Media Roots Radio – FBI Staged Terror Plots, Bin Laden Death Victory Lap

MEDIA ROOTSAbby and Robbie Martin discuss FBI entrapment: how every "foiled" terror plot has either been facilitated or completely orchestrated by the US government, the gross misuse of taxpayer funds and the morality of entrapment methods; the anniversary of Bin Laden's death: the multiple reports of his death prior to the final report, the continuous alternations of the original narrative and government propaganda surrounding the death, Obama's victory lap at Bagram and corporate media cheerleading about the killing; cyber terrorism and CISPA; the hope for humanity's future: the need to shift our consciousness outside of the current paradigm, reinstate the enormous power that we all have to take charge of our minds and instill a better, more enlightened future.

Wendell Primus Senior Policy Advisor for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be speaking at Neuroscience 2008 in WashingtonDC

The following workshop will be offered at Neuroscience 2008 in Washington DC. Look who is speaking at the bottom of the speakers list (Wendell Primus, PhD Senior Policy Advisor for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ). Just a heads up if anyone can get inside with a camera and ask him if he is going to spend any science funding on a new investigation into the events of 9/11.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008.

Public Advocacy Forum: “The Elections: And the Winner is…Science?”
Organizer/Moderator: John H. Morrison, PhD
Location: Washington Convention Center: Room 152B
Date & Time: Tuesday, Nov. 18, 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
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Organizer/Moderator: John Morrison, PhD
On the heels of a significant national election, join renowned science policy and political experts to discuss U.S. presidential and congressional election results and the potential impact on science funding and policy. With U.S. science funding at a near standstill, this forum will highlight the prospects for improving support for the research enterprise and help SfN members learn how to help shape the future of science funding and advocacy.

The Speakers:

LA 9-11 Truth and Justicers Hit Washington DC aka the District of Criminality and/or Complicity

After participating in the 6th anniversary events in NYC, LA 9-11 truth and justicers David and I (Jeremy aka Shumonik) proceeded to Washington DC to truth-up the streets of DC and the halls of Congress. One of our first acts in DC was to do a banner drop on the steps of the Supreme Court under its statement of purpose "Equal Justice Under the Law." We quickly found out that was illegal and were told that the Supreme Court is private property. We didn't get to meet the people who own it.

Photos of DC March from NY911Truth

Thanks to Adam of NY911Truth for sending this in. Video footage coming soon:


Mark your Calendar! Events in your area! Get involved and start your own! so many upcoming events how could you miss it.

Has anyone noticed how big the movement is getting.....

Take a look at the events calendars on 911truth.org, 911blogger.com, PF911J.com, indymedia, and others, you will see events schedule to take us thru the new year!

Nothing happening in your town, start your own thing, think big and start small, use public access TV, use your public librarys, community rooms book stores and parks.
look for 911 truth groups in your town on 911truth.org

Saturday, November 4, 2006
9/11:Press For Truth - Cherry Hill, NJ
Start: 2:00 pm
End: 5:00 pm

V for Vendetta & 9/11 Truth demonstration on the 5th of November

Members of the NC 9/11 Truth group (http://nc911truth.blogspot.com) met yesterday and we were throwing around ideas, and thought a good campaign would be to promote people doing youtube videos of 9/11 truth activism related to V for Vendetta, and possibly doing something on the mall on 11/5 with 9/11 truth activists dressed up as V.

The 5th of november is 2 days before election, and right after halloween, so people could get the masks/costumes for Halloween anyway.

The V for Vendetta 9/11 video clip is very popular and widespread throughout the 'net.

We have talked to the DC 9/11 Truth group and they are very interested.