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"Inside The 9/11 WTC Building 7 Truther Conference: [Insert Motive Here]"
-By Christopher Robbins in News on March 28, 2011 11:30 AM

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Another Building 7 Article posted on the Gothamist. This time it's on the front page at the top.

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***Event Turnout Numbers

I called Mike DeRosa from WWUH Radio to get a QUICK estimate on the turnout at the Hartford CT event and how it went because I have been dying just to hear something about it.

Mr. DeRosa said:
~260 People Total
~40 of which were presenters/helpers
~80 were still there at the end of the event
~The Event was filmed from multiple cameras. He is working on trying to get it released and ready for youtube.

All in all the event "went very well" and the guests were "excited and impressed" about the information being presented.

Hopefully some more official numbers and a better summary of the event will come out in the coming days.

Blog created for upcoming NorCal 9/11 Film Festival

The 5th Annual Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Film Festival will be held at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA on September 9th and 10th, 2009.

The film festival now has a blog:

NorCal 9-11 Film Festival

There is also a higher contrast version:

NorCal 9-11 Film Festival - HC

Please visit the blog, tell me what you think and check back daily as it will be updated frequently.

You can also leave questions either here or on the blog for the main speakers, I will look over them and print out a few to be asked on stage at the film festival.

Other sites with information on the film festival:

This will be my second year as stage manager for the film festival and I will use this blog to keep the readers apprised of the latest developments and information regarding the film festival. I'm also assisting with their video production of Dr. Griffin's Thursday night presentation on WTC 7.

5 minutes of your time could have a huge impact!!!

It is the SUMMER OF TRUTH. --->

I will lay out how we can impact well over a million people DIRECTLY with the 9/11 TRUTH message.

This will cost each of us 5 minutes on the computer. This will work. Please hear me out.

Here is a synopsis:

Sign up (subscribe) for the free newsletter from It is FREE. Be sure to sign up for blog entries with a password. When a tie-in article appears on a newsletter, make a blog entry similar to this:

"Handling the corrupt FDA, government agencies, politicians, big corporations, etc. will probably come about once the gateway to 9/11 Truth is opened.
"9/11 TRUTH is the key. When people open that doorway of 9/11 Truth, the road ahead becomes clear.
"Research the truth of 9/11/01.
"Hundreds of Architects and Engineers and Scientists and Scholars and high ranking government officials around the world are screaming loudly for people to take a look at the overwhelming evidence. (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth) -- Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice -- Scientific Peer Reviewed Research

Ranking of political blogs

Michael Rivero at WRH just posted a link to this information:

Top 10 Political Websites

This list features the websites for key political party websites based on US Internet usage for the week ending September 8, 2007. This ranking list has been customized to feature only select websites.


Rank Website Market Share
1. 5.24%
2. 4.95%
3. 2.97%
4. 2.46%
5. 2.26%
6. 2.07%
7. 2.03%
8. 2.02%
9. 1.95%
10. 1.92%

US government wants bloggers to register

Legislation has been introduced by U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) to require registration of bloggers with more than 500 readers. To register (in other words, ask permission to enjoin in a priviledge) and become regulated (taxation is one form of regulation) means being subject to administrative, bureaucratic control. Once registered, failure to comply then most assuredly renders one subject to government force and violence. By my posting here, and assuming the readers of 911blogger to exceed 500, then I would be required to register. I ain't gonna do it. 911blogger readers in Louisiana, it's time to call your senator out.

Actually, I see this as a good sign. This means that they are afraid, very afraid. The government, the mainstream media, the globalist elite are very afraid. However, as to be expected and just like any cornered animal, they are lashing out ferociously in their defense. This is only the beginning.... so, get ready. The full text of three articles on Vitter's bill, with links, can be found below the rest of my two-cents worth.

To boldly blogging an arcade game?

(Warning: this blog contains instances of irony. Molten irony).

At some point we all must face the question: what is the motivation behind our 9/11 work? Is it a desire to put right the wrongs of the world, or a secret need for attention?

Is it a distraction from our humdrum lives, a chance to play the world stage and take part in a one-off grass-roots-led revolution. or simply a fun thing to do?

I think there is an element of play in all of us, but we must be careful lest our playfulness encourages us us lose touch with reality. We can find ourselves saying the most appalling things to other people on internet forums , the likes of which would never pass our lips in the home , at work or in the bar. We can assume the self-righteous smugness of a soap-box evangelist, forever finding fault with his fellow humans. I have fallen into this pit of over-the-top gesturing, until brought up short by a well-respected member of this forum who, quite rightly, objected to being called 'deluded' and 'a stormtrooper'.

I don't think I am by any means the only person to write silly things. It is fun to get on your moral high horse and pontificate. I say this with confidence because I am of course right about everything.

The Only Way In?

Now that the mid-term elections are over, many people are discussing the momentum of the 911 Truth Movement and what steps should be taken to move toward a new investigation.

Through my discussions of this issue, there seems to be only one area of common ground even with the most close-minded critics of truth. Everyone wants to know WHY DID THE EPA DECLARE THE AIR SAFE TO BREATHE? Many people are unable to fathom a government that would terrorize itself, but these same people cannot ignore the fact that police, firefighters, rescue workers and clean-up crews are hacking themselves to death with various lung diseases!

All of 911 needs to be re-investigated, but many people and most politicians (even Democrats) will not be open to such an first.

I strongly feel that the CLEAN AIR issue is our only chance to get our proverbial "foot in the door". Once one issue is investigated closely, the truth about 911 will hopefully spill out for all the world to see.

a 9/11 Truth Movement category at blogshares

I just wanted to let people know about the new industry over at Please add your blog or 9/11 truth blogs that you know of to blogshares and to this industry, this will help make them easier for people to find as well as allowing you to track your links. No forums, BBs or static webpages, please, the game wants blogs only in the game. Also, the content must have been added to within the last six months or the blog is considered dead for the purposes of the game and should not be added.