero for the people.

Conference in Iran in 2011?

He referred to a conference next year in Iran, evidently to include a discussion 9/11. Does anyone know any more about this conference?

I don't know... We'll have to try to find out more..

But we need to get you, Richard Gage and others over there to present the best and strongest evidence and not let it get diverted into false debates over whether some people let it or made it happen etc. Hopefully you guys would be willing and able to go if the opportunity presented itself. Thanks.

Ahmadinejad: UN should form 9/11 fact-finding committee

Beware Ahmadinejad

Steve, I would exercise caution about attending any such conference. Please consider the piece I just wrote in regards to this new development.

"Tom this seems to be an ongoing line of thought in the Truth Movement...that even bad associations and ties to erroneous positions are "good" for our movement because they keep a spotlight on 9/11 and the claims we make to an alternative view. Where is your proof that this type of negative association works? When we get associated with Ahmadinejad, please explain in detail, just how that helps the assertion that we have valid claims on the truth of what happened 9 years ago? I think that just the reverse is possible. That too many negative associations will hinder the kind of climate we need to advance what we're best at...and that is so far, the irrefutable science around the evidence for controlled demolition. To condone negative associations at this point in time places us in the unnecessary position of having to defend people like Ahmadinejad and the policies of his government. Rather than positioning us with credible science, this kind of endorsement associates us with repression and casts doubt on the wisdom of the choices we make. "

I believe that associating in any way with Ahmadinejad will injure our movement.



I don't know what you mean about "associating" with Ahmadinejad. He doesn't sound like a guy I'd like to go have a drink with: a bit of a holocaust denier (when badgered about it by antagonistic press) and the president (not dictator, by the way, unless you call George Bush a dictator also) of a theocracy that brutally suppresses its dissidents. There are millions of people I wouldn't want to "associate" with, but I would certainly welcome them making public statements to support 911 truth. Jerry Falwell, Benjamin Netanyahu -- hey, go for it! And if they would say it to the General Assembly...

911 aside, another thing about Ahmadinejad is that, in my opinion anyway, he comes across as a rational critic of Western imperialism and is respected as such by many in the non-aligned world. The idea that the whole world disagrees with A. and Iran is a very Eurocentric/North American one.

I think if we try to please the Sunsteins of the world, we will have as much success as Obama pleasing Republicans. What's next, that we should "disassociate" from Chavez or Castro because some people don't like them? They are just as much "poison" to many Americans as Ahmadinejad, but we are engaged in a consciousness raising, not a consciousness following, program, and dealing with unpopular people and issues is just a part of it.

I'm not saying that this forum should go out of our way to marshal support for Ahmadinejad, Castro, Chavez, Anti-Imperialism, or any other topic or person not directly related to 911, but it seems self-defeating to limit support on the issue of 911 to only completely "pure" sources, because they don't exist.

By attending a 9/11

By attending a 9/11 conference in Iran, we would indeed be associating with Ahmadinejad's repressive government and any experiments or papers delivered there would be suspect. It's called "guilt by association". We must seek out and cultivate stronger moral and political supporters than this. I continue to be amazed by the gullibility of many posters here in thinking Ahmadinejad's statements will be of some, any, benefit to us.

Yes John

And it would be the 10th Anniversary!

Funny but not funny. Iran should not host the conference. A neutral country should be the host, and interested leaders from countries from all over the world should attend, including Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.

No matter how you slice an international conference that questions the official story and involves actual state leaders, it will be the West vs the Rest, and so US MSM will spend months either decimating or ignoring it.

It seems risky and potentially disasterous for US 9/11 activists to go to Iran for anything that the US government considers a threat. It's one thing for him to visit the UN, but it's completely different for US citizens to visit Iran.

Agree agree agree. Now good

Agree agree agree. Now good luck convincing some of the truth leaders (some) ......

Such a conference would be good

to not only raise further awareness of 9/11 truth but to establish contact with other like-minded (and peaceful) 9/11 scientists and to acquire funding for more ambitious and larger 9/11 experiments. Such experiments (involving no injury or death) could include (with proper permission, licensing, and guidance) the controlled demolition of an abandoned building using nanothermite to study the features of the collapse (and analyze the expected dust). Or, again with proper licensing and permission (and no injury or death), flying a remote-controlled derelict jumbo jet into an abandoned building (devoid of fireproofing materials and, of course, people) to see how the impact and burning jet fuel would affect it. Or, developing a properly licensed laboratory with significant monetary backing to study nanothermite variants (again, involving no injury or death) to determine how exactly they were used on 9/11 (and whether or not they are detectable by say a bomb-sniffing dog). Or, the organization of a research team with the objective of creating (if at all possible) realistic computer models of the collapse of Building 7 without the use of explosives (to prove once and for all that NIST is lying about their results).

sounds good

put it into the suggestion box at the Iranian embassy if possible

Suggestion box

I have some "suggestions" for the Iranian "suggestion box" myself. I'll probably never be allowed to enter the country again after that.

What is it with you people?

Any time I mention serious experiments involving nanothermite, I get like this subtle ridicule in the form of voting my comments down or some silly crack.

I hate to break this to you, but the average person is never going to buy the nanothermite angle to 9/11 truth until they see a frakkin' YouTube video of a structural steel beam cut in half by some kind of highly energetic nano-aluminothermic reaction.

And that's just the way it is.

This is pretty much the video you were hoping for.

I was just going through and reading old comments for a blog I'm writing and thought it important to link to this YouTube video posted about a year later, which proves that thermite variants can demolish vertically standing steel beams. Keep in mind while watching that the MIT article "Military Reloads with Nanotech" stated that nano-thermite "can increase the (chemical) reaction time by a thousand times."

Persians and the West

The West has hated the Persians since they squeezed the Greeks out of Asia Minor, forcing them out of Asia until Alexander came to power. The West didn't like Mosaddegh, or the Shah, when he proved less than useful, so we let him be replaced by Khomeni during the Iranian Revolution. No matter how much we dislike the Iranians, the fact remains that they have not attacked one of their neighbors in over 200 years. That alone is enough reason to at least tolerate Ahmadinejad's rhetorical exuberance. Iran lost a lot of people when Iraq (under Saddam) attacked them to our pleasure. Both the US and Israel made a lot money providing arms to both sides in the Iraq/Iran conflict. I may be wrong about the Persians, but actions are louder than words, so I'll see what they actually do.


Exactly what I wrote above - any conference with him as the sponsor is subject to world ridicule.

Just be clear about what you support

An opinion shared is no indication of 'association' nor does one opinion shared translate to all opinions.

In this case, Ahmadinejad opines that the 9/11 official story is not the full story. Happens that I share that opinion, along with literally 100's of millions of other people, if not possibly billion+ around the globe.

I do not, however, share his other opinion about the holocaust which is entirely unsupportable and which I personally find detestable. I also do not share his demonization of Jewish people or Israel which is at best unproductive and at worst, in his most extreme statements, zenophobic bordering on genocidal.

I would love to have a beer with him

Hell, I'd even buy. Grew up dirt poor. Earned a PhD. Leads an ancient civilization that is strong and proud.

I agree with him on the "H" word. All I have seen him ask is why punish the Palestinians for what the Germans did?

He is way smart, funny, humane. I understand why the Zionists on this site have issues with him but what penalty did the Germans pay? They are living high on the hog, happy as a pig in s*it......while Gaza is brutalized, strangled to death. If you can link to where he said it never took place please do.

And give the stoning thing a rest. Non sequitor.

Please join the current discussion over at CNN

Obama: Ahmadinejad's speech 'offensive' and 'hateful'



get in there and help shape the debate, it's driving me mad!



I think CNN moderators shape that debate. Not you or I.

There is a lot of TRUTH getting through.


Even your best friends won’t tell you Jerry Mazza


Even your best friends won’t tell you

"After being greeted by a round of applause as he entered the U.N. General Assembly yesterday, September 23, Ahmedinejad was applauded again after his remarks. During his General Assembly address he called for a “U.N. fact finding group to investigate 9/11.” I hope their findings (if a group should ever come about) won’t be treated like the fact-finding results of Hans Blix, head of the UN’s United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission. His claims of no WMD in Hussein’s Iraq were ignored. As were the claims of orthodox Jewish Justice Richard Goldstone’s report on Zionist overkill in Gaza."

Jerry Mazza
September 24, 2010

As I remember, that has been a headline for everything from bad breath to dandruff sufferers to those suffering from body odors. The headline was ideal shame-making for manufacturers of mouthwashes, dandruff shampoos, deodorants and antiperspirants. And now it applies to our purported worst enemy, the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. That is, he’s telling us what none of our “best friends” in our government are saying, “that the American government may have been behind the 9/11 attack.”

More: http://www.infowars.com/even-your-best-friends-wont-tell-you/

Sad to see all the comments

On this thread praising a horrible racist radical. It is very important to denounce this extremist version of 9/11 truth and Ahmadinejad. His reasons for why the US did 9/11 are speculative and racist. Even if its not speculative to some here that 9/11 was an inside job, saying that the US orchestrated 9/11 sounds extremely radical and is actually to vague to do anything other than close minds to questions about 9/11. I and most of the 9/11 truth people I have practiced activism with would NEVER endorce such flamboyant behavior nor such a racist audacious character, in this case ahmadinejad. It is critical, CRITICAL that we dissociate from ahmadinejad as publicly and openly as we can. NOW!

Listen to the entire speech

Listen to the entire speech


Joe posted this on the other page.

"Horrible racist radical"??

How is he a "horrible racist radical"? When A. uses the word "zionist" he seems to be using the word accurately and not as a code word for being anti-Jewish, which he does not appear to be. In what sense were his words racist?

In what sense were they radical? Because he has a theory of who did 911 and why they did it? Probably most of us have such a theory and his is probably not very different from many of ours. I agree we should not gratuitously and casually put forth speculative theories for which we have little evidence, but we don't need to hold every outside person to those standards. When A. starts to post on this forum seems like the right time to give him some "thumbs down" votes if you think you should.

Maybe Muslims Did it? -Gordon Duff


"Ahmadinejad, as of the count yesterday, had 950 stories condemning his “outrageous” statements at the United Nations. Please note that a total of 27 nations walked out, not the people of those nations but representatives of the governments.

What we fail to note is that 163 nations stayed."

Ahmadinejad Calls Again For 9/11 Probe [Press TV News] FRIDAY

Ahmadinejad Says Anti-Iran Sanctions Useless, Calls Again For 9/11 Probe [Press TV News]

Spin by PTB


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's UN speech may have just helped Israel

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's United Nations speech that suggested a US hand in 9/11 could bolster Isreali voices that label Iran an irrational actor.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

By Joshua Mitnick, Correspondent / September 24, 2010
Tel Aviv

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks at the United Nations Thursday that suggested an American hand in orchestrating 9/11 to "save the Zionist regime" may have disturbed US observers, but Israelis are used to the Iranian president's shock tactics.

Israelis appear to be less focused on Iran today as attention has turned to restarted peace talks with the Palestinians. What's more, according to analysts, Israelis have been reassured that the US and Europe are as equally determined as their government is to block Iran's nuclear ambitions.

That said, Mr. Ahmadinejad’s theories about 9/11 are likely to add strength to voices in Israel who see Iran as an irrational actor that could attack the Jewish state if it was armed with a nuclear weapon.

More: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2010/0924/Mahmoud-Ahmadinejad...

There's more to like Ahmadinejad than 9-11 truth

In all his speeches, Ahmadinejad calls for peaceful associaion among the nations of the world. He always talks from a religious perspective, and I believe that he is a man of deep faith in Islam, and in a universal God. If you actually listen to what he says, you will see that he is for universal peace and brotherhood. I have been a supporter of his for quite a while. He certainly presents the best image of any world leader today. The fact that he has now thrown down the gauntlet for 9-11 truth is no accident, If you have swallowed the pill fed to you about him by the mainstream media, which is in turn controlled by the US state department (itself a product of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is calling for "regime change" as official US policy), then that is your fault.

Why is this important story missing from www.911truth.org?

Does anyone know why this important story that is all over the mainstream news is missing from www.911truth.org?

They cover less that 10% of what we have here and are slow..

to update.

Those who would criticize Iran

may want to consider that an objective observer may consider the US the most destructive, terrorist, warmongering nation in the world. Nuclear, MOABs, Daisy Cutters, Agent Orange, and that's just what we know about. Did I mention torture yet? Not to mention the weapons we sell. Not to mention the undercover destabilizing of governments around the world.

Persia under Cyrus the great was the first known government to grant human rights and abolish slavery. Of course the proof of that is in the British Museum, I wonder how it got there?

Not to mention...

a controlled mainstream media that continually tells us who the evil demons are to steer us away from the TRUTH.

It appears there are many here that still eat that ____.