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The Preciseness of AA11 impact

Atta, the wizzard

AA11 impact orientation

The axis (nose) of A11 impacted the exact center of the north wall with some 1m accuracy. The impact speed was 220m/s, the downward angle was approximately 4°, while the lateral angle was less than 3°.

This analysis is based on the visible north face damage and video evidence.

The first picture reflects the upward wing flexing.

WTC7: Nist Finally Admits Freefall (Part IV)

Last year forced David Chandler forced NIST to admit that there was a 2,25-2,28s long period of freefall during the collapse of WTC7.
However NIST won't admit that these period of freefall occurred at the very start of the collapse (NIST did choose to pick up artificially early start time,but as far as we know there's no such a thing recorded in the collapse videos).

What does this freefall period mean?

It means that for the first 2,28sec of the global collapse there was no resistance from the crushed parts of the building.

Let's look at this number closely.

How many floors of the WTC7 didn't offer any resistance?

A freefalling object (the upper block of WTC7) would travel the distance of 25,50m (t=2,28s, 24,80m for t=2,25s)


Ok,experiment is a basic element of modern science.In order to scientificaly prove a controlled demolition of WTC 1,2,7 we have to create a theory on the exact method,which was used to bring them down and than test it with (repetebale) experiment.

I (with large influence from achimspok's work) did a theory on the precollapse weakening and initiation of the (Twin Towers collapses).I've described it in my previous posts,but a little bit of recapitulation isn't gonna to do any damage.

core column

So what caused the precollapse bowing of the exterior walls of WTC 1 and 2?Most probably thermite charges which were placed mainly at the 104th,105th and 106th floor.This charges attacked mainly the 1000 and 900 row core columns.(I'm not claiming that this was all,maybe there were other attacked points of the structure,but I'm absolutely sure only about these points)

Wanna prove?

Did really column 79 fail first?

NIST states that the column 79 failed first.It seems that it's not true.Smoke suction suggest that the column 81 failed prior the colum 80 and 79.

Prepare some 3D glasses!

The South Tower collapse initiation

First of all,you have to see this video,than you'll be able to understand

and than the conclusion

(this is the new part)

Astonishing fireballs,directed arson and insight in the preparator's mind.

Astonishing fireballs,directed arson and insight in the preparator's mind.


This is my third post here,it's part of my tetralogy on WTC 1 and 2 collapses,the first post tried explain why NIST failed to properly address the precollapse inward bowing,the second post describes what really lead to the inward bowing,and the third post will be about immediate seconds before and after the collapse initiations)

Let me start with this basic premise:

9/11 was an shock and awe campaign.Let me to guide you through possible thoughts of the World Trade Center demolition preparators and try to compare the outcome with reality.This time I will not offer you „hard physical“ evidence,I'll show you a logical frame.

Let's start with this amazing photo

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Thermite,inward bowing and the 105th floor

Thermite,inward bowing and the 105th floor.(a new theory)

We all belive ,in controlled demolition of Twin Towers,but do we have a good image about the actual method,which was used to bring them down?And do we have a convincing answer to the inward bowing?I'll show you that we have a very good,convincing answer.

Let me start with this video:

(direct link: )