Spreading the word

9/11 Slogans On Golf Balls

If you are a golfer write 9/11 slogans on your golf balls, tees, markers. If you want to be a bad guy then write it in the sand trap, that will wake up the group behind you for sure.

9/11 Truthers In Southern Ontario Interested In Attending 9/11 Anniversary In NYC

For those of you 9/11 Truthers in Southern Ontario that plan on attending the 6th Anniversary of 9/11 in NYC on September 11 and would like to go down to NYC as a group, I am hoping to organize a group of people that wish to attend so that we can mobilize as a group and so no one will be forced to travel solo. So if you are interested please give me a shout no later than the end of July as this is already in the early stages of development and we want to be sure we get a flight and place to stay as much in advance as possible.

You can contact me by email at: farleyfan69@hotmail.com

I hope to get a decent response as this is a big year for 9/11 Truth on account of Loose Change Final Cut hitting theaters amongst other big breakthroughs on the war front of truth. So if you are planning on going don't delay because you WILL be a part of history come 9/11/07.

- Matt Etmanskie

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Talking to Strangers...

So today was my first attempt at talking to people and spreading the word about the 9/11 truth movement. I suppose I've been hesitant to do so because its such a touchy or taboo subject with some people.

It was good. In between classes at school I walked around and handed out the flyers that I had made. I was sort of selective, using my people watching skills to see who I thought would be more receptive.

My flyer stated simple facts: the recent Zogby poll, pictures of WTC7, and links to 911truth.org, phrases to Google, etc. Most people were interested and had heard about it but hadn't dug any deeper.

In fact, one of my professors---my favorite one, really---has watched a few DVDs and agreed to let me use his room to show a 9/11 truth movie!!

So my question is this...which movie should I show? Also, would it be a good idea to speak with Student Services to try to make it a real club on campus? Lemme know what y'all think....

BUMPER STICKERS SPREAD 9/11 TRUTH, links at end of article

BUMPER STICKERS SPREAD 9/11 TRUTH Russ Hallberg If we could get one million 911 truthers to use 911 Truth bumper stickers, then most of the US population would be exposed to the 911 truth movement. Bumper stickers are an act of minimal activism, with maximum results. There are many people who are intuitively aware that 911 was an inside job, although they are unaware of the 911 truth movement. They may be afraid to voice their opinion about 911, for fear of ridicule. There is strength and courage in numbers. Seeing a 911 Truth bumper sticker reinforces that courage. Bumper stickers can have an "emperor has no clothes" effect. All that is needed is for someone else to be the first to tell the truth. 911 truth bumper stickers also have a personal impact. It shows conviction to place a 911 truth bumper sticker on your car. You are stating that your conviction that 911 was a false flag operation. Bumper stickers diplaying web addresses of good sites for 911 "newbies" are reccomended. This article is being written for personal activism, not financial gain.

Opinions needed on T-shirt design.

Hello everyone. As some of you know, my pastor responded to my letter to him where he stated, "As far as what you should personally do about your concerns, for that I currently have no answer except to say that affecting those around us right now in our sphere of influence is my and I believe God's main concern.." Bruce1337 interpreted this comment this way:

" I believe the Pastor is saying God wants you to go spread some truth! There we have it: GOD IS A TRUTHER!!!"

I agree, so I decided to "affect those around me" and have a t-shirt made that I could wear to church. This is what I came up with and I would like some feedback and opinions. Note the hidden cross. I am so creative!

An Idea

I wonder how the national radio shows,like Bob and Tom(I think their in Chicago) or maybe ever Sirus star
Howard Stern feels on the 9/11 topic.Just thinking of more ways to get exposer.
I just like to point out.....Just look at all the questions left unanswered.Then decide for yourself.