First INTERVIEW: CBS 8.52 am. 911

INTERVIEW: CBS 8.52 am live feed Bryan Gumble talking to a man named ‘Stuart’:”we have an eyewitness on the phone....."
Transcription of the first interview by Bryan that day.
It was phone-recorded audio live feed while first images of Tower 1 played on screen,
so essentially, these are the first CBS moments regarding the 911 atrocity.
and can be heard at link:

BG. Whats your name?
BG. Stuart. Where are you right now?
S. I’m working at a restaurant in Soho.
BG. alright. so. tell us what you saw if you would.
S. I literally - I was waiting a table and I literally seemed to be a like a small plane...I just heard a couple of noises and it looked like it just bounced off the building and then I heard a....I just saw a huge like ball of fire on top, and then the smoke seemed to simmer down and it just, um, you know, alot of smoke just coming out and, thats pretty much the extent of what I saw.
BG. A private aircraft?
S that, umm, I’m not sure if it just seemed like a smaller plane and I don’t think it was anything commercial.

Full Audio : Investigate Building 7 Conference in West Hartford CT, March 26 2011

Investigate Building 7 conference audio is online here:

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A huge thanks to John Schwenk for posting this and for mastering all of the audio feeds at the event.

Interview with Derek from Kitchener 9/11 Truth

Derek from Kitchener 9/11 Truth gave Mark from Truth Action Ottawa a great interview about his experiences starting up a 9/11 truth chapter in his community. Derek is a great example of someone standing up to fill the void in his community; no one was handing out discs in his area yet, so Derek decided to take the initiative.

Listen to the interview here.

Visit the Kitchener 9/11 Truth website and YouTube channel, and if you’re in his area, be sure you join Derek on the 11th!

The Hard Evidence Tour: An Interview with John Bursill

On November 5, 2009, famous Australian 9/11 truth activist John Bursill gave Mark from Truth Action Ottawa an interview regarding the upcoming The Hard Evidence Australian 9/11 Truth Tour. We encourage everyone who can make it to experience this amazing event, and we thank John for his tireless efforts to promote the truth about what happened on 9/11. Click here to hear this wide ranging interview.

Prof. Anthony (Tony) Hall on the Unbought and Unbossed Show - Dec. 3rd, 2008

Unbought and Unbossed: Canadian Political News and Views
Show #98 Dec 3, 2008 with host Raymond Geisler.

An hour long interview with Professor Anthony J. Hall, Founding Coordinator of Globalization Studies at Lethbridge University

Hall made his 911 Truth debut Sept 6, 2008 at the Edmonton Questions 9/11 event, and delivered the essay entitled The Lies and Crimes of 911: A Canadian View of the War on Terror’s Origins.

D9/11D Audiobook: Request for help in pronunciations of names

Hi Everyone. This is my first blog. I've been in contact with David Ray Griffn's publisher about doing an audiobook of Debunking 9/11 Debunking. I'm wondering if there is anyone who can help me with the pronunciations of names. of people mentioned in the book. Please send me an email to dj at symbol scratch dot dj

thanks! I know it's an unusuial name, but that is dot dj like disk jockey.

New 9/11 Truth audio documentary

The Corbett Report has released an important new audio documentary relating to the events of September 11, 2001. It may be downloaded at the following link:

This documentary attempts to bring together some of the key whistleblowers, insiders and experts on 9/11 into one compact documentary. Included are clips from Sibel Edmonds, Indira Singh, Bob Baer, Andreas von Bulow, Bill Doyle, Bob Bowman and many more. I created this documentary in an attempt to make this an effective activist tool (please burn copies to cd, email the link, post it on forums and message boards, put it on the file-sharing sites, etc), but I think the information will be interesting even to those who have long followed 9/11 Truth. Please help me in getting the word out about this documentary, and please Digg the article above if you like the documentary.

Also, check out my website for more truth-related news and information.

Another 3 videos added to Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 podcast

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NIST Chief Engineer Lies About Molten Metal

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Seymour Hersh about Osama Afghanistan escapes

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9/11 Truthers infiltrate Bill Maher Show

Thanks to all the 911 truth activists who created the content that is in this podcast.

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Announcing " Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1"

Click Picture to Watch Video Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 is the first podcast Collection in a series. Collections are drawn from the videos and audio clips that have been created and gathered by the 911 Truth Community. Our goal is organize this excellent information into Collections to make it easier to use and to share.

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Words of Freedom

I just purchased the $10 mp3 .zip file and burned to CD. You can buy the CD for the same price. It's a must have!

Please support this important work and spread the message.

Thanks to Michael Wolsey, and the Controlled Media CD (also deserves its own blog post) I picked up somewhere along the path to truth.

Latest OBL tape: newsroom computer system sound in background?

Thanks to another post at, I downloaded the latest recording of bin Laden from Al Jazeera's web site at the following address:

It is a 6 minute, 18 second Windows Media File, with no introduction, featuring someone who sounds like they might be (or might have been) Osama, speaking in Arabic, with a clear edit about half way through, with the two segments likely recorded at different times.

Most interesting is this: at 26 seconds into the audio file (presumably recorded on a tiny cassette recorder in some distant hut in the mountains of Pakistan), the distinct sound of two high pitched double pulses can be heard behind bin Laden's voice. I immediately recognized this as the one-second bulletin triggered by the INEWS newsroom software (a program file entitled "bulletin.wav").

INEWS is a pretty comprehensive newsroom management system, marketed to large news outlets (and presumably Al Jazeera) to centralize and automate their operations, and also features access to multiple wire services.

LC Crew has the NORAD tapes

Well, I'm not sure if someone had already brought this to the attention of the 911b crowd but, the guys got a hold of the NORAD tapes, and they've put them up in a torrent format for everyone to download and comb through. There may actually be some really interesting info in there who knows.

Audio of Webster Tarpley's Speech in San Diego, 7/8/07
This is an mp3 recording of Webster Griffin Tarpley speaking in San Diego on July 8, 2007 on the transforming political landscape in America. He stressed the importance of inserting 9/11 Truth into the 2008 presidential campaign with grassroots media activism.. He also articulated how 9/11 truth can be the fulcrum point for pushing the tide in a positive direction. Hot off the successful transcending of both left and right at the July 4th Philadephia Emergency Anti-war Convention, Mr. Tarpley goes into the details of a new unified political vision; saying no to false flag GWOT (aka TWAT), no to wars with no end, no provocations with any nations, tax honesty, etc. one hour, 58 min., 27.2 MB
Direct Download:

Part Two:

Audio of San Diego 9/11 Activist, Mohammed Abdula in 2005

On Sept. 24, 2005 a bunch of San Diegans took to the streets to denounce the war in Iraq. I went and collected a few individual statements from a few people who were there. One of them had a large sign about 9/11 Truth, Here's his brief statement.,san.diego_.mp3

other comments, more on the Iraq war, not on 9/11 specifically can be found here:

Audio of the San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury

The San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury, Featuring Don Paul, Jim Hoffman, and Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, was a great success! Listen to the event and share the links!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

look for more related content here:

Massive Kudos to Mike Copass, the primary organizer of this event! as well as the whole "San Diegans for 9/11 Truth" Crew!

Also Big Thanks to Professor Jesus Nieto and America Caro for securing the facility at San Diego State University. Keep your eyes on for the DVD, produced by Ken Jenkins and Hummux.