9/11 Truth Marches for Peace in Hollywood on 6th Anniversary of War

This march was OWNED by WeAreChange LA (with 4 massive banners) and all the other 9/11 Truth activists from Southern California who came to Hollywood to make sure that the world knows that not only are we not going away, we are bigger by the day. It seems like the Peace Movement at large is waking up to the fact that the only road to peace is one that deals with the crimes of September 11th. Awesome showing this time! Thanks and praise and big love to all of you who work so hard non-stop -- you know who you are ;-)

V for Visibility!

(from Visibility 9-11 Media)

WWW.911TRUTHLA.COM - My challenge to Amy Goodman! She Agrees to Watch "The Reflecting Pool"

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(1) UCLA/LA Times & Amy Goodman updates; (2) Jennifer/Victor video. Lionel/Cole? Other videos of my question/Amy's response?


For those who do not already know, many of us were prevented from asking any 9/11 related questions during the Goodman panel discussions at the Festival of Books and -- less directly -- at Amy Goodman's evening talk at Immanuel Presbyterian in Los Angeles.