Is Google Censoring Anthrax Coverage by Glenn Greenwald?

See original for hyperlinks and referenced graphic. What do you think? Anyone getting different results from the NEWS search engine, not the WEB engine?

Can you believe NONE of Glenn Greenwald's articles in come up in the first 3 pages of a Google NEWS (not WEB) search for "anthrax"??? How can that possibly be, when numerous mainstream pundits have been commenting on and linking to his articles??? Anthrax salon pulls one (1)- along with many articles commenting on and linking to his articles. Anthrax Glenn Greenwald got NONE. I’m not using quotes on anything.

A couple of his articles are top hits in WEB searches:
Google WEB: Glenn Greenwald Anthrax

It’s the NEWS searches where they are strangely absent:
Google NEWS Glenn Greenwald Anthrax

See the graphic at the bottom of the page to get an idea of how this affects how many people will see his articles, when searching for NEWS on the Anthrax case.

Airport staff overreacted, Robo says - Times-Standard reports his side

Airport staff overreacted, Robo says

Sean Garmire/The Times-Standard - 08/05/2008 01:21:19 AM PDT

A Humboldt State University student arrested at a Boston airport following his alleged role in an airplane scare spoke to the Times-Standard Monday, calling his arrest an overreaction and saying he was mischaracterized by the Massachusetts district attorney who charged him with disorderly conduct.

Jason Robo, a 26-year-old political science major and student activist, spoke Monday from Boston, where he has been since his arrest last week.

On July 31, Robo was formally charged with disorderly conduct by the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. The charges stemmed from Robo's alleged misconduct on a Salt Lake City-bound plane as it was docked at a Logan International Airport gate, forcing the evacuation of the airplane and a three hour flight delay.

”I think that this atmosphere of fear is completely unwarranted,” Robo said. “It was not the passengers of the plane that were concerned. These reactions clearly illustrate how vastly things can be blown out of proportion.”

'Survivors' voting their grief: 9/11, Iraq War create demographic, study finds

'Survivors' voting their grief
9/11, Iraq War create demographic, study finds

Jennifer Harper
Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Angry Survivors" could be a new demographic for political strategists to consider, harboring a subtle dynamic that could influence the presidential election.

Many who lost a loved one, family, friend or even an acquaintance in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or in the Iraq War still have visceral rage or a need for revenge, and such residual emotions sway political leanings, new research suggests.

Survivors are "significantly" less likely to approve of President Bush's performance than people without these connections, said Scott Sigmund Gartner, a political science professor from the University of California at Davis.

According to a study released Friday, the sentiment affects all comers, "repeating among Republicans as well as Democrats, conservatives as well as liberals, and across all races, ages, education levels and incomes," the study said.

9/11 Truth and the Tuskegee 40 Year Coverup by Erik Larson

Lotsa links:

9/11 Truth and the Tuskegee 40 Year Coverup

Hello all human beings; I’m publishing this first at TruthAction and TruthMove; all feedback is appreciated, especially the pointing out of factual errors, unclear statements, typos, run-on sentences, (I know, I have a problem) etc. If you think of any other good points to make, or a better way to word something, or if I’ve wasted words anywhere, let me know. Thanks! In a day or 2, I’ll publish this at and you can check the html links, if you’re interested.

Some say that 9/11 couldn’t have been an “inside job” because a coverup would be impossible; someone with inside knowledge would blow the whistle on such a horrible and criminal operation. The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment is one example of policy and decision makers in US federal, state and local governments conspiring to commit and cover up crimes against humanity; the “experiment” was in progress, and kept quiet, for 40 years.

Media Fail to Report on 'Liberal' Targets of 'Anthrax Killer'

BLOGGED BY Brad Friedman ON 8/1/2008 3:25PM

Media Fail to Report on 'Liberal' Targets of 'Anthrax Killer'
Brother of Now Deceased Top Suspect Tells The BRAD BLOG 'Not One' Reporter Had Asked Him About His Brother's Political Leanings Until We Did

ALSO: ABC News Continues to Protect 'Sources' Who Lied About Iraq Connection to Anthrax...
-- Brad Friedman

With the mainstream corporate media reports today on the apparent suicide of Bruce E. Ivins of the U.S. Government's bio weapons lab at Ft. Detrick, MD, who was reportedly about to be charged with the Anthrax murders of late 2001, it's curious --- if hardly surprising --- that none of the major outlets reporting the news bothered to note that the attacks were all made on perceived "liberals".

Letters, seeming to appear as if they were from Muslim extremists, declaring "Death to America...Death to Israel...Allah is Great," were sent to then Democratic Majority Leader Sen. Tom Daschle, powerful Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and then NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw

Almost half of Britons apparently believe in captive space aliens [and 38% think 9/11 was an inside job]

blah, blah, blah, then:

"And despite the horror of the 9/11 attacks, more than one in three (38 per cent) are sure the twin towers atrocity was part of a plot backed by the US government to create an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

A third of respondents pointed to a "lack of debris" outside the Pentagon crash site as proof that all is not as it seems."

I couldn't find the actual poll; please post as a blog entry if you do, or just put a link in the comments

Rebuttal to "Corrections": Paul Landis Response to my 9/11 "Pentagon Hole" Psyop article

I've been working on other stuff, but given the publication of Landis' article at opednews i have taken the time to respond- lots of html links, including one to Landis' article

Rebuttal to "Corrections": Paul Landis Response to my 9/11 "Pentagon Hole" Psyop article

This is a rebuttal to "CORRECTIONS" by Paul Landis, which was a response to my article, the link to which is formatted incorrectly in Landis’ and is currently not working:
Is the 9/11 "Pentagon Hole" a Psyop to Distract from Real Questions?

Save an Active Grassroots Investigation Project [Vote for] aka aka Center for Grassroots Oversight has been an instrumental resource for 9/11 researchers. It has been endorsed by the Jersey Girls and many other principal figures in the 9/11 Truth Movement. They accept no advertising and rely on the donations of concerned human beings like you and me. Here's a free way you can help them get awarded $10,000. I have no connection to them other than donating $ and occasionally volunteering.
Save an Active Grassroots Investigation Project

Idea Description

Articles feat. Sibel Edmonds and other 9/11 info: 2 French and 1 Turkish

Can you translate French or Turkish? All 3 of these articles mention Sibel Edmonds

French- This article has videos featuring Randy Glass interviews and Paul Thompson, Bush Administration pre-Iraq war lies, 9/11 commission footage, Condi being asked about the 100K wire transfer
Condoleezza Rice : "Je suis fière de notre décision" d’envahir l’Irak

French- This one seems to be more about the 2008 US prez campaign, video at the bottom feat. Sen Bob Graham's post JICI comments on PBS re: foreign assistance, and another video feat. Rice being asked about the 100K transfer, John Stewart clips
Un nouveau 11-Septembre pour faire gagner McCain ?

Turkish- Sahte pasaport şebekesi kurmuş!

first sentence: "Amerika’da Bush yönetiminde büyük kriz yaratan Sibel Edmonds olayını gündeme taşıyan"

9/11 Change: Yes We Should! by Coleen Rowley

9/11 Change: Yes We Should!
Posted June 24, 2008 | 03:46 PM (EST)

Recently, our government excluded the 9/11 victims' families from attending the arraignment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other terror suspects at the military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. Initially, none of the families, with the exception of ardent Bush supporter Debra Burlingame, were invited.

After this issue became public, the resultant furor caused Debra Burlingame to be dis-invited and a system was established whereby the 9/11 victims' families could observe future sessions via CCTV coverage at various military bases on the east coast. In addition, a lottery system was established so that selected family members, who may want to attend the trial at Guantanamo Bay, will be provided an opportunity to participate.

LEGALIZE 9/11 TRUTH RIDE (Week 4) San Diego, CA

The Legalize 9/11 Truth Ride is a weekly ride for 9/11 Truth on the boardwalk of San Diego's beaches. We meet at 4:00pm every Sunday at the end of Diamond Street in Pacific Beach. This event is in its fourth week, and we have already doubled in size. We are expecting 10+ people for next week and even more the following week. This event is sponsored by San Diego's own, so join us every Sunday rain or shine at 4:00pm sharp. Please bring your bike, signage, and wear 9/11 Truth and/or Peace clothing.

Log onto or contact us via email at

Legalize 9/11 Truth Sunday Bike Ride San Diego

Is the 9/11 "Pentagon Hole" a Psyop to Distract from Real Questions?

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“We have to examine the 9/11 incident and a judiciary inquiry should be conducted as America is responsible for it,”

"“We have to examine the 9/11 incident and a judiciary inquiry should be conducted as America is responsible for it,” Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmed said. He said that America, Great Britain and Nato countries started the war against terrorism and engulfed the whole world. He said America should change its foreign policy regarding terrorism, adding war strategy of America, Britain and Nato countries had badly failed in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Afghan poppy income funding terrorists

By NAVEED BUTT submitted 1 day 10 hours ago

ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production Nisar Memon has said that poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has increased during the last few years and its income is being utilized by terrorists to purchase modern and sophisticated weapons.

He expressed these views in a meeting with an 8-member delegation of British House of Commons Defence Select Committee at the Parliament House here on Monday.

They knew, but did nothing (excerpt from Shenon book published in Austrailia)

At what point does "criminal negligence" become so extreme that it can be considered "complicity" beyond a reasonable doubt? Shenon attempts to put the "incompetence", "ignorance", "failure to imagine", "system failure" and "covering up incompetence" spin on what he reports while essentially supporting the theory that Al Qaeda outwitted the dimwitted and incompetent US intelligence and defense establishments, but even what he does say seems like grounds for impeachment hearings to me.

visit the link above for the whole excerpt, choice cuts:

"The warnings were going straight to President Bush each morning in his briefings by the CIA director, George Tenet, and in the presidential daily briefings. It would later be revealed by the 9/11 commission into the September 11 attacks that more than 40 presidential briefings presented to Bush from January 2001 through to September 10, 2001, included references to bin Laden.