2012 Presidential Winner Revealed (Satire)

*Editor's Note: Satire

Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2012 Election Results
Video News - 2:39 minutes

The Court Jester and 9/11 Truth

The Court Jester and 9/11 Truth

Posted by sakerfa on September 19th, 2010

(911TruthNews) – Attacked by the Left. Attacked by the Right. Attacked by “edgy” political comedians for scant, confused laughs – with no discernible purpose other than to discourage and further isolate those seeking justice. No matter if their political affiliation is Coke, or whether they lean hard towards Pepsi, everyone in the corporate mainstream media can agree that 9/11 truth is a target worthy of derision.

Yet, strangely, none of them can seem to get their story straight.

SNL lampoons Petraeus hearings on Iraq - (Raw Story)

This video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast April 12, 2008.

In last night's Saturday Night Live, a fictitious Iraq commander Gen. David Petraeus has his own take on the recent report given on progress in Iraq, particularly the 30,000-troop "surge," to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"The Iraqi National Assembly finally approved a plan to extend its summer vacation by a month...Also, the Sunnis and the Shiites have agreed on a formula to share revenue from embezzled foreign aid and bribes paid to government officials."

9/11 Truth Handshake and Hand-sign

Every definitive movement has its own hand-sign. 9/11 Truth protesters should also have theirs. This video shows the Truth hand-sign which is similar to the OK hand-sign and resembles an inverted 911. The Truth 'masonic' handshake is simply an extension of the hand-sign to the handshake.

Making 9/11 Truth more Accessible via Comedy

The top ranking videos on YouTube are either about sex or are funny ones. The problem is most 9/11 Truth video aren't in either category. By making 9/11 Truth videos more fun, we could increase our exposure.

Take this recent satirical video for example, which hints at Cheney being responsible for the stand-down on 9/11:

The axil of evil comedy series ... they indeed have a sense of humor.

Laughter is good for the soul especially during these trying times.

Maz Jobrani

Maz Jobrani (Osama jokes)

There is the entire sequence in the related video window section on YouTube

Arab-American Stand-Up Comedian Amer Zahr

9/11 Truth on The Whitest Kids You Know

The Whitest Kids You Know has a comedy sketch which mentions Pentagon debris, the pod theory (it's comedy remember!) and Bush's Skull&Bones.

911 Meditation from

911 Meditation from
where wings take dream

(Video) - "BushTrek: The Voyages of Starship Enron's Prize"

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, this is hilarious and basically a great LIHOP statement. Although I don't personally agree completely with some of points made like "Petroleum - the final reserves" (Peak Oil etc). From, made in 2002.

New Southpark Episode on 9/11 Conspiracy this Wednesday Night

Simuvac posted a blog entry today regarding a new South Park episode airing this Wednesday night at 10PM EST. The trailer for the new episode is available now via the link below.

Mystery of the Urinal Deuce -

The world’s biggest conspiracy of all time will finally be uncovered when Eric Cartman exposes the true culprit behind the September 11th attacks. No one in South Park is safe from the people who are the real brains behind the 9/11 conspiracy. When Kyle and Stan hit the road in search of the truth, they come face-to-face with the masterminds who pulled off the most elaborate, intricate and flawlessly executed operation in American history..

It should be noted that the trailer that aired tonight ended by showing a drawing of Kyle holding a knife on the projector with Cartman saying 'and you almost got away with it, butthole' which isn't in the trailer available for download.

USA = Dopey and Sleepy

Thursday, October 5, 2006 - 3:00 pm
Harry Shearer is, well, you know, Harry Shearer—man of a thousand voices on The Simpsons, host of the NPR radio show Le Show, author of the just published Not Enough Indians, former cast member of Saturday Night Live, bass player for a little band called Spinal Tap that changed the face of entertainment. Besides all that, and blogging, Harry, who splits time between homes in New Orleans and Los Angeles, does a lot of live performance, like his upcoming gigs at Cal State Long Beach’s Carpenter Center.

OC Weekly: My daughter saw you perform in Scotland in something called This Is So Not About the Simpsons. Is this going to be that show?

Harry Shearer: No, that was something I did with my wife. This is going to be more of me talking, probably a little less about performance. It will be a monologue with a little musical piece at the end. There will probably be a video piece also. Then I’ll probably ask for questions from the audience and ignore them.

Newspaper Snippets ...

Enough of the 9/11 Conspiracies, Already
By Matthew Rothschild

Another lefty who is not patient enough to properly observe,
and then QUICKLY makes up his mind... cocksure.

Maybe they all have slow internet and cannot
download footage that SHOWS the explosions etc etc.

But they are hardly alone. Even convinced conspiracy
theorists ..amazingly, they all have seen the
second plane that buttered into the south tower
... and they ALL think that this footage is authentic.

Simply ridiculous.


Stan Cox: 9/11 - Based on a True Story
Submitted by BuzzFlash on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 2:00pm. Guest Contribution


Unbearable HUMAN INTEREST story
weaves the official version into the picture...

a jet VANISHES into the soft earth... HOW RIDICULOUS..

but they still print this rubbish...

Ultra right wingers also have UNANSWERED QUESTIONS
reprints Unanswered Questions of September 11