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See you in Gitmo!!

Terror Bills days Bush can "interpret the meaning and Application" of International Standards for prisoner treatment - Seems fair enough to me US Army CIA
.. cartoon by Latuffe 2006

9/11 Guilt: An Interview with DVD Producer Don Paul

found here: http://towardfreedom.com/home/content/view/905/

9/11 Guilt: An Interview with DVD Producer Don Paul

Written by Bob Feldman

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Toward Freedom interviewed Don Paul, the author of 9/11: Facing The Fascist State and the 2005 book To Prevent Another 9/11, about his recently produced DVD, 9/11 Guilt: The Proof Is In Your Hands.

TOWARD FREEDOM [TF]: Five years after the September 11, 2001 collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, there have been a lot of DVDs and movies about the 9/11 events produced. How is the DVD that you and Jim Hoffman produced similar to or different from the other 9/11-related DVDs and movies?

DON PAUL [DP]: Well, the only DVDs that I've seen are the second edition of Loose Change, one of David Ray Griffin's talks, and one of Steven Jones' and Kevin Jones' recent talks about some of the physical evidence which shows that three World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. I've seen only those three DVDs about 9/11.

I would say that Jim's and my DVD, 9/11 Guilt: The Proof Is In Your Hands, is distinguished by the concision of the physical evidence that Jim presents. His part of the DVD is titled 'Proving Controlled Demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 and the Twin Towers.' In the last ten or so minutes of his presentation Jim offers more than five "features" and then five "proofs" of demolition--along with some very pointed graphics. He shows beyond question, I think, that all three Buildings were taken down by different methods of controlled demolition. The Twin Towers were exploded as no buildings have been before or since and about seven hours later World Trade Center Building 7 was imploded in a classic, conventional demolition. Another distinction of our DVD, I think, is that we get into the who and why of the crimes.

Judy Wood -- Beam Weapons used at WTC!!

Important NEWS!

I know DZ will not DARE to copy this to the front page. u2r2h not be credited with pointing this hugely important new finding out to everyone... Could it be that 'truthers' are tired of new revelations? That would be a pity!

Ask yourself:

What steel was shipped to China?

Hugely interesting read!!


Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner -- Laws of Physics

The impact planes follow the laws of cartoon physics, like Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.


Click on the picture for a larger version

Click on the picture for a larger version

ho hum

While we are busy thinking about our little problems... the Iraq massacre continues.

I am CERTAIN the US and UK are helping the violence ACTIVELY by planting false-flag bombs.

involuntary humour -- ACCURACY IN MEDIA -- ha ha haha!


After questioning how Conspircy Theorists can be
so stupid to even doubt

Barbara Olson's call to her husband, Ted Olson,

we are advised to:

Make no mistake that important questions remain unanswered about 9/11

and are asked (this is not meant to be humorous!!)

if U.S. officials orchestrated 9/11, in order to go to war in the Middle East, why couldn't these same officials have planted weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to justify the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime?

The mind boggles.

Furthermore... A.I.M. solved THE ANTHRAX MYSTERY!

These evil liberal Senator pressured the FBI to
stop investigating AL QUEDA and instead

find a right-wing culprit,

Are we living in LA LA - land?

YEY!!! Nico censorship is withdrawn.


911blogger reversed its decision to censor the local blog


of Nico Haupt, a.k.a. ewing2001.

Nico is baaaaack..!!!

Read the details: http://www.911blogger.com/node/3701

more blogs by Nico:



Nico was protrait by the biggest german news-magazine DER SPIEGEL

its like Michael Ruppert had been featured in TIME MAGAZINE


"Der Spiegel" 30 May 2002

11 September: The conspiracy theoretician

By Carsten Volkery, New York

When US president George W. Bush got pressure recently because of possible foreknowledge of the terrorist attack, Nico Haupt was not in the slightest surprised. After all, since 11 September, the in New York living German works on uncovering the alledged government plot.

Carsten Volkery Nico Haupt: US Government consciously looking in another direction

New York - Nico Haupt is worried about his reputation. “I am not a conspiracy theoretician”, he assured again and again -, as if he must convince himself, in order not to become mad. He sits in a Café on the Fifth Avenue, from its mouth gushes the facts. Numbers, name, places. After few minutes is clear: This humans read everything, what was ever published over 11 September 2001. Like a possesed person the under-emplyed ex-Düsseldorfer collects since over eight months agency messages, studies testimonies, compares lists, makes time-lines. Ten hours on the day it is on-line, all search machines sets it on the goal: What is really passed on that day? What knew the Bush government? Who is behind the Insider Trading before the notice? From where did Anthrax letters come? Head (..Nico's last name 'Haupt' means 'Head' in english..) on its web page ourdna.org listed the 500 most important open questions. “I place the questions, the Mainstream media forgotten”, say he. He sees himself as banner carrier of a gone down investigative journalism, but which he keeps ready by answers, are wild theories about secret agents, backers and dark government channels. The countless information from the terror sump joined itself in its head to a tremendous, not always conclusive thing. Its main thesis: With the terrorist attack from 11 September act it around a “Lihop”, briefly for “Let it happen on PUR-float”. Which is put in the public as failure of the secret services, in truth a conscious way looking of the government was, says head. The war against the Taliban is planned for four years. Pentagon and CIA would have used only one cause. After the fall of the Islamics now finally the long planned oil pipeline in Afghanistan can be built - completely after the taste of the Bush friends in the oil industry. An American president, who ungerührt airplanes to the World trade center fly lets? Head nods and looks swearing to over the table: “That is not Freak Shit, which I tell here.” From the defensive it shoots with questions around itself: Why for example would struggle-high Pentagon coworkers have painted their flights on 10 September for the next day, how “Newsweek” had reported? Or why did the emergency aids of the Federal Emergency management Agency (Fema) already arrive on the day before the disaster in New York? FP/DPA 11 September: At 9.03 o'clock races a machine United Airlines into the south tower. With its opinion is not head alone. At least hundred Websites - with names such as whatreallyhappened.com or truthout.org - encourage themselves mutually in the “Lihop” - hypothesis. The CIA critic of many years Mike Ruppert, a former copilot made of Los Angeles, published even a video. Title: “Truth and read OF 9-11”. Together the Websites formed a “ring of the Skeptiker”, says head. They wrote a Petition to the congress, in which they demand an investigation. To the proof, to which the Pentagon is able, the “Skeptiker” refers Northwood” gladly to the “operation: The recently published secret plan from the year 1961 planned to shoot American passenger airlines over Cuba and to push the debt Fidel Castro into the shoes. The Pentagon looked at that time for a pretext to intervene in Cuba. President John F. Kennedy rejected the suggestion however. With the Durchforsten of the message world head adheres to the two fundamental convictions of all conspiracy theoreticians. First of all: The CIA is never ohnmächtig, but always all powerful. It lets the terrorists dance, in reverse. And secondly: Official announcements, as for instance new terror warnings, are not information, but disinformation. ““As”, if I already hear that, I laugh been reported from secret service circles, say myself dead” head. Its Paranoia goes so far that he believes hardly a message since 11 September. John Walker, that allegedly to the Taliban overflowed American traitors? Breaking into, which was thrown to the media, so that they which beautiful to write had. Daniel Pearl, allegedly of terrorists murdered “Wall Street Journal” - reporters? A clear case of a investigativen journalist, who had to be made mouth dead - by the secret service of Pakistan ISI, under control of the CIA. Richard Reid, the alleged shoe bomber? “The largest shit.” That was produced by the ISI, and Pearl has it rausgefunden. Head is in full swing. With its long arms wildly gestikulierend it talks in rises up itself. “Nobody in the Mainstream media writes, why Don C fell. Wiley of the bridge.” The tie carriers, which press their Lunch at the Nebentisch, look over here. Wiley was a virus expert of the Harvard University, which was found dead past December in the Mississippi. Officially its fall was represented as accident. Head however sees a sample: Six micro biologists died since emerging the Anthrax letters. They would possibly have known, who sent the letters. The fact that 11 September and Anthrax belong together does not stand for it except question German Press Agency more for than 2800 humans died in the rubble of the World trade center of head development to the full-time conspiracy theoretician ran straight-lined: Differently than the type of ideal of this environment it was before neither with the CIA nor at the police. Also it did not sight Ufos yet. It buildup in Duesseldorf, was ten years long moderator of a local radio ending (“Ecstasy”, later renamed in “net herb”). 1993 he already discovered Internet. Since it may call itself 1996 diploma medium paedagogue, which it is however embarrassing. 1998 it created the regional organization of chance in North Rhine-Westphalia 2000, the fun party of Christoph Schlingensief. On the national list for the election to the Bundestag head was even leading candidate, he stood on the same Wahlzettel as Franz Müntefering, Guido Westerwelle and Norbert Bluem. Before three years he came to New York, “because of the Internet situation at that time”. It called itself net artists (to its “projects” among other things the electronic Schreddern of the Big Brother web page counted) and worked for Josh Harris at Pseudo.com, that in the meantime failure gone first Internet television station. From time to time it wrote Telepolis” and the German magazine for Cyberkultur, “De for on-line magazine “: Nose”. Now it pierces itself with casual labours as a programmer. Carsten Volkery theoretician head: Not on 11 September then he found his new mission to information, but disinformation. At 8.51 o'clock it posaunte out the message on its web page - few minutes after the first airplane was hit. “I was one first, those the passenger lists from United Airlines and American Airlines down-loaded.” But soon the first questions arose. Since that time it developed its Website to the Skeptiker portal and lost themselves completely in the Cyber Gerüchteküche. When the Bush government granted scarcely two weeks ago preliminary warnings to have received head saw itself confirmed. With each new FBI exposure its heart strikes more highly. “We are about to write democracy history.” At the end, he is convinced, becomes all rauskommen - may always be which. First it must fight however still the newest nebula candles Pentagon: Since the public criticism at president Bush is suddenly the corpse of Daniel Pearl emerged, became known that Osama Ben Laden lives, New York was at one time again in danger. In head eyes of everything very suspiciously: “We may not rest ourselves.”

Video proof of inside job (no less!)

VIDEO http://italy.indymedia.org/uploads/2005/04/wtc2-strike-2.avi

Watch this video.

Near the top floor, you see a guy waving a white shirt (at least it looks like this). He's in the upper right corner of the building that's facing the camera, just below the dark area, and just at the top of the uniformly gray part of the building. Just when WTC2 is hit, the pigeon in the foreground flies away. Right at that moment, a bunch of things happen.

You are looking at the North face of WTC1.

a) That little red flame on the right side of the West Face of WTC1 explodes out, then returns to "normal."

b) There is an explosion, a puff of smoke, that bursts out the window of the guy waving his shirt. After that, he is no longer waving his shirt.

c) There are multiple puffs of smoke that shoot out of the North face of WTC1, on many floors between the plane's hole and the top of the building.

d) Right after the fireball (and camera shake) it looks like 2 people jump out of the lower floors of the smoking region of the West face of WTC1. This is just above and to the right of that little red flame.

Newsday reviews VonKleist DVD


The conspiracy theory of 9/11

NEWSDAY REPORTER Wednesday, October 11 2006

Five years after the horrific airplane bombings of New York’s World Trade Centre (WTC) twin towers, there are questions still unanswered, as science and common sense seem to point to different explanations of the events as they unfolded.

This is explored in the controversial documentary DVD, 911: In Plane Site, directed by William Lewis and narrated by talk-radio host Dave vonKleist.

The beginning text across the screen warning that “the information we’re about to view is overwhelmingly significant”, makes the viewer sit up fully alert and expecting shocking things. And these are delivered.

There is actual photographic evidence that seems to change the official version of September 11, 2001.

The narration and dramatic intro music painfully forces the viewer to remember the first scenes after the bombings, with questions such as “Did a plane hit the Pentagon?”, quickly answered by “Photographic evidence suggests not”, “Did explosives collapse the World Trade Centre?,” “Fire fighters tell the real story.” The docu-drama even suggests that US President George W Bush may have given the world distorted facts about the events.

A physicist's lucid PopMech debunk..

"As the fires blazed and the temperatures rose within the buildings, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) believes, the remaining core columns (those not severed by the planes during impact) softened and buckled, transferring most of the load to the building's outer structural columns. The floors . . . began to sag from the heat, pulling those columns inward and adding to the burden on the outer columns."

Debunking: For anyone who as actually watched the WTC video's carefully, you will note that the south tower was struck near the corner, almost insuring it sustained NO damage to the central core columns. It also had by far the largest fireball produced, indicating a substantially larger portion of the fuel was burned in the initial impact and for the most part outside the building. Oddly, it was the south tower which fell first after burning for only 55 minutes, and at a point when the fires had greatly diminished.

In addition, as given by Kevin Ryan who was responsible for the thermal testing of the WTC Steel when it was certified, the samples tested for the WTC were certified to withstand a temperature of 2,000 deg for 6 hours without failing their rated load characteristics. And that is without insulation. The WTC beams were insulated. Jet fuel burns at only 1200-1300 degrees with an ideal oxygen mixture, something not indicated by the black smoke that issued from the fires. There was nothing contained within the buildings that could have raised this figure, and those that use the example of ancient furnaces that tempered steel as a argument, again, do not understand the principles involved. I suggest that if you want the truth, and wish to actually act like a journalist for a change, you broach this subject with a real expert, Mr. Ryan. I can put you in touch with him upon request.

Flight 11

a flying object hit the WTC North Tower (Wtc1)

According to the airline BTS database Flight 11 never flew on 9/11.
http://www.osamawasframed.com/flight11.html << Very interesting!!!

The plane designated flight 11 when airborne took off from Gate 32, wheels off 8:00am
Flight 11 passengers were seen boarding a plane from Gate 26, wheels off @ 8:10am

WHAT THE @!#$%^& !!!!

you mean they don't know?

Has any of you truthers phoned up and asked?

Flight: http://www.team8plus.org/news.php?item.32

discussion BTS flight numbers
THIEVES stole Flight 11

The people's US Congress has set legal interrogation techniques and amnesty!

This prisoner was later killed under legal circumstances.

The people of the USA plead necessity to defend the home of the brave, the land of the free.... The greatest nation on earth, armed and ready to defend human rights and democracy ... all over the globe from 600 military bases. To live in peace with every nation and to deter any evil attack on democratic nations.

Brave US Soldiers honourbly sacrifice their lives.    Maming and killing thousands is the sacrifice we Americans are willing to make on the altar of a world free from fear and economic strangulation.

Petroleum prices has nothing to do with it. We may laugh and enjoy our wealth, but we suffer for the freedom of the underdeveloped, always ready to bring our aid and staunch compassion, even to those that will not understand all the good that we do.

Vocabulary Builders
serious adj.extreme, as in allowable infliction of lawful “serious pain,” defined as “bodily injury which causes extreme physical pain” - U.S. Congress, 9/28/06

Vote Fraud documentary -- American Blackout

Download link on http://u2r2h.blogspot.com

American Blackout, directed by Guerrilla News Network’s Ian Inaba uses a stunning mix of never before seen archive and firsthand interviews.

Download link on http://u2r2h.blogspot.com

USA = Dopey and Sleepy

Thursday, October 5, 2006 - 3:00 pm
Harry Shearer is, well, you know, Harry Shearer—man of a thousand voices on The Simpsons, host of the NPR radio show Le Show, author of the just published Not Enough Indians, former cast member of Saturday Night Live, bass player for a little band called Spinal Tap that changed the face of entertainment. Besides all that, and blogging, Harry, who splits time between homes in New Orleans and Los Angeles, does a lot of live performance, like his upcoming gigs at Cal State Long Beach’s Carpenter Center.

OC Weekly: My daughter saw you perform in Scotland in something called This Is So Not About the Simpsons. Is this going to be that show?

Harry Shearer: No, that was something I did with my wife. This is going to be more of me talking, probably a little less about performance. It will be a monologue with a little musical piece at the end. There will probably be a video piece also. Then I’ll probably ask for questions from the audience and ignore them.

catholic? phew! sanity!!

While the 911 madness is rife, there is always sanity in Chomsky. While he does not care to speculate on the greatest insanity, 9/11 false flag terror, he does always provide for good orientation and morally sound, common-sensical arguments .. kinda important in the ocean of spin. But you knew that. Anyway... just to keep us on the straight and narrow, read this seemingly tame review...

The seamy side of U.S. foreign policy

Perhaps any country’s self-image suffers from a kind of fun-house mirror effect -- it sees itself very differently from the way the rest of the world does. Certainly Noam Chomsky’s Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy demonstrates that the United States operates that way. Given that our government has taken on the management of so much of the world, it becomes crucially important for Americans to understand that distortion. So, if you can read only one book in that effort this year, this probably should be the one.

Mr. Chomsky’s analysis of American foreign policy differs so dramatically from the official version that some may find it disorientating, not because of any fast and loose rhetoric on Mr. Chomsky’s part but because of his deployment of a stunning array of sources in a relentless accounting of the hypocrisy with which Washington so often confronts the world.