Israeli Intelligence Group Continues Faking Osama Bin Laden Tapes

Glenn Zarmanov

The website itself:

The SITE Intelligence Group is a not for profit terrorist research institute run by Rita Katz. It is the successor organisation to the SITE Institute which closed in 2008. The focus of the organisation according to information provided on its website is the provision of a subscription based Monitoring Service detailing the following:

1. Entire translated transcripts of terrorist leaders’ speeches, videos, and audio messages, as well as the original video and audio messages.

2. Translations of terrorist books, magazines, fatwas, and military training manuals.

3. Translations of terrorist communiqués, including copies of videos and audio messages associated with the communiqués.

UW 9/11 Research Group gives Nobel Laureate, Dr. Yuan Lee, WTC Thermite paper by Harrit et al

Tuesday June 16, 2009

Dr. Yuan T. Lee is a 1986 Chemistry Nobel Laureate.
After his public lecture, we briefly explained the findings of the "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the World Trade Center Catastrophe" peer-reviewed paper and politely asked him to review it.

- One Professor at a Time -

University of Waterloo 9/11 Research Group

WeAreChangeParis has interviewed media persons on the Bilderberg group please do transcript.

Herblay FRANCE
bonsoir ,
just up to now I have never seen on 911blogger a blog entry on WeAreChangeParis
For you who understand French, you will appreciate the good work of WeAreChangeParis. The following video is very important as it is the first real video in France which asks popular media persons on the Bilderberg group etc.

Is there any one on this who can write up a transcript in english of the interviews. Later, if asked I will try to write up who are the people being interviewed with their title, political party, importance etc.

San Jose/South Bay California is Organizing! Join us!

The San Jose/South Bay Area has a new group and a healthy bunch of activists waiting for you!

This covers areas including, San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Campbell, Cupertino, Mountainview, Los Gatos, and all surrounding cities for anyone interested.

We are currently taking action on the 11th of every month and other dates as well. Some of you may recognize us from and

Suggestion for an 911 Activist's group Google world map

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Has anyone used the new annotating function of Google Map where you can put addresses on the map. I suggest that gives us this possibility on this blog so that the 911 truth seekers can see who lives near them. I am including an example at the bottom and I especially suggest it for the 11th of each month 911 truth event.

I would like to do a gathering on the 11th of July in the Tuileries Gardens the centre of Paris as is happening in the United States. This June 11th is too early as an official permission has to be obtained from the Prefecture. I can not do it by myself but if there are some Americans or others living in Paris and who are prepared to help organise it and the following months then contact me at the email above and with the subject like ==> Contact 911 truth event the 11th of each month Tuileries Gardens

For four years I and friends organised an unemployment gathering twice a month in "le jardin de Tuileries".