NY Post: prior to 9/11 Atta casing airports, warnings ignored

Of course there is a slew of comments debating whether this suppressed info would have helped, or if it would have made it to GW Bush's desk.

There was plenty of intelligence that was intentionally suppressed, as clearly make public by the heavily gagged FBI translator Sibel Edmunds, who explained in the documentary Kill the Messenger:

“1) Osama bin Laden was planning a major terrorist attack in the United States targeting four or five major cities; 2) the attack was going to involve airplanes; 3) some of the individuals in charge of carrying out this attack were already in place in the United States; 4) the attack was going to be carried out soon, in a few months.”

Here is a link to YouTube where the KTM can be viewed for free:

Siegelman Prosecution Has Ties to 9/11

[This article is based mostly (but not wholly) on a Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) (, a subscription news service.]


The Preciseness of AA11 impact

Atta, the wizzard

AA11 impact orientation

The axis (nose) of A11 impacted the exact center of the north wall with some 1m accuracy. The impact speed was 220m/s, the downward angle was approximately 4°, while the lateral angle was less than 3°.

This analysis is based on the visible north face damage and video evidence.

The first picture reflects the upward wing flexing.

Hamid Gul and Mahmud Ahmed

Somebody ought to at least ask this Gul what he thinks of the fact that one of his predecessors, Mahmud Ahmed, was with Congressman and later CIA director Porter Goss and Senator and Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Bob Graham in Washington discussing Osama bin Laden when 9/11 occurred, and of the possibility that Ahmed was the one who ordered $100,000 to be sent to Mohammed Atta.

My Long Forgotten Encounter with Terry McDermott, author of "PERFECT SOLDIERS – The Hijackers: Who They Were, Why They Did It"

The James Bamford interview and response reminded me of a dialogue/interview/argument I had with Terry McDermott at the Los Angeles Times Book Fair at UCLA on 4/27/08. Terry McDermott is a journalist and author, who in most MSM circles, is considered to have written the best description of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. He's sort of like a lightweight Vincent Bugliosi of the 9/11 covert op. In that case, maybe he's like more like Gerald Posner- I don't know. At the Book Festival, McDermott had moderated a panel titled "New World Disorder" that also included Mr. Bob Drogin, Ms. Nina Hachigan, Mr. Kevin Phillips and Dr. Michael Shermer. During the Q+A, I had asked a question having something to do with the neo-cons, the Clash of Civilizations, desired chaos and 9/11. After having my question roundly ignored and ridiculed, I decided to follow up a bit more intimately at the book signing with whoever I could from the panel. McDermott was fairly hostile, not quite as hostile as the over-zealous security guard who hovered over the entire interaction, but hostile nonetheless to the fact that I was calling into question the back story to the cover-story he had told so well.

Daniel Pearl story on CNN Saturday night - will the wire transfer be mentioned?

CNN Special Investigations Unit: The Journalist and the Jihadi:

He spent his career reporting on Muslim life. But an encounter with an Islamic militant ended with deadly consequences. Christiane Amanpour looks at the real story behind the murder of Daniel Pearl.


Saturday 2/10 at 8PM


If you happen to watch it, please send CNN your thoughts, especially if they appear to distort or omit any information.

The Underlying Politics of 9/11

An excerpt from a Ralph Schoenman speech on the false flag aspects of the events of September 11, 2001.

should say 175, not 75 .....

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Atta's german friend Wolfgang FOUND -- (remember Hopsicker, Sabrina)

Terror alert in South Pacific

Nov 14, 2006

A low level terror alert is in force in the South Pacific.

The FBI is on the trail of a man with alleged links to one of the September 11 masterminds after he tried to set up a pilot training school on a remote island, bordering US territory. That is despite the island having no airport or telephones.

The isolated Kiribati islands are grappling with being catapulted into the world of terrorism.

"It's absolutely gut wrenching frightening," says Fanning Island resident Chuck Corbett.

The man causing the alarm is Wolfgang Bohringer, who sailed into Kiribati's Fanning Island a year ago.

On board, along with his Slovenian girlfriend, was a proposal to set up a resort and flight school on the island.

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Watch Video:

Yosri Fouda an OCT plant

We knew it at least since 2003, back as Yosri Fouda, Al Jazeera journalists, wrote his book "Masterminds of terror".

He plays the perfect role to establish Khalid Sheik Muhammad and Ramzi Binalshib as new masterminds, but could not clarify the date of his alleged interviews, rather he said
three different times to fit the changing official story when and how these suspects were arrested.
Later he claims he lost his original recordings- all that was left was not understandable marbling.

But now we know for sure he is a plant:


But in their painstaking efforts to find the proof that connected the dots, US investigators and, especially, their German counterparts, have struggled with little more than circumstantial evidence and presumed facts.

This played nicely into the hands of conspiracy theorists, both in the Muslim world and in the West. Now the investigators have the proof, and only the flakiest of anti-American fantasists can go on claiming that Bin Laden, Atta, Jarrah and co had no hand in September 11.

End Quote,,1-524-2382788-524,00.html


For what this is a proof? That both terror suspects were in Afghanistan?