9/11 Conspiracy

Rosie: Was 9/11 inside job to protect Enron?

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Rosie: Was 9/11 inside job to protect Enron?
Blog suggests destruction of federal investigations factor in terror attacks

Posted: March 19, 2007
5:00 p.m. Eastern

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Was the World Trade Center brought down deliberately on Sept. 11, 2001, for the purpose of – are you ready for this? – eliminating records of government investigations into corporate fraud? That's the implication of a blog posting by Rosie O'Donnell about the worst terror attack in American history.

In her March 15 posting, titled "wtc7," on her Rosie.com blog, the controversial TV personality and co-host of ABC's popular "The View" morning show, starts off by recounting popular conspiracy "factoids" regarding the World Trade Center's Building No. 7, which collapsed after the two larger "twin towers" fell.

O'Donnell writes:

* The fires in WTC 7 were not evenly distributed, so a perfect collapse was impossible.

* Silverstein said to the fire department commander "the smartest thing to do is pull it."



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Conspiracy theories: the rumors are out there

Note: Yesterday evening, 03/12/07, I ordered the previous issue of Skeptic magazine wherein the “9/11 conspiracies" are covered at length:


I was not able to find this issue on any of the newsstands in my area. And I have been told by Skeptic magazine that there is no electronic version of their magazine. So to get my copy in just a few days, I have purchased the fastest shipping available for my order. As soon as I get it, I'll post it for everyone to read. :)

Source: http://www.elpasotimes.com/ci_5410504

Conspiracy theories: the rumors are out there

By Diana Washington Valdez / El Paso Times

El Paso Times

Article Launched: 03/11/2007 12:20:13 AM MST

Forum on conspiracy theories at: http://dev.elpasotimes.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1173652834/0#0

El Pasoans and other readers around the world recently chuckled over a story about an alleged crop circle in the Upper Valley that turned out to be the work of El Paso artist Michael Alford.

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Parenti on "Conspiracy Theory"


Excerpts from the last chapter of Michael Parenti's "Land of Idols".


In 1837, Abraham Lincoln remarked, "These capitalists generally act harmoniously, and in concert, to fleece the people . . ."2 Today, he would be dismissed as a "conspiracy theorist." When so labeled, one is supposed to make hasty protestations to the contrary. For some, conspiracy is by definition ridiculous and nonexistent, evoking a caricatured tableau of sinister figures in secret chambers. Actually, "conspiracy" is a bona fide legal concept, defined as planning or acting together in secret, for unlawful or harmful purposes, often by illicit means. The ruling class's major mode of operation is systemic and institutional rather than conspiratorial. No ruling interest could last long if it tried to control an entire society with the manipulations of secret cabals.



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I don’t know about you people but I am sick and tired of talking between ourselves about 9/11 and think it’s time we crush these lies before we all go the way of the Kennedy Conspiracy. Overall people are pretty stupid if you can trick them into thinking that when you get shot in the back, your body somehow flies “BACK AND TO THE LEFT”. I sometimes wonder why I even care, but I do, and there is nothing I can do to stop caring.


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The Watergate Conspiracy Theory

People who (still) think "9/11" is "just a conspiracy theory" should at least read this wiki page:


It is a good reminder for some, and new information for many. Those who were not alive in those times, or too young, do not understand the tremendous effect it had on Americans and our government. (regards '(semi-) blind trust' and the like) And, even though reading this clinical, informational article will not even come close to giving some a true understanding of this, perhaps they will be able to glean a small perception of some of those realities, if they try.

Many people tried to use the negative "Conspiracy Theory" label as a dismissal of the Watergate Scandal back when it was occurring, especially early on in its infancy, but the term was not as thoroughly entrenched in the American psyche as it is now. (which is probably due to years of disinformation and propaganda by certain people who want Americans to use it in cases like 9/11 — it is now one of their strongest and most powerful tools, and it did not occur by accident)

Alexander Cockburn (Counterpunch) and Noam Chomsky

I have always disliked the phrase "liberal gatekeepers." I always felt that the phrase itself smacked of sour grapes, and seeks to blame otherwise sincere members of the media who we have failed to reach with reasoned and well-formed arguments on 9/11.

I now feel forced to rethink this position.

Many of us are growing frustrated by the ongoing attacks by the liberal gatekeepers against the 9/11 Truth movement. They do indeed appear to be mounting. Most notably Alexander Cockburn, The Nation and Noam Chomsky have weighed in on this issue.

I think it is important to put some perspective on this issue. I am therefore reprinting this excellent article from 1994, which illustrates a mode of operation that can only be described as baffling - and (shudder) "Left Gatekeeping."


Alexander Cockburn and Noam Chomsky vs. JFK: A Study in Misinformation

In early 1992, after the release of Oliver Stone's film JFK a media thundercloud erupted.

After early attacks in mainstream media like the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post, many other alternative media of both the left and right began to run articles on the film including outlets like "The Village Voice", for which Alexander Cockburn used to write. To the surprise of many, when some of these supposed leftist media organs did chime in, they savaged the film as wildly as the mainstream press did. These outlets were, specifically, The Progressive, Z magazine, and The Nation. The writers were, respectively, the late Erwin Knoll, Noam Chomsky, and Alexander Cockburn. Chomsky then wrote a book, Rethinking Camelot to specifically attack one of the main theses of JFK, namely that Kennedy had intended to withdraw from Vietnam by 1965.

Chomsky Dismisses 911 Conspiracy Theories As 'Dubious'

Noam Chomsky: "...One of the major consequences of the 9/11 movement has been to draw enormous amounts of energy and effort away from activism directed to real and ongoing crimes of state, and their institutional background, crimes that are far more serious than blowing up the WTC would be, if there were any credibility to that thesis."

Chomsky doesn't believe that 9/11 represents "real and ongoing crimes of state." However, he never bothers to describe even one "real and ongoing crimes of state" in this exchange.

Chomsky Dismisses 911 Conspiracy Theories As 'Dubious'



The following is an exchange between a ZNet Sustainer and Noam Chomsky, which took place in the Sustainer Web Board where Noam hosts a forum...

ZNet Sustainer: Dear Noam, There is much documentation observed and uncovered by the 911 families themselves suggesting a criminal conspiracy within the Bush Administration to cover-up the 9/11 attacks (see DVD, 9/11: Press for Truth). Additionally, much evidence has been put forward to question the official version of events. This has come in part from Paul Thompson, an activist who has creatively established the 9/11 Timeline, a free 9/11 investigative database for activist researchers, which now, according to The Village Voice's James Ridgeway, rivals the 9/11 Commission's report in accuracy and lucidity (see,

WTC 7 was riged with eplosives , waiting for the third airplane to hit. But the plane crashed before reatching NY.

Just an possible explanation why WTC7 went down in an , what looks like an controled demolision.
They hade to "Pull the building" when the plaine didnt crash. because they could not let the building standing, full with rigged explosives.
They would have been found othervise.
Sorry for the spelling im swedish.

A Tragic Conspiracy?

As we all know, September 11, 2001 started-out as a beautiful day: bright, cool, a picture-perfect day indeed. There was no thought of horror and death until the horror and death truly struck. As with any tragedy that comes upon our lives so unexpectedly and violently (car crash, plane crash, heart attack, etc.) we're preoccupied with our important (and not so important) concerns when the tragedy strikes. That day, 9/11 (as it's now forever known) was certainly no exception, surpassing everything we had previously experienced. Who had ever witnessed two massive skyscrapers crumble into dust? The correct answer is No One. This had never happened before in human history. Without even going to and through the various web sites that analyze the ifs and hows of building demolition, it should've been apparent to most people from the start that steel constructed buildings simply do not disinegrate and almost vanish before our eyes. Nonetheless, the Towers (along with Tower 7) did certainly crumble into dust. However, what's happened in the five years since that fateful day? Where is the great "War on Terror" that was in all the papers? I live here in New York City...there's still an empty lot called Ground Zero which signifies what was rebuilt there! Is there anyone out there who believes that we are fighting a REAL WAR on terrorism?...or, for that matter, ANYTHING? We are (for most part) silent witnesses to absurd "wars" in two countries; we merely tally the body count.

Free Talk Live Debunks 911 Truth

Now I've had it with FTL. Listen to this 16 minute segment here:


I listen to Alex Jones and JackBlood daily on my ipod. Now and then I listen to FTL, they talk about Freedom and Liberty. Usually a 911 Truther will call in to the show, and they kinda debunk them. However, since they have came across the LC guide website, they think they are THE debunkers of the 911 'conspiracy'.

a quote from the end of this clip.
"all the 911 Truthers are doing is digging up dirt, doing research and SPOUTING OFF! They are not doing anything to advance Freedom in America."

Now they have gone too far!

FTL is on Genesis Communications Network, same as Alex Jones, same call in # 1-800-259-9231
Mon-Sat: 7pm-10pm ET

E-mail FTL:

"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught
in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is
called at once a lunatic and fool"
-- Plato.

Alexander Cockburn and the Alternative Media Giants on 9/11

This post is cross-posted at indoctriNATION.

I received an email earlier today from a reader suggesting that I balance TheFilter.ca’s coverage of 9/11 with an Alex Cockburn article posted to Znet called “The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts: How They Let the Guilty Parties of 9/11 Slip Off the Hook”

I thought I would post my response, simply because it expresses some of the frustration I’ve had over the last week with much of the alternative media’s coverage of the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

Thanks for your interest in the site, and your story suggestion.

I had actually read Cockburn’s article when it was put up on Counterpunch, and some similar pieces from other Big Alternative sites, and decided to pass on posting them. Reading Cockburn’s again, I felt the same way I did about it the first time around: disappointed, but not surprised.

The article is one of the most hollow, dishonest outbursts that I’ve seen in a long time on an alternative news site and frankly, it really knocks Counterpunch, Znet, and the Nation (who also published it), down a few pegs on the integrity board.