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James Quintiere - Waco Testimony

Noticed a very revealing fact while watching Waco: Rules of Engagement on Google Video that was posted recently in a blog comment.
This is relevent to 9/11 Truth as it shows that James Quintiere has a history of covering up Government wrong doing.

For information about FLIR (Foward Looking InfraRed) see this portion of the video.
27:15-28:41 (Edward Alaurd and an explaination of FLIR)

Why this is significant?
Former Chief of NIST's Fire Science Division Calls for Independent Review of World Trade Center

Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

Ok, I have to preface this by stating I hope with all my heart that I am completely and totally wrong about my assessment of the events of this summer up to date. I am often wrong, and I hope this is one of these cases. This is an exercise in pure speculation based on fragments of information that read over this past summer.
First - I have always had my doubts about Alex Jones's *Warning* before 9/11. He makes a very accurate prediction before 9/11, the off the cuff matter in which he blurts out intimate details of the unprecedented attack has always made me wonder - How Did He Know. He didn't mention any specifics as to his sources he just saw it coming, but with such precision is still unsettling. After 9/11 Alex earn a premiere spot, he was alone in front of any one else for he was the one who predicted the attack. No one else could claim this thus he would always be seen as the defacto leader of any movement which was inevitable to spring up in the wake of such an attack.

General Strike Hit Digg Front Page

from DIGG
A general strike has been proposed for 9/11/07. No work, school or shopping

Endless War. Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis. Torture. Surveillance. Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone. Executive Privilege: No Accountability.


General Strike Flyer Attached Below - 4"x6" @ 300dpi - Jpeg - Suitable for print
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Possible New Message From Osama Bin Laden

With the recent reports from Chertoff, GOP Congressmen, etc. it seems all the pieces are in place, enter the boogeyman.

ABC: The Blotter

July 14, 2007 3:37 PM
Rhonda Schwartz and Hoda Osman Report:

A brief clip of an older-looking Osama bin Laden is contained in a new al Qaeda videotape praising al Qaeda martyrs posted on jihadi Web sites early this morning.

Experts who study al Qaeda videos told ABC News they had not previously seen the clip of bin Laden, which was released with little fanfare and contains no date references, but say it is most likely an unreleased portion of an earlier message.

The al Qaeda leader speaks of martyrdom for roughly one minute as he addresses an unseen group in a mountainous location, wearing fatigues, a watch and ring, and with extensive gray in his beard.

The clip is part of a 40-minute film "Scent of Heaven" from al Qaeda's as Sahab video propaganda arm discovered on the Internet by Laura Mansfield of Strategic Translations.

How to Survive a Terror Attack

Disarm the boogeymen - Humor is a good start!

Power Struggle over Scholar's Website -

Well the view from the outside seems to indicate the Space Beam interview Fetzer had with Judy Woods has not gone without incident.

An Open Letter About Steven Jones

Jim Fetzer, Phd

19 November 2006

Friends and Colleagues:

When I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth, I invited Steve Jones to serve as co-chair. He has responsibility for co-editing our journal, which he originally founded with Judy Wood as co-editor and me as managing editor, and runs our members' forum, while I maintain our web site at He is now planning to take control of the web site from me.

I have raised objections on moral, legal and intellectual grounds and I am categorically opposed to it. But he appears to be persisting in what might be described as a "hostile take over" to control Scholars. Because this is going on behind the scenes and you would otherwise be unaware of this scheme, I am publishing this open letter on

9-11: The Key to Knowledge and Power

Knowledge and Power
Matt Engelman -
13 November 2006
What makes some people more powerful than other people?

Consider the teacher, the doctor, and the politician. Their instructions are normally obeyed by their followers, who rarely question their judgment. Is there a common factor shared by teachers, doctors, and politicians – such as “wealth” or “connections” (the classic popular indicators of “power”)? Not exactly, when you consider that teachers and doctors can earn their power through diligent study and other merits. So then, is there a common factor shared by all powerful people? My answer would be…yes, but not wealth, and not connections. The true source of power is knowledge; and, in the particular case of our contemporary political leaders, the abuse of knowledge.

9-11 is perhaps the all-time classic study of the abuse of knowledge and power by political leaders. When we study this subject, we gain the knowledge (and the power) which was previously held by the manipulative leaders who orchestrated the 9-11 attacks. By sharing this knowledge with a wider audience, we truly distribute power to the people, and we neutralize the power of the manipulative political leaders and the elite families whom they serve. 9-11 has created a window of opportunity: the possibility of a dimensional power-shift – which we can experience in this lifetime. As with other opportunities, we need to say “yes” before we start to receive the tangible benefits. Each of us needs to answer: “Yes, I really want this power-shift, and I will do my part.” We can do this with confidence, because we possess true knowledge which is powerfully revealing, and which is impossible to disprove.

Conyers Betrays Impeachment

Another Day in the Empire

Friday November 10th 2006, 6:13 pm


John Conyers, Ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, didn’t mean it.

“The incoming speaker has said that impeachment is off the table. I am in total agreement with her on this issue: Impeachment is off the table,” Conyers declared after the Democrats stormed the House and Senate.

But wait a minute.

Didn’t Conyers seek to create a select committee to investigate Bush crimes and make recommendations regarding grounds for impeachment?

Last December, Conyers, along with Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressmen John Lewis, said Bush committed impeachable offenses by illegally ordering the National Security Agency to eavesdrop inside the country without a court warrant. Conyers introduced measures to censure Bush and Cheney, not for the NSA snoop case but for telling lies and fabricating scary campfire stories resulting in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. He released The Constitution in Crisis: The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution and Cover-ups in the Iraq War.

Fall Time in Car Terms (easy to understand)

The is a simple illustration of why the collapse times can be used to pry open peoples minds to the absurdity that is the OCT:

Quarter mile = 1320 feet

WTC1 = 1368 feet        WTC2 = 1362 feet

According to the OCT the top floor of each tower fell THROUGH hundreds of feet of Structural steel and concrete faster than ->

Immediately the muted idling rumble from the V-12 opens up fully and emits a snarl that grows to a higher-pitched thumping note. The prancing horse gulps in as much air as possible and turns all those air molecules into 650 bhp and 485 lb.-ft. of torque. The rear tires spin momentarily, and fight to bite into the asphalt. Easy and smooth on the throttle here because too much wheelspin slows the car down and loses precious time on the clock. Just before the first shift at 44 mph, get to full throttle. In Race Mode, the F1 transmission will swap gears in as little as 150 milliseconds.

Zero to 60 mph: 3.3 seconds.

Quarter-mile run: 11.1 sec. at 133.0 mph.

Desktop - Focus

I just made this to keep me going... Hope someone else may get some use out of it.


(image attached)

Grillage = Meteor from 9/11 Mysteries?

Is this the "meteor" from 9/11 Mysteries?  Rebar / Concrete / Tall I-Beams and what looks like FeO?

Simple Message

Use these simple logos if your so inclined. They may just trigger the appropriate reaction.  Inspired from our friends in the UK! - Credible or just a propaganda site?

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 06 – The Supreme Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps accused the Bush Administration and the Israeli security service Mossad of ordering the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, DC.

The events of September 11 were ordered by U.S. [officials] and Mossad so that they could carry out their strategy of pre-emption and warmongering and unipolarisation in order to dominate the Middle East”, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi told military commanders on Tuesday. His comments were reported by the state-run news agency ISNA.



Is this information credible?  Google News only shows one instance of this information, and others that do appear repeat iranfocus verbatim.  


critic of iranfocus -