27th Onze Bouge in Herblay FRANCE. 27th eleventh of each month action day.

Herblay FRANCE

today was my 27th Onze Bouge ( eleventh of each month action ). I distributed 54 flyers as on the page
The people were receptive and I hope they will look out to see if during this next week the media inform them about the active nano-thermite found in the TWC dust.



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26th Onze Bouge Paris(4th july) Herblay(5th July). 11th of each month. FRANCE

Herblay FRANCE
Bonsoir ,
During the months of July and August, the French are on holiday and it is not easy to organise a 911 "Onze Bouge" an "Eleventh of each Month" action. Especially as most of us work and we are only free on a Saturday or Sunday. When it is not possible to do an action on the 11th of the month I usually pick the Sunday or Saturday before. And it is handy as it still gives a chance to organise, on the spot, an exceptional action a couple of days after for the 11th .
So that is how Yves and I did our "Onze Bouge" the Saturday 4th in Front of the Saint-Michel Fountain south east Paris and the 5th of July on the Herblay Market.
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WeAreChangeParis has interviewed media persons on the Bilderberg group please do transcript.

Herblay FRANCE
bonsoir ,
just up to now I have never seen on 911blogger a blog entry on WeAreChangeParis
For you who understand French, you will appreciate the good work of WeAreChangeParis. The following video is very important as it is the first real video in France which asks popular media persons on the Bilderberg group etc.

Is there any one on this 911blogger.com who can write up a transcript in english of the interviews. Later, if asked I will try to write up who are the people being interviewed with their title, political party, importance etc.

24e Onze Bouge in France, Herblay. 24th Eleventh of each Month for 911 truth in France, Herblay

Herblay France,
bonjour ,
today this 10 May 2009 is my "11th of each month" for 911 truth at Herblay as it is our market day and there are a lot of people who come to our town center. Last Friday was a day off so a lot of Herblaysiens are on a long holiday week-end and my presences was less efficient.

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howerver is was clear by many people that we will never see in main stream media the title "Forensic evidence of nano explosives found in the WTC 11 sept 2001 dust."
neither a television programme like on the dannish channel TV2. where a Dutch TV jury found Osama bin Laden not guilty of the Sept. 11 attacks.

23e Onze Bouge 11 April 2009 in Paris + Herblay FRANCE ( World action every 11 of the month )


Report on the 23rd Onze Bouge in Paris this 11th of April 2009 by Yves Ducourneau
John Mitchell and me were at the Saint-Michel Fountain this afternoon to distribute 9/11 flyers and to inform the public. The weather was nice and warm. Good reception for John's signs (seeing Bush and Cheney
behind the bars gives obvious pleasure for many people!), even joy full outcries from an Afghan and a
Pakistanis family who passed by there. We discussed with 4 young girls around 20 years old who had a great scholarship in geopolitics which completely amazed me. The 11 of September interested them a lot.

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21e ONZE BOUGE ==> 21st Every 11th of the Month, France, HERBLAY

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

did my "Every 11th of the Month" yesterday on the Sunday market. Nice morning in the sun.
One person insulted me on my action on the market but other people near him put him in his place. There were many socialist militants distributing their fly sheets "Réagir contre la crise" and not one of them knew the existence of the Bilderberg group which as we all know is part of the problem. One on them promised me to look it up on the web.
Many encouragements and many interesting exchanges of view on world politics espcially with the older persons. Robert was there as usual giving me a helping hand when needed. He is the one who takes the photos for 911Blogger. Heard from him that there is a lot of buz concerning the last contribution of Jean-Pierre Petit on the Mossad. see °5 _ _ _ _ _ for his web site and an interview with him

Still hoping to find other citizens to help me organise at HERBLAY a projection of "Press for truth" followed by a debate.

Yours John





Herblay FRANCE "911 Vérité" sur le marché le 16/03/2008

Herblay FRANCE


On the Herblay market today , I discussed with Bob his idea that the 911 truth mouvement should make an intervention for ten minutes during the UFO monthly meeting the 1st of April 2008 in the center of Paris.
. http://www.les-repas-ufologiques.com/
About 10% of the personnes participating at these meeting ( ~100 went to see the 9/11 Press for Truth shown in Paris the 11th of December 2007
. http://video.google.fr/videoplay?docid=448943738335901693

Ten minutes to explain the 911 truth mouvement but it must not be politique and it has to fit in with the objectifs of the ufolique meetings
. http://www.les-repas-ufologiques.com/REGLEMENTATION%20DES%20REPAS%20UFOLOGIQUES.htm

www.Reopen.info declines this invitation because they do not want their position deformed like with Marion Cotillard.
Yves , Moshin and I, in our own name will try to organise something but April is too early.

A young girl student came up to encourge Bob and me. She knows nothing for the moment about the PNAC