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Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Holds Steady At 1.6 Million Viewers

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Holds Steady At 1.6 Million Viewers

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The second episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura tallied 1.586 million viewers, effectively even with the premiere’s 1.635 million.

Here are all the episodes for the week:

Date Show Net Day Time Viewers (000s)
12/9/09 CONSPIRACY THEORY TRU Wed 10:00P-11:00P 1,586
12/12/09 CONSPIRACY THEORY TRU Sat 05:00P-06:00P 860
12/8/09 CONSPIRACY THEORY TRU Tue 11:00P-12:00A 774
12/9/09 CONSPIRACY THEORY TRU Wed 02:00A-03:00A 638
12/12/09 CONSPIRACY THEORY TRU Sat 04:00P-05:00P 588
12/8/09 CONSPIRACY THEORY TRU Tue 03:00A-04:00A 369

9/11 on TruTV Wed 12/9

What has been reported to be one of the most fair and balanced television presentations on 9/11 is set to air tomorrow night on TruTV. The show, Conspiracy Theory, hosted by former Governor Jesse Ventura, has already been determined to be the most popular show ever on TruTV since the first episode aired last week. The first episode was on HAARP, the 9/11 episode will air tomorrow.

New Show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory - 9/11 episode
Premiere On: Wed, December 9 at 10P eastern / 9pm Central
Jesse Ventura steps into America's most controversial conspiracy by challenging the 9/11 Commission Report and searching for evidence that the September 11th attacks may have been an inside job. At the urging of victims' families, he finds witnesses who claim the towers were brought down by explosives, the missing black box flight recorders were actually recovered and ground control knew the hijackers were in the cockpits before the jets took off. TV-PG-V

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory - Episode 1 - HAARP

This episode has nothing to do with 9/11, but one of the future ones does. If you didn't catch it on TruTV, here is what you can expect from the series in terms of format and style:

Part 1/6

Part 2/6

Part 3/6

Part 4/6

Part 5/6

Part 6/6

They pay you to teach?

Response to:

Anthony DiMaggio
Conspiracy, Inc.: Wild Tales From the Reactionary Right

You can't even provide a reasonable definition of "conspiracy" in your mindless call to ignorance. I also strongly detest your guilt by association approach, as if we are all alike, all incredible, all in the same category because you say so. The smear that people who call out government complicity and cover-up must be from the "reactionary right" is worthy of the drooling neanderthals you hoped to lampoon.

If you had a dictionary handy, you might have learned that conspiracy is any crime involving multiple parties. It's one of the most prosecuted charges in the US by the justice department (sic).

We are to take it -- from you -- a priori that the government never commits crimes. People in the white house, for example, never agree to break the law.

Large mountains of empirical evidence dispute this "theory" you posit. Your position is laughable on its face, of course, and your rant is gibberish.

Diet Soap # 24: Revolution Brings Sunlight

From the diet soap website:

"On the Diet Soap podcast this week is an interview with Len Bracken-a writer of fiction and nonfiction, the author of one of the first widely distributed books published in the United States suggesting that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job--Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror. He is also the author of the first biography on Guy Debord in any language entitled Guy Debord Revolutionary. This week Len discusses the financial crisis, the 911 conspiracy, and the possibility (or lack thereof) for revolutionary change in the US. Also featured this week is a montage of podcasts and youtube videos from the last week along with a Titanic factoid."


No Theories Necessary

No theories necessary
By David Cogswell
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Sep 22, 2009, 00:25

“Why Propaganda Trumps Truth” by Paul Craig Roberts is one of the more fascinating things I have read lately.

The Rovian Republicans are always quick to smear anything that questions or opposes them in any way, but Roberts is not so easy to tar. He was assistant secretary of the treasury under Reagan. And those who write off conservatives as loony might consider his academic record. His alma maters include the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Virginia, the University of California, Berkeley, and Oxford University. He was a senior research fellow at Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University. He served on the congressional staff in the House and Senate before he was appointed by Reagan.

Why Conspiracy Theory Rhetoric Is Hurting Our Democracy

Source: ljworld.com

By Tim Hjersted
September 5, 2009

Shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, President Bush asked the American public to “never entertain outrageous conspiracy theories.” The irony of his statement is easily lost. Most people consider themselves reasonable, thoughtful individuals that don’t believe in crazy conspiracy theories, but the Official story of 9/11 – that 19 radical terrorists conspired for several years to hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings – is, in fact, a conspiracy theory. It just happens that this theory has the official endorsement of the U.S. government. So, believe our conspiracy theory, not theirs, Mr. Bush asks us. Don’t look at the facts. Don’t investigate for yourself. Just believe what you’re told.

This is, in effect, what the government and the mainstream media is asking us when it labels any idea a “conspiracy theory,” and we can see how incredibly effective this tool has been in stunting rational debate.

New Hampshire brewing company features Building 7 in product line



Sunday, April 05, 2009

We've got a new website, over at Manchester Brewing! As usually happens, I forgot to post for a few months. The Studly Monk is aging well. I'm planning a new edition soon, which will have a higher ABV and more orange.

The John Thomas Red and Conspiracy Theory Oatmeal Stout are in the tank. We have a bottling machine on the way, so hopefully sometime this week these two will get into bottles, then become available the following week. The Alt Cntrl Delete is due after that.

Notes on the names:

The John Thomas Red is a very Monty Python kind of name. See if you can guess whose photo that is on the label! We're kind of fond of bad jokes around here, doncha know.

A New 911 Independent Investigation - Sheriff Mack Volunteers To Participate

Excerpt From Newly Released Interview With Oathkeepers Founding Father Sheriff Mack
Full interview at http://action4liberty.info

Open Letter to Rachel Maddow on Obama, Brzezinski and 9/11 Conspiracy

Hyperlinks here:

Ms. Maddow,

I saw the bit on MSNBC with your guest Brzezinski:

Hypocrite Brzezinski Slams "Conspiratorial View" Of History While Highlighting 50's Iran Overthrow

Perhaps you haven't examined the official myth about 9/11, i.e. that it was accomplished solely by Al Qaeda and Bin Laden. Given that Obama made a claim and didn't back it up with any facts- while admitting that elements in the US and Britain conspired to overthrow Mossadegh a half century ago- it's kind of a misnomer to say he "debunked" "9/11 conspiracists". And given the many lies told by Bush Administration principals about 9/11, and given the 9/11 Commission's failure to conduct a full and honest investigation- who's to say what really happened on 9/11?

The 9/11 Commission ignored 70% of the 9/11 families' questions

And your employer, MSNBC, published a report that says 25% of the 9/11 Commission Report, including the sections most relevant to linking 9/11 to al Qaeda and Bin Laden, was based on testimony obtained by torture:

Dr. J.'s Commentary: Conspiracy Theory Theory, Revisited

From Dr. Steven Jonas, writing on Buzzflash http://blog.buzzflash.com/jonas/159 , a piece favorably disposed to 9/11 Truth :

"Finally, there is the possibly grandest of them all, the posited 9-11 conspiracy. We may never get to the bottom of this one, but the work of my colleague Allen Rolland, who has the credibility to publish on Salon, is a good place to start.

Welcome to the U.S. foreign policy conspiracy archive, folks. It is very well-stocked."

Unanswered questions: Personality and individual differences predictors, 9/11 beliefs

Mr Swami has very kindly sent me the proofs for the article. Since it remains unpublished I will not upload the article and provide a link. What I have done here is an edited list of the 17 statements and the mean rating (in brackets) presented to participants entitled "9/11 Conspiracists Beliefs" scale

(The collapse of WTC7 was not included in the scale):

1 = Totally False
9 = Totally True

The World Trade Centre was destroyed by explosives (2.81)

The World Trade Centre were brought down by controlled demolition (2.90)

Aircraft were controlled by the US military (2.93)

Mobile phone calls were fabricated or not made at all (3.27)

Exercises were intentionally held on 9/11 to deliberately confuse military personnel (3.29)

The US military were ordered to stand down (3.44)

The Pentagon was possibly hit by a missile (3.50)

Intact windows and lack of debris prove the Pentagon was not hit by a plane (3.51)

Reports of hijacker still alive prove that others were responsible (3.51)

The US Govt allowed the attack to happen so it would have an excuse to achieve foreign and domestic goals (3.71)

United Flight 93 was shot down (3.76)

Debunking Myths on Conspiracy Theories Article written by Gatecreepers.

Credit goes to simuvac for finding this.


> EXCLUSIVE: Debunking Myths on Conspiracy Theories [Infowarrior Resource Part 1]

"The purpose of this article is to redress a number of general myths concerning so-called 'conspiracy theories', repeated by media organisations and other self-proclaimed guardians of the orthodoxy, as well as people who have been erroneously convinced that conspiracy theories are intellectual aberrations rather the acknowledgment of a common historical and social phenomenon."

Debunking Myths on Conspiracy Theories

Article written by Gatecreepers.

The purpose of this article is to redress a number of general myths concerning so-called 'conspiracy theories', repeated by media organisations and other self-proclaimed guardians of the orthodoxy, as well as people who have been erroneously convinced that conspiracy theories are intellectual aberrations rather than the acknowledgment of a common historical and social phenomenon.