Peter Thottam

William Woodward, Peter Thottam, and Rob Balsamo on 9/11 and Empire Tonight, Tues. 3/4/08 8-10 pm Central

During the first hour Professor William Woodward of the University of New Hampshire will join me to discuss psychology and 9/11 truth. He is honing a scholarly article on 9/11 using "SSK, the sociology of scientific knowledge and the history of science, especially German and British, where a lot of new models are in the air" (from his email to me today). In the second half of the first hour, we will (hopefully) hear from Brian, Nick, and/or Anthony of to discuss the psychology of their truth squadding, most recently of Mitt Romney . Still waiting for final confirmation on this.

The second hour will lead off with another truth-squadding hero, Peter Thottam of LA 9/11 Truth who helped organize the Bill Maher intervention last fall. Peter and I will discuss the 9/11 truth protest at the Academy Awards , the hoopla surrounding Academy Awards winner Marion Cotillard's 9/11 views and related Hollywood-meets-9/11-truth issues, among other things.