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Iran's Top Presidential Advisor: 9/11 Was a Ploy to Dominate the Middle East


link: Western ploy to dominate Mideast'

Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:37AM

Sign this "Declaration Against Racial Incitement and Slander" Based on the Lies of 9/11


18 September 2010 19:35

Declaration against racial incitement and slander

To add your name to the list of signatories, send an email to the coordinator at

9/11 Truth Has Won - The Coming of the Flood


Why 9-11 Truth Has Won - The Coming of the Flood

Monday, 25 October 2010 15:21

By Allen L. Jasson Introduction

I recently wrote in MWC News arguing the case for Why 9-11 Truth Has Won, due primarily to the weight of irrefutable scientific proof of the two key elements that evidence controlled demolition of the three WTC Towers – free fall collapse and the presence of thermite, explaining the total absence of structural resistance. For this and for other reasons the successful demand by the 9-11 Truth Movement and others for a new, wider, proper investigation is only a matter of time. The flood would come. The recent political squabble in Australia represents further breaching of the dam wall that will bring that flood.


Top General Shelton: We were only in Iraq because of a series of lies about WMD

Now that we have proof about the lies of WMD, maybe we can address 9/11.

Ex-top soldier: Iraq war ‘fiasco’ due to Rumsfeld’s ‘lies’

Bill Clinton confronted at USF about 9/11 and the NWO

Bill Clinton confronted at USF about 9/11 & the NWO!

Posted by sakerfa on October 21st, 2010

(WeAreChangeTAMPA) – We confront Bill Clinton at the USF in St.petersburg Florida at a Kindrick Meek rally asking him real questions concerning 9/11, nwo, bilderberg group etc…

PressTV Opinion Poll: Ahmadinejad 9/11 Probe "Just Call"


Poll finds 9/11 probe 'just call'
Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:22PM
The majority of respondents to an online poll say President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's proposal to form a tribunal to probe the 9/11 attacks is "a step in the right direction."

More than 58 percent of respondents to the Press TV poll voted in favor of the Iranian president's proposal because they believe people have the right to the truth.

Over 33 percent said the probe was long overdue as it should have taken place before the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Only 9 percent of respondents deemed the proposal unnecessary as they considered the official September 11, 2001 scenario provided by the US government acceptable.

Did the Bush Crime Family Benefit Most From the Failed 9/11 Attacks?


Did the Bush Crime Family Benefit Most From the Failed 9/11 Attacks?
News Type: Event — Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:24 AM EDT.By upswing
In my opinion, the 9/11 attacks failed: If they had succeeded, then the White House and Congress would also have been destroyed, and the country would have been under martial law and under the sole control of Bush/Cheney.

But that's for a different article.

Just as interesting to me are the components of 9/11 that succeeded: specifically, the complete destruction of three buildings.

There are theories abounding as to what happened on 9/11, the most "tin-foil-hat-like" of which is the ridiculous official Boxcutter Conspiracy Theory offered to explain the events of 9/11 -- you know, 15, 19 or whatever number of Arabs in a cave outsmarting and debilitating the entire US military and intelligence structure.

The truth of the matter looks like it might be coming out, albeit slowly and painfully.

Lee Hamilton: The 911 Commission is a good place to begin an investigation


9/11 Commission Vice Chair Says 9/11 Commission Report Is Nothing More Than a Good Place to BEGIN an Investigation
News Type: Event

— Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:45 AM EDT.By upswing

As I type this, Lee Hamilton, Vice Chair of the 9/11 Commission is being interviewed by Diane Rheim, and he just answered a question from a listener by stating two things:

1. The 9/11 Commission was highly politicised, and

2. The 9/11 Commission is a good "Starting point" from which to investigate the events of 9/11.

Holy Sh*t!

Here is one of the guys in charge of putting together a report that many cite as the final word of the events of 9/11 stating outright that it is no such thing.

Rather, he says, it is a good place to BEGIN an investigation.

Why is the MSM ignoring the deafening call for a truly independent and scientific investigation, with subpoena power, into the events of 9/11?

Alternative Media Censorship: Sponsored by CIA's Ford Foundation, and others

Here is some information that may be helpful in figuring out just why the popular alternative media sites have censored 9/11 truth information.  I have no proof, no evidence, but I think this should be considered as a possible reason for the blockout of the important and scholarly research that many in the 9/11 truth movement have presented.



by bob feldman

The mass-circulation weekly TEMPO accused Ford of having once played, at the urging of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a covert role in Indonesian political affairs by consciously supporting the work of individuals who were deemed to be sympathetic to the anti-communist aims of American foreign policy.
— Chronicle of Philanthropy, 12/13/01

Visibility 911: A dozen Questons about Flight 77 from Kevin Ryan

working link:

original link:

A dozen questions about Flight 77 and the Pentagon that might lead to justice, and one that won’t

There are many questions to be answered about the events at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.    Here are a dozen such questions that, if answered, might help to bring about justice.

  1. Exactly how was Flight 77 hijacked, considering, among other things, that the alleged hijackers were said to be identified as security risks (possibly linked to al Qaeda) when they tried to board, and were not physically imposing (all 5 and a half feet tall or less, and slender in build)?[1]
  2. How was the nation’s air defense system disabled on 9/11, and how could anything have hit the Pentagon approximately 80 minutes after the first plane was known to be hijacked?
  3. Why was Dick Cheney tracking Flight 77?[2]
  4. Why were explosive experts, who had a history of covering-up the OKC bombing and have since been accused of obstructing other investigations, hired to write the FEMA report? (Mete Sozen and Paul Mlakar).[3],[4]
  5. Why did the roof of the Pentagon collapse 30 minutes after impact, giving additional evidence for the use of explosives?   Note:  The use of explosives at the Pentagon seems to be in agreement with the use of a large plane, which would have had little penetrating power.
  6. Why was AMEC, the company that had just finished refurbishing Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, hired to lead the clean-up effort at Ground Zero?[5]
  7. Why did the NTSB not make public reports on any of the planes as is the normal procedure?[6]
  8. Why did none of the planes squawk the hijack code?
  9. Why was the official explanation for alleged phone calls made by Flight 77 passenger Barbara Olsen changed several times, and ultimately how could Ted Olsen’s story make any sense?[7]
  10. Why did high-ranking Pentagon officials cancel travel plans for the morning of September 11 “…apparently because of security concerns.”?[8]
  11. How could Hani Hanjour still have successfully piloted Flight 77 given his poor qualifications?[9]
  12. Why are those interested in The Pentagon not intently reviewing documents released by the FAA and 9/11 Commission that reveal startling questions about the aircraft and events of that day?[10]

Why are these questions NOT being pursued by independent investigators?  That’s because the attention of many potential investigators has been hijacked by the much less useful question of “What hit the Pentagon.”  This is certainly the favorite subject of intentional disruptors and official story supporters.

Digital Journal: 9/11 Truth: Time to review post 9/11mentality and face reality?

Note, this is an excellent article, well worth the read all the way through, and perfect for sending to others.



Opinion: 9/11 Truth: Time to review post-9/11 mentality and face reality?

Posted Oct 17, 2010 by  Bill Lindner
9/11 Truth: As more evidence obliterating the Government's 'official' 9/11 fairy tale emerges, demands for investigation into the truth about what happened that day are growing. When do we review the post-9/11 mentality and face reality?
September 11  2001  was the exclamation mark in modern history which will be remembered  the obvious...
National Park Service
September 11, 2001, was the exclamation mark in modern history which will be remembered, the obvious sign of a drastically changed global dynamic.

The public demand -- backed by former senior intelligence officials, former members of Congress and other government officials -- for a real investigation into the terrorist attacks of 9/11 is growing, and there is no sign of them going away any time soon. Why? Because, for many, it's common knowledge that the official story from the 9/11 Commission is admittedly full of lies and false information and has fallen apart.


An excellent essay by Elizabeth Woodworth explains the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and how it could be applied to an investigation into the attacks of 9/11. The effects of 9/11 are far from over as the U.S. Government has used those attacks to declare its fraudulent, endless 'War on Terror', and has shrouded itself in suspicious secrecy to keep its illicit actions covered up. There are many good reasons to investigate the attacks, and more evidence continues surfacing showing that the official story is seriously flawed and full of holes. It's important to understand the events of that day and how it has affected us.

MSNBC News poll about conspiracy theories

MSNBC has a poll in progress asking if you believe in conspiracy theories about 9/11.

chance to weigh in . . .