Teaching 9/11 at School - Promoting the Myth

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I stumbled on this stone quite by accident, kicked it over, and now there are zillions of bugs scrambling around my brain...

Their mission statement sounds fine enough:
"In accordance with its mission to contribute to the interdisciplinary study of contemporary issues, The Clarke Center is pleased to sponsor the "Teaching 9-11" web site. The site provides hundreds of useful links for teachers."

Then I discovered it was founded in 1994 by Henry D. Clarke, Jr. who pops up in searches as being CEO of Clabir Corp in the 80's, a holding company which owned, of all things, the ice cream company famous for the Klondike Bar and major defense contractors, among them General Defense Corp.

Teaching9-11.org features lots of links to "resources". Many don't immediately work due to site changes but the info is still online if you hunt around a bit. One such link is:

'If I didn't confess to 7/7 bombings MI5 officers would rape my wife,' claims torture victim By Matthew Hickley dailymail.co.


'If I didn't confess to 7/7 bombings MI5 officers would rape my wife,' claims torture victim

By Matthew Hickley
Last updated at 10:25 PM on 25th June 2009

A British man spoke publicly for the first time yesterday to accuse MI5 officers of forcing him to confess to masterminding the July 7 bombings.

Jamil Rahman claims UK security officers were behind his arrest in 2005 in Bangladesh.

He says he was beaten repeatedly by local officials who also threatened to rape him and his wife.

Mr Rahman, who is suing the Home Office, said a pair of MI5 officers who attended his torture and interrogation would leave the room while he was beaten.

He claims when he told the pair he had been tortured they merely answered: 'They haven't done a very good job on you.'

Mr Rahman told the BBC: 'They were questioning me on the July 7 bombings, showing me pictures of the bombers.

D.C. Crash Kills General Who Scrambled Jets on 9/11

D.C. Crash Kills General Who Scrambled Jets on 9/11

David F. Wherley Jr., the head of the Washington National Guard who scrambled jets over the city during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, was among those killed in the worst commuter train crash in the city’s history, officials said.
Wherley’s wife, Ann, was also among the nine people killed when a train plowed into the rear of a stopped train during rush hour on June 22, Quintin Peterson, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department, said in a telephone interview. Both were 62 and lived in southeast Washington.

Wherley was commander of the 113th Fighter Wing at Andrews Air Force base in Maryland during the September 2001 terrorist attacks and sent up aircraft with orders to protect the White House and the Capitol, according to the 9/11 Commission report.

He commanded the District of Columbia National Guard from 2003 to 2008, the unit said in a statement.

Cal State Long Beach Zine - Debunking 9/11 Truth

Cal State Long Beach's online zine, www.Daily49er.com, recently featured an opinion piece that bashes 9/11 truth:


Feel free to join in the discussion to enlighten this fellow and his readers!

UPDATE: 911truth.org's Anti-hatred Signing Statement

UPDATE: Janice from 911truth.org asked me to post this here as an update, people can still sign if they want to add their name to the list via a new email address they've just set up, here's her massage:

"To sign our statement rejecting this outrageous propaganda repeatedly pushed by Glenn Beck, please send an email to: signature@911truth.org ."

I hope people do sign because it feels good to stand up and this list of signatures can be used to prove 9/11 truth is a peace movement next time Beck or whoever slanders us all again.

Link: 911truth.org's Anti-hatred Signing Statement

Rivals Kirsten Gillibrand, Carolyn Maloney Put Aside Differences To Aide 9/11 Victims

Considering it was the Government that lied about the air quality down and around Ground Zero, that it was the Government that has neglected them for almost 8 years with very few exceptions... I'd say this is the least they could do. - Jon

Source: nydailynews.com

By Michael Mcauliff

WASHINGTON - Rival New York politicians are putting aside their distaste for one another in hopes of getting the U.S. Senate to embrace a major bill to help the ailing heroes of Sept. 11.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will team up on a 9/11 health bill Wednesday with Mayor Bloomberg and key members of the House, including Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) and Pete King (R-Long Island) - who would both like to unseat the recently appointed senator in 2010.

The measure, which would re-open the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, among other things, is similar to legislation pending in the House that's a cherished cause of Maloney and King.

New Evidence Links Saudi Royal Family To Al Qaeda And Extremists, But May Never Be Used In 9/11 Suit

New York Times: Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists
June 24, 2009

WASHINGTON — Documents gathered by lawyers for the families of Sept. 11 victims provide new evidence of extensive financial support for Al Qaeda and other extremist groups by members of the Saudi royal family, but the material may never find its way into court because of legal and diplomatic obstacles.

The case has put the Obama administration in the middle of a political and legal dispute, with the Justice Department siding with the Saudis in court last month in seeking to kill further legal action. Adding to the intrigue, classified American intelligence documents related to Saudi finances were leaked anonymously to lawyers for the families. The Justice Department had the lawyers’ copies destroyed and now wants to prevent a judge from even looking at the material.

The Saudis and their defenders in Washington have long denied links to terrorists, and they have mounted an aggressive and, so far, successful campaign to beat back the allegations in federal court based on a claim of sovereign immunity.

David Chandler responds to Frank Greening

June 17, 2009
Greening vs. Chandler and Newton’s Laws:


The occasion for Frank Greening’s letter is correspondence with several physicists, chemists,
and engineers discussing arguments I made in a video posted on the Architects and Engineers
for 9/11 Truth YouTube page:

This is my response to his letter.

Chandler concludes that the block was subject to a net force of 0.64M(upper)g. Prior to the
collapse of WTC 1, the lower portion of the building was perfectly capable of holding up the