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TruthStock Concert in LA

There's a lot of "divide and conquer" style COINTELPRO tactics coming down on the movement right now. So LET'S FIGHT BACK using rock and roll, poetry, and truth!

The Truth Party
In Conjunction with We Are Change LA, 9/11 Truth LA, and Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth

TruthStock 2010

A concert and happening to raise awareness about the legal harassment of truth activist Bruno Bruwhiler.

Nov. 13
Saturday Night, 7 PM Door
Club Casa Honduras
Koreatown, LA, 6628 S. Vermont Ave
$5 in advance or at the door.

Bruno Bruwhiler is an activist from We Are Change, LA, unfairly targeted by police and courts for being a leader in 9/11 truth activism. He has spent $18,000 defending himself from bogus “contempt of court” and other charges.

Donations for the Bruno Bruhiler Legal Defense will be solicited.
Free DVDs of the top 9/11 Truth documentaries will be handed out.
The show is all ages, but there is a bar area for drinkers, too.

This is LA’s most important civil liberties issue right now! See Examiner.com’s excellent reporting on his case.

punk and indie rock from:

Opening Invocation:
Readings from WALT WHITMAN (8PM)

911 Truthers Are Everywhere - People Rapidly Waking Up To 911 Truth!

On 10/11 We Are Change Los Angeles and other chapters and 911 truth groups did a march for 911 truth and a peace demonstration in protest at the offices of Google, Verizon and Rand corporations and of solidarity at the police and fire department headquarters in Santa Monica. There were 150 or so people from Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County and Long Beach.
But even before we got started we had a number of people walk up to us and express support and these were people who had done their homework. An entirely new flow than we have seen at previous demonstrations and very exciting to experience.
We even had one fellow from Trinidad who was taking a leisurely bus ride in Santa Monica with his son who saw us demonstrating and they got off the bus and asked what it was all about. He joined us and participated with us for an entire afternoon. At dinner afterwards he said it was the best day of his life!

Here is a chat with one of these individuals who had already woken up to the truth before we got to him...

WeAreChangeLA confronts Scott McClellan


Stewart Howe and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel ask Whitehouse Press Secretary Scott McClellan about 9-11 and the Constitution. McClellan pretends to not have heard of PNAC and Building 7.

Unfortunately for McClellan, treason is not that easy to hide from.

Video footage shot by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Stewart Howe. Editing by Joel Bevaqua.


White House Speech Writer Turns Violent After 9/11 Questions

White House Speech Writer Turns Violent After 9/11 Questions

‘Axis of Evil’ author David Frum Responds to Questions With Physical Assault and Obscene Language

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | April 28, 2008


A member of We Are Change L.A. was assaulted and cursed at by former White House speech writer David Frum during a book signing, according to reports.

Frum– a neo-con policy maker who is often credited with coining the phrase ‘Axis of Evil’– allegedly lost his temper when he recognized Stewart Howe, of We Are Change L.A., from a previous book signing. Howe approached Frum to ask a question when Frum became angry, and then violent, reports indicate.

Indymedia + 9/11 Truth on Truth Revolution Radio

On this show I am joined by two longtime indymedia activists and we discuss a wide range of topics with a focus on the indymedia network in relation to 9/11 truth, left gatekeeping, working with activists from diverse political backgrounds and the global importance of this issue that cuts to heart of the empire. Chris Burnett has been a part of indymedia since its inception in Seattle at the WTO protests, is a co-founder of IMC Los Angeles and the host of Indymedia On Air on Pacifica's KPFK in Los Angeles. Chris C has been politically active since the Poll Tax protests in the late 80s in England and works with indymedia UK. In the second segment I talk to Bruno Bruhwiler from We Are Change LA about making banners and standing up to FOX News in defense of free speech.

TRR MP3 ad free

Make use of your local indymedia!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

We Are Change LA on Truth Revolution Radio

Bruno, Katy and Jeremy from We Are Change LA talk about recent actions and the upcoming California Convergence in San Diego on the one year anniversary of the Eleventh Day of Every Month campaign. Jon Gold reports on a special event with 9/11 family members and John Bursill of Sydney Truth Action to talk about the upcoming Australian conference. Take action on February 11!

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Waxman Truth Squad on 1-11-08 "KPFK Evening News" with Senior Producer, Christine Blosdale

KPFK Senior Producer, Christine Blosdale, prepared a segment for the January 11, 2008 "KPFK Evening News" on what she called a "great gotcha moment in history," namely the recent truth-squading of Representative Henry Waxman. Interspersed with her own take on it were a few powerful moments from the encounter pulled from the We Are Change LA video of the event.

You can download the entire news show here- http://reader.feedshow.com/show_items-feed=ef181e40d78292013740efca4c3774fa
The segment starts right before the 21:30 mark.
Here's a link to just the 6-some minute segment: Click here to watch '-gotcha-Henry-Waxman--on-KPFK-1-11-08' or

We Are Change LA Talks to Jane Harman's Office about HR1955, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth and False-flag Terrorism

The earlier part of our Eleventh Day of Action last month was spent demonstrating outside of Congresswoman Jane Harman's office in El Segundo, CA. We took the opportunity to go inside and speak with her aid about our concerns surrounding HR 1955, Mark Weitzman's powerpoint presentation identifying www.ae911truth.org as "Disinformation" and appealing to terrorists, and Congress's continuing silent complicity in the 9-11 cover-up. Her aid would not allow us to film the conversation so we attempted to describe the conversation as best we could. We left behind some information about 9-11, including an ae911truth.org card about the destruction of the Twin Towers and a DVD with "9-11 Mysteries" and Richard Gage AIA's "Blueprint for Destruction," among others. Here's the video:

We Are Change LA on Truth Revolution Radio

Randy, Zan and Stewart from We Are Change LA were the guests on the October 29 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We talked about the Bill Maher disruption, Charlie Sheen's questioning of 9/11 and confronting the Skeptic's Society with actual skepticism. Drew from 9/11 Truth Tucson co-hosts.

Truth Revolution Radio October 29 MP3

A Message from Zan

The Eleventh Day of Every Month