Ahmadinejad Calls For Global Governance, New World Order


Ahmadinejad calls for Global Governance @ 22:00

Ahmadinejad Criticizes Capitalism At Anti-Poverty Summit
By: NY1 News

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is blaming the world's problems on capitalism.

Speaking at the United Nation Anti-Poverty Summit today, the Iranian leader said capitalism has caused the suffering of people in several countries.

Ahmadinejad called for a new world order, proposing the coming decade be one of "joint global governance."

Dr. Bob Bowman's Speech Milwaukee, WI 8/02/09 On Youtube

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/nausmr

I uploaded the speech Dr. Bob Bowman made in Milwaukee, WI on 8/02/09 with Kevin Barrett giving an introductory speech at the beginning. It's on Youtube in 10 parts the last three parts are the question and answer session. Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. Bob Bowman spoke about morality which is very important considering our "Wars of Aggression" we now find our country involved in. Dr. Bob Bowman elaborates on the 2 schools of thought in Christianity which are:

1. Non-Violence

2. Just War Principles

I was impressed with Dr. Bowman's criticism of most of our church leaders in America and their refusal to teach these schools of thought when it comes to the "Wars of Aggression" we find this country in.

Com 8- 14 Points- 25 People- 5 Minutes

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

In one of my Communications classes, today we gave 5 minute speeches on a “memorable experience”. I used the occasion to talk about last Friday, April 18, 2008 when the Fourteen Points paper was posted on 911Blogger.com. It went something like this:

“Do you still think that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center?”

Last Friday, I was thinking that today I would be talking to ya’ll about the first time I saw Loose Change, the online DVD that quote is from, which a lot of you have probably heard of. However, last Friday night something happened, that, imho, is just as memorable and is more immediately significant.

Unwelcome Guests: 9/11: The Myth of the 21st Century Pt I of III

Get over to Radio 4 All and check out the load of 911 audio.


For those of you unfamilliar with Unwelcome Guests, it is a weekly 2 hour show that focuses on issues that matter. Lynn Gary produces it and always has great 911 coverage as it comes up.

As this show says "Unwelcome Guests Radio has given us at least thirty one hour shows in six years, seriously questioning and investigating the Myth of 9/11".

This show is labeled one of three.

Time to top up the ole iPod!


Amazing speech outside UK Parliament on 9/11/07

This is a speech given outside Parliament on 9/11/07 and it's by a guy from 'We Are Change UK' called Moshin, I think he kicks a lot of ass here, check it out;



Alex Jones: End Game Sneak Preview at the Alamo Drafthouse


In this special video feature we see Alex Jones' presentation of Terror Storm: Final Cut and a sneak peek of his upcoming film End Game to an audience at the Alamo Draft House in Austin, Texas. This footage includes a fantastic live performance from Graham Reynolds & The Golden Arm Trio as well as questions and comments from those in attendance.

Alex explains the vision behind End Game and takes questions on a variety of different topics, including the North American Union and the border, Rick Perry's visit to this year's Bilderberg Group conference, the elite's religion of death and the timetable for war with Iran and why it seems like the build-up has been going on forever. At the end of the talk, Alex meets some of his fans who traveled a long way to see him in person.

George Galloway's speech to Parliament, January 2007

A powerful speech highlighting the appalling situation in Iraq, and the pathetic handling of it by the British government: Ill-equipped troops, brutal treatment of civilians, and support for death squads: Welcome to democracy, Bush & Blair style!

The Underlying Politics of 9/11

An excerpt from a Ralph Schoenman speech on the false flag aspects of the events of September 11, 2001.

should say 175, not 75 .....

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Alex Jones At Waterloo Records & Video


Alex gives an hour-long speech and presentation at the Waterloo Records and Video store in Austin Texas. Alex begins by revealing how Neo-Con fascists attempted to sabotage this event by intimidating the owners into cancelling it, calling Alex Jones "American Al-Qaeda," just as they had done before the June conference in Los Angeles.

Later Alex takes questions from the audience about chemtrails, weather modification, the lack of media coverage for the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 demonstrations, FEMA concentration camps, trauma based mind control and net neutrality.

Henry Rollins - "freedom is under attack"

(Warning: Strong Language. But who cares about that, this is a great speech!)