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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bilderberg member Hillary Clinton arrived at Parliament today, and was welcomed by a protest featuring NZ911TRUTH. TVNZ aired footage of Mike Woods, who said "the evidence is overwhelming that the buildings [WTC 1, 2 & 7] were brought down by controlled demolition". 3NEWS - the music video and celebrity gossip specialists - did a poorer job by not airing the raw footage on live TV. Although, they did post raw footage on their website. In the online footage, TV3 filmed a clip showing Jade Tuckwell's sign, which read "Hillary's CFR pimps want to steal Iran's oil".

TVNZ political reporter Michael Parkin described the protest as "pretty pitiful". This comes as no surprise given the small turnout, which mainly featured members of Peace Action Wellington and Indymedia. Regardless, it achieved a milestone for NZ911TRUTH. This was the first time NZ911TRUTH received coverage of its own, as opposed to us getting coverage for AE911TRUTH. Follow the links below to watch the videos:

Truth Action in New Zealand

Eleventh of the Month street outreach in Wellington, New Zealand.

Report and photos by Helen:

July 10, 2010 Wellington civil information actions for 9/11 truth and justice took place this month at Cuba Mall in Wellington's shopping district on a busy Saturday afternoon. After a week of southerly storms, the weather turned out to be just fine, sunny and no wind. This was one of our most successful actions yet with 6 of us giving away hundreds of Blue Print for Truth 2008 DVDs and flyers. We were there from 1.00 - 3.00 pm. We all had lots of interesting conversations and on the whole people were receptive and open to learning more about 9/11 and the scientific evidence.

We were helped by Mike's wonderful banner and posters which we were able to display to great advantage and our ae911truth banner. Quite a few people commented that they had already received a DVD from us so we felt heartened by our previous work (we have been doing truth action in Wellington every month for over 2 years now).There seems to be a good awareness of 9/11 truth in Wellington NZ! Thanks again to all who contributed and support truth action.

Richard Gage AIA on New Zealand National Television

Richard Gage AIA appeared on New Zealand's government owned television station, TVNZ, on 27 November 2009.

In this interview on the "Close Up" program, Gage lays out the overwhelming evidence for controlled demolition of 3 WTC office towers on 11 September 2009.

This may be the first time the evidence assembled by Gage and others in the 9/11 truth movement has been presented with the gravity and respect it deserves by any mainstream news broadcaster.

I would like to commend TVNZ's board for having the courage to air this piece.

Best regards,
Hereward Fenton

29e ONZE BOUGE 911 ( every 11th of the month action) in Paris FRANCE (08/11/2009) in the World Peace March marching to New York

Herblay FRANCE
Bonjour , the World March for peace ( )
organised a walk today from la place de la République to Chatelet in Paris, France. A very joyfull and musical march.
I went along with my sandwich boards and the other participants were very receptive on my information about the 11th of September 2001 attacks. Lots of people had questions on the Nano-Thermite. Some were very pleased to see some one from I am taking this day to be my "Onze Bouge" action day. Below you have some photos of the march.

Image Hosted by

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Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

19 August 2009

John Key's comments during an interview on 10/08/09 on tvnz 1. The idea of explosive devices being used on 9/11 is considered a conspiracy theory by the cowardly mainstream media, who's interest's prevent them from publicising declassified documents such as Operation Northwoods, which prove the intent of western governments to engineer falseflag terror events.

Thanks to tvnz and Loose Change Final cut for footage
Intro and final comments by Will Ryan

Held In A Psychiatric Ward & Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Although this happened in New Zealand, I personally know one 9/11 truther in my local chapter who was incarcerated in a mental facility right here in the USA for the very same thing. - A.S.

Held In A Psychiatric Ward & Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

By Clare Swinney, Member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth & Justice.

Clare Swinney brought a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority pointing out that TVNZ’s claim that Osama bin Laden carried out the attacks of 9/11 was an outright lie. Shortly afterwards, she was threatened and then incarcerated in a psychiatric ward. Following a week of compulsory treatment, the head psychiatrist told a judge that she should remain in hospital, as her belief that 9/11 was an inside job was evidence she was “delusional.” The judge agreed. This is her extraordinary story:

First 11th of every month 911 truth street action in New Zealand

Hi everybody,

Yesterday we had our first 11th of every month 911truth street action in New Zealand. Martin, (who found me on this site after I announced that I wanted to start the movement over here), came down from Auckland (150km) and joined me on my market stall in Raglan. It may have only 3000 souls but with people from all over the world ending up in this town and visitors from Auckland and Hamilton it is a very diverse community, and the reaction to the first confrontation with 911 truth was for many a confirmation off what they already suspected. According to Martin he had never seen such open curiosity and the will to learn. We only had one guy saying the buildings were build like shit because he had seen " the documentary" but even he was ready to learn more after we showed him the collapse of building 7. I had brought my laptop for that purpose and it worked a treat. Not many people here know about WTC 7 and it really helps to show them the collapse. No aggression and a gloriously sunny day made the market busier then it would usually be in the winter months, and Martin had a lot of DVD's with a lot of 911 movies, he has to sell them for NZ$ 2,- because he is on a pension and can not afford to give them away, and there were people that took copies from all the different ones.

An open letter to Phil Goff, minister of defence of New Zealand about 9/11 truth

Dear Mr. Goff,

I write to you with regards to the fact that the hon. Mr. Yukihisa Fujita has recently asked questions about the veracity of the official version of the events of 9/11 2001. I know that this is a controversial subject but I ask that you bear with me for the length of this letter.

The hon. Mr. Yukihisa Fujita is the opposition leader of Japan and might very well one day be the prime-minister of the second most powerful economy.
I put it to you that it does not fit to dismiss him as a conspiracy nut.

This is the link to the video that has been subtitled in English. This presentation was aired on Japanese primetime and mainstream television.

In every country in Europe documentaries have been shown on mainstream television asking serious questions about the events of 9/11 and major politicians have gone on record about their doubts about the official version.
In February the European Parliament will be screening 'Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11'

"New Zealand to Be Busted Wide Open When It Comes to 911 Truth"?

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"....I got that 911 Truth package in the mail yesterday, very good deal! Thank you and tell Seven thanks a bunch they are being put to good use.

"I sent a package to Auckland to a guy that is very passionate about the issues and probably knows more about the US constitution than most Americans, and sharing with my Maori neighbor who is trying to wake the brothers up, so he's getting more informed by these CD's. I'm giving CD's to other people that are spreading the truth and there is never enough bumper stickers to go around as several people are asking for one.