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Family member Manny Badillo on Truth Revolution Radio

Broadcasting live from NYC during the first hour of 9-11-07 - this is a very raw and real broadcast. Jeremy of LA Truth Action and Jay from UAlbany 9/11 Truth are the co-hosts. We talk to family member Manny Badillo who lost his uncle on September 11, 2001 and is now taking action for 9/11 justice. We also talk to Drew from Tucson Truth and Craig calls in to recount his confrontations with Larry Silverstein.

Truth Revolution Radio September 11 2007 MP3

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Michael Wolsey, Col. Jenny Sparks and Bruce Marshall on Truth Revolution Radio

Michael Wolsey of was the guest on the Sept. 3 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We discuss his work as a truth activist and radio host, with a special focus on his series on cointelpro. We are also joined by 911blogger's own Col. Jenny Sparks and discuss a bit of the controversy behind The Kennebunkport Warning. Bruce Marshall joins the show during the last segment to discuss his role in promoting The Warning.

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9/11 Truth at Nancy Pelosi's front door

Code Pink and Veterans For Peace on Truth Revolution Radio

For the past week Truth Revolution Radio broadcast live from directly outside the San Francisco homes of Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein and conducted on-the-air 9/11 truth outreach to members of the anti-war groups Code Pink and Veterans For Peace who are currently staging a hunger strike outside Pelosi's mansion.

Truth Revolution Radio Monday August 13 mp3
Live from outside Feinstein's mansion - we talk to Toby from Code Pink, Luke from We Are Change with breaking news of the latest confrontation with Giuliani and August 11 action reports with Abel from Louisville Truth, Chris in NJ and CV in Maryland. Second half of the show powered by Veterans For Peace!

Truth Revolution Radio Wednesday August 15 mp3
Live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep - Mike Knarr from We Are Change calls in with a great idea and exciting news about NYC 9/11/2007, we hear from Crystal in Massachusetts, Jim in Washington, David in Chicago and interview Paul Kangas from Veterans For Peace.

Truth Revolution Radio Friday August 17 mp3
Once more broadcasting live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep, kdub co-hosts the final show of the week and we hear August 11 action reports from Art V and Jeremy who calls in from the William Rodriguez event in Los Angeles. By the end of the show there is a 9/11 Truth Now sign hanging on Nancy Pelosi's front door.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

TRR broadcasting LIVE from Pelosi and Feinstein's all week

I'll be broadcasting Truth Revolution Radio live from the doorsteps of Nancy Pelosi's and Dianne Feinstein's mansions all week long. Tune in M-W-F 9 PM Pacific on Call in 1-888-202-1984

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

urnotfree on Truth Revolution Radio

Truth Revolution Radio July 2007 30 MP3
Las Vegas meetup
urnotfree on myspace

Nick and Kyle from urnotfree were the guests on Monday night's edition of TTR. Topics include guerrilla street art for 9/11 truth, doing street actions on the Strip in Vegas and the upcoming General Strike on September 11. We talk to Chris (CV) from and Luke Rudkowski calls in with breaking news of a confrontation with Nancy Pelosi.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Abby Martin and Peter Holmes on Truth Revolution Radio

It was an honor and a great pleasure to host Abby Martin and Peter Holmes from the San Diego 9/11 Meetup Group on the July 20 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We talked about how the group got started and about their recent actions including outreach at a Padres game, demonstrating at a Giuliani fundraiser and confrontations with Congresswoman Susan Davis.

Truth Revolution Radio July 20 2007 MP3

San Diego 9/11 Meetup Group
San Diego 9/11 Meetup on myspace

Truth Revolution Radio is the official broadcast of and can be heard M-W-F at 9PM Pacific on We The People Radio Network.

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The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio Tonight

Once again we will be reporting on the Actions of the Eleventh from around the world on Truth Revolution Radio. Call in and leave an action report on the hotline at 1-512-646-6455 anytime today or call in live to the show between 9 and 10 pm pacific at 1-888-202-19844.

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WTC Survivor Janette MacKinlay on Truth Revolution Radio

Janette MacKinlay is a WTC survivor, a truth activist and an artist. She provided the dust samples that Professor Steven Jones used to isolate the telltale signatures of thermate. On Truth Revolution Radio, Janette talks about surviving that day, the apparent foreknowledge of the second tower's demolition on the part of police officers in the area and how she slowly came to accept the truth about 9/11.

Truth Revolution Radio July 9 2007 mp3

We Are Change on Truth Revolution Radio

Mike Knarr and Tom Foti from We Are Change are the guests and we are joined by John Bursill from Australia, Drew from Tucson Truth and Kevin Smith from We The People Radio Network. Mike and Tom announce plans for the 6th anniversary activities in New York City, John informs of his progress reaching out to professionals and everyone is encouraged to take action on July 4th.

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Glenn Zarmanov on Truth Revolution Radio

Glenn Zarmanov was the guest on the June 18 edition of Truth Revolution Radio.

TRR June 18 2007 mp3

Jersey City Citizens for 9/11 Truth's first action on April 11 2007 with William Rodriguez

Glenn Zarmanov

Member, Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Founder, Jersey City Citizens for 9/11 Truth

19 Years of age, in college, majoring in political science, with a minor in history. (Also taking another route simultaneously; communications with a minor in computer programming)

An aspiring journalist, Glenn has been a prominent speaker in the East Coast truth movement since he discovered the freedom of spoken word. An artist and a renaissance man, this young individual has taken a passionate stance against the rampant looting and corruption in society.

Bob Bowman and Matt Lepacek on Truth Revolution Radio

Truth Revolution Radio June 6 2007 with Bob Bowman and Matt Lepacek

Giuliani Lies mp3

Johnny Wave calls in towards the end to greet Colonel Bowman.

I did this show after traveling from the East coast and being up for about 30 hours but I think it came out OK

My interview with YT on Truth Revolution Radio

I had a great time with Cosmos on his show, I hope you all enjoy it. We talked about our upcoming Vancouver conference, activism, truth squad confrontation, and breaking the left/right paradigm among other things;
Mon., June 4, 2007

There's alot more to the conference that we didn't get a chance to talk about, please visit for a full list of presenters and material.

Marines For 9/11 Truth

Marines For 9/11 Truth

I'll be introducing Marines For 9/11 Truth on Deadline Live with Jack Blood today.

Johnny Wave and Andrew on Truth Revolution Radio May 18 2007
Johnny Wave on Truth Revolution Radio May 14 2007

Johnny Wave USMC

9/11 Truthers,

First off, thank you all, for what I learned of each person's bold responsibilities they have taken for this movement. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone.

Dear 9/11 Activists,

You have taken to the streets, you have made the DVDs, you have been to the conferences, you have heard the testimony, you have made the calls, you have borne the brunt of criticism, (some of it deserved, some of it contrived to demoralize you), you have read the books, (the official and alternative theories), and you have decided where to cast your lot.

And, you have decided to act!

Ok, now what?

Now is the time to focus your energy like a laser beam. Now is the time to inject yourself into the political debate in this country, and by proxy, to inject discourse about 9/11 into the living rooms of America.

How to do it?

Here is a clue. Last month activists confronted John Kerry with tough questions on WTC7 in Austin, TX. The video was posted to the internet. Alex Jones' ran a story on Kerry's obfuscation, and this story was mirrored across the web.

Johnny Wave's First Big Interview

Johnny Wave photos by Randy

Putfile audio stream:

MP3 download and other streams at

At the 21:31 mark:

"...what was going through my head was, "I'm going to make a change today. I'm going to make an impact."

And that happened. Undoubtedly. We've seen the pictures, we've read the blogs, I've gotten tons of love in emails, and I'm very appreciative to everybody. ... If nobody gets out there on the eleventh day of every single month, all this love, all this support... doesn't mean anything. We all have to get together, we all have to make a change.

I can go out there all day, all by myself, which, I have to say if you're on active duty in the IRR is not a smart thing to do. Technically, in the UCMJ, they can hang you, if this is an act of mutiny on my part. I'm not suggesting that anyone goes out and does this who is on active duty or IRR.

However, I am suggesting-- I'm actually not suggesting, I'm commanding, here.

If you are military, prior military service, get your uniform on, and get out there. 'Cause I'm not gonna be the only one standing out there making a change, I refuse that. This is our country. Not "my" country. This is America. I want every service member getting out there, making a change, because you gave your life for this country. Four years, two years, twenty years, I don't care. Get out there. Make a change... I'm gonna continue on my path, but I want some frickin' help. I want to go out there with people, 'cause I had some great, positive reactions from people, so many people that it actually kinda shook me!

I was like, "Man, how can there be this big cover-up, when so many people don't believe it, and believe our side of the story?"

How many people does it take to make a change? This is what I need to happen, and this is what I want to happen, what I want to see happen... if you're listening to me... get out there... Put your uniform on, get out there and make a change...

I saw people drive by, there was one lady who was drivin' by and laughing, pointing, not taking us seriously, "Look at all the hippies, all the crazies" and all of that, but when they got to me, they saw me in my Dress Blues, their faces stopped. Dropped. They were done. Their world had been shattered. They didn't know what to think. They all of a sudden realized, "There is a problem. We need to figure out what's going on. We need to start asking questions, because the Marines are questioning. The Marines... they're not going with the flow."

We're gonna stand up and take what's ours. We're gonna defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. That's our oath. That's why I'm calling you all out right now. I had to take this leadership, because I'm sick of it. I'm done. I'm not putting up with this anymore, this is our country, this is our right.

And they're taking it away from us.

As a person, as a man, I care about that. And one day I hope to have a family, so my kids can have these rights. My kids can have what I had growing up. This is very special to me. It got me through so much to have a good childhood, to have these rights, to have Civil Liberties, that's something that I will never, ever take advantage of, that's something that everyone has to stand up for.

On that day, it was wonderful, it was great, to see people really wake up, people who just did not question... you see could see it across their face, they were so shocked, so in awe, so... awakened.

That was the reason I came out that day."

The Marines have landed. During the interview, Cosmos and Johnny are joined by another IRR Marine, Andrew. This is the birth of Marines for 9/11 Truth.

Special thanks to, which is the source for the excellent pictures of Johnny, and to Truth Revolution Radio, weekdays at 11pm on We The People Radio Network.