Dr. David M. Graham

“The 28 Pages” Revisits… “Man who met 9/11 Hijackers poisoned in Texas”

The story of Shreveport dentist, Dr David M. Graham and his personal encounters dealing with three of the 9/11 hijackers reads like a southern-style John Grisham novel.

Prior to 9/11, Dr David Graham reports the “future hijackers” to the local FBI.
Following 9/11/01, Dr. David Graham contacts top government officials.
Later Dr Graham dies a slow gruesome death following “radiator fluid” poisoning in Texas.

(1:41 minutes)(Notice that World Trade Center Building 7 is in this TV Newscast)

NEW MEDIA CO PLANS from Sander Hicks: Let's Build a Catapult

9/11 Blogger Friends:

Hey there! I wanted you to know that I have launched something pretty big, via KickStarter. I need your help.

Together, we are going to create "The Catapult Project." This is the research needed to create a whole new kind of democratic media company. The technology is in our hands, now we just need a strategy refined.

Using KickStarter, I am asking for your pledge, to help me raise $22K in the next four weeks. We can do this, I have raised over $500K in my lifetime, running the media ventures Soft Skull Press and Vox Pop.

Sure, the repression has gotten harsh in the last couple of years, but we the people are stronger. We are going to bounce back. We will speak truth to power, and take away their war-making, death-making, anti-truth addiction.


I know I am onto something. I left NYC six weeks ago, because I needed to recharge in California. I just got word that my book proposal has been accepted by a kick-ass independent publisher. More on that later.

New efforts to resurrect 9/11 murder mystery By Jeff Ferrell


New efforts to resurrect 9/11 murder mystery

Posted: Jan 16, 2009 05:40 PM EST

Updated: Jan 16, 2009 06:26 PM EST

By Jeff Ferrell - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It's a whodunit that reads like a John Grisham thriller. It involves the poisoning death of a Shreveport dentist, writing a book critical of the FBI's response to claims of 9/11 hijackers living here a year before the attacks. Now comes renewed efforts to resurrect the case.

Seen from behind the statue of Lady Justice, it was perhaps a fitting metaphor for the very small march outside Shreveport's federal courthouse. Investigative journalist Sander Hicks became the one man who turned out, protesting the 15-months he's waited for the U.S. Justice Department to respond to his request to investigate the murder of Shreveport dentist Dr. David Graham.

Hicks blamed the low turnout at the courthouse Friday morning, January 16th, on scared friends and family. "They have said, 'if this could happen to David Graham, whoever killed him could kill us."

Deborah J. Palfrey: Just Another Suicide?

Reddit: http://reddit.com/info/6i9y2/comments/

There has a been a wave of suicides, or perhaps "suicides", in the wake of 9/11 that have become more brazenly suspicious as time goes on. The most bluntly suspicious recently are the deaths of Gary Webb, and very recently, Palestinian activist Riad Hamad. (Hamad's death preceded Palfrey only by a couple of weeks.)

Perhaps Ms. Palfrey's death is a legitimate suicide, however, the deaths of people that are inconvenient to the powers-that-be seems to be chugging along at a steady, ugly pace. This is why people are suspicious. I have put together a little list of recent odd suicides, together with a seldom-heard segment from an interview with Ms. Palfrey in 2007. (The interview is from Coast-to-Coast-am, and I want to be clear that I do not offer a general endorsement of the radio program, but Ms. Palfrey is very frank and enlightening in this interview with Ian Punnett, and I hope you'll agree it's worth hearing. She makes it clear that she was not given a regular ride through the justice system, she was targeted, and persecuted, with post-9/11 surveillance of wire transfers playing a key part.)

Two exceptions: One is Anton Ng, who was flat-out executed in Guatemala, he was an associate of Danny Casolaro's, and was killed shortly before Casolaro while researching BCCI. (Researching BCCI was also not very good for Mark Lombardi's health.) Another is Dr. David M. Graham, who appears to have been poisoned, with an intent to make it look he poisoned himself.

Sander Hicks: "Attacked at Stanford!"


I was attacked by National Review online, just as I was speaking at Stanford Law School, about “Civil Rights in the Post-9/11 World.”

I spoke from the heart about my experiences publishing and writing on topics taboo to the American media establishment. I spoke about the police assault against me when I asked now-failed candidate Rudy Giuliani about the 9/11 anomalies. I talked about 9/11, and the FBI linked death of Dr. David Graham.

This is an interesting development. The NR critique is defamatory, and calls my argument “deranged.” But that’s a cheap shot, and it lacks gravitas. Critics of better moral character would take on my facts, not attack me personally...

...Yesterday, there was also an attack from Stanford neo-cons, who somehow hacked into the campus-wide list-serv, and spammed the entire campus with a protest against my speech. One of the neo-cons has now been suspended from being able to use Stanford list-servs...

Full article;

Sander Hicks publishes FBI interview / announces West Coast Promo Tour

(Hicks has published his interview with FBI agent Stephen Hayes regarding The Strange Death of David M. Graham, over at GNN, and announces a tour to publicize his research. During the tour, Hicks will be seeking out people interested in setting up a business along the lines of his Brooklyn-based VoxPop. See end of this post for details. -rep.)

FBI Special Agent Stephen Hayes Interview

Thu, 13 Dec 2007

A Supplement to the Shreveport Diary

Transcript: FBI Special Agent Stephen Hayes Interview with Sander Hicks, while investigating the murder of Dr. David Graham.

Location: Shreveport, Louisiana FBI Office.

Date: Thursday, September 27, 2007.

Transcript typed up from hand-written notes and audio recording. Reporter Jordan Green (Yes! Weekly) witnessed this conversation and has proofed this document for accuracy.

Part 2 of Video Report on Dr. David M. Graham

Part 2 of Bryan Sacks and Sander Hicks' report on Dr. David M. Graham.

Part 1 here.

D/L the Graham Report here, courtesy of Sander Hicks.

Dr. David M. Graham's story on YouTube

Sander Hicks has supplied some of Dr. David M. Graham's video footage to 9/11 researcher Bryan Sacks, who has in turn narrated an introductory video to Graham's story. Part 2 should be available soon.

Dr. Graham's story is now available in full at SanderHicks.com. Check it out, and weigh the evidence for yourself. Graham's story was omitted from the Joint Select Intelligence Committee report and the 9/11 Commission Report.

Yes! Weekly Covers Murder of 9/11 Witness-Researcher Dr. David Graham

Last night (10/23/07) on 9/11 and Empire Radio my first-hour guest Sander Hicks described his recent visit to Shreveport, Louisiana, home of "loose nukes" jump-station Barksdale Air Force Base, to investigate the murder of 9/11 witness and researcher Dr. David Graham. The show is archived at http://mp3.wtprn.com/Barrett07.html Radio schedule and links to all archives: http://www.mujca.com/airwaves.htm

During the show, Sander announced that his co-investigator, Jordan Green, has just published a story in the Greensboro, NC alternative weekly Yes!



Below is Sander's letter to the Justice Department requesting an investigation of Dr. Graham's murder and its cover-up by the Shreveport FBI office. Sander's websites include http://www.voxpopnet.net and http://www.sanderhicks.com

Kudos to Sander Hicks and Jordan Green for doing serious investigative journalism that has the potential to break out in the mainstream and bring fresh attention to 9/11 truth -- and eventual justice for the countless victims of 9/11, including the brave witness-researcher Dr. David Graham.

Treason In Shreveport

See article at: http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20071014221652399

Will DOJ Look into the First Death of a U.S. 9/11 Researcher?

By Sander Hicks
October 14, 2007

From 9/24 to 10/1/07 I traveled throughout Louisiana and Texas, with reporter Jordan Green, investigating the death of 9/11 researcher Dr. David Graham.

Our suspicions were validated: there’s a huge story here. It’s almost overwhelming. The best way to summarize is to publish my complaint filed last week with the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General.

If you support an investigation into the death of Dr. Graham, please say so, in the comments section, at the end. (Please send me your email, too, I may be doing some sort of activism around this. Mine is sander [at] voxpopnet.net)

October 11th, 2007

Office of the Inspector General
Department of Justice
1425 New York Ave NW
Suite 7100
Washington, DC 20005

Dear Inspector,

9/11 Whistle-Blowers

A powerful lineup of Whistle-Blowers putting an end to the debate on 9/11. G*d help those who look at this information and still deny an investigation of the highest degree is in order. The deniers' own future is at stake, their children's future is at stake. Whistle-Blowers need our help.