The Year of Living Dangerously: Part Two of Two

An Absence of Will

Under constant manipulations, lies and propaganda, a nation of courage has become a nation of cowards. A nation that once questioned its leaders now falls lockstep behind them, blindly following criminality and corruption. A nation that once stood for protests, strikes, marches, sit-ins, challenging the government and seeking accountability now prefers sitting comfortably on couches or chairs, watching the world pass by through television sets or laptops, some becoming arm-chair activists, most simply rotting away their lives, preferring the life of a couch potato, passively ignoring the destruction of rights and freedoms, silently acquiescing to myriad number of crimes against humanity, and obediently shopping, purchasing and consuming according to the dictates of the corporatist world, their new god the Almighty Dollar commanding them to congregate at the Cathedrals of Consumerism, the Malls of Materialism, told to do their job and be good consumers, spending what little they have, even consuming with money that they do not have, and must therefore borrow.

Steve Alten, author of The Shell Game, and the Green Party Debate is coming up on No Lies Radio!!

Sun Jan 20th -- 2pm PST -- 5pm EST -- Green Party Presidential Candidates Debate
Held in SF on 1/13/2008 - uncut 3 hours debate - hear Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, others.

Wed Jan 23rd -- 6pm PST -- 9pm EST -- Steve Alton, author of The Shell Game
interviewed by Carol Brouillet's on Questioning War-Organizing Resistance. We are now carrying Carol's show first broadcast on WTPRN on Mondays every Wednesday, but WITHOUT THE COMMERCIALS.

Every Weekday at 3pm PST -- 6pm EST -- 911Truth Teach-In.
and repeated Saturday at 9am -- 12pm EST

Hear the greatest interviews and lectures by David Ray Griffin, Stephen Jones, Richard Gage, and other leaders in the 911Truth movement. This is a perfect introduction to 911Truth for your friends that need the basics.

24 * 7 We have the best 911Truth and Anti-War Music, Talk, Comedy, and News on the Air.


New 911Truth Internet Radio it Out.

I am asking for the group's comments and constructive suggestions for the 911Truth Internet Radio
Station I set up last week, It is still in "beta" testing and I am making changes as we go based on actual results and feedback. Please take a few minutes if you can and listen in and tell me and the 911Blogger group what you think!!! It runs 24*7. And if you like it, please tell your friends. Lots of cool music and relevant talk. We are hoping that newcomers to 911Truth will find it enlightening and entertaining without being bored. And that the converted will adopt it as their own. Lots of potential here....more announcements and changes to come as we quickly adjust to actual results and your feedback.



Allan Rees


2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference with William Rodriguez

2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference

November 16-18, 2007

Addison, Texas
Crowne Plaza North Dallas (972) 980-8877
14315 Midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001

Special room rate of $92 per night available, reserve your room here!

The main part of this 3-day Conference will be Saturday, November 17, and Sunday, November 18, when we will have over fifteen of the most informative, knowledgeable and exciting Justice, Peace, and Freedom speakers addressing a variety of the most important and life-changing events of our day. The Friday, November 16, event is a separate 6-hour class on the U.S. Constitution, your rights, freedom and law.

Fascism to Freedom : WeAreChange Confronts



WeAreCHANGE NYC confronts Greenspan
Greenspan Working To Destroy US Economy
Puppets of the elite posing as saviors once again

Read More Here...

Its great to announce that WeAreCHANGE NYC has confronted Alan Greenspan this past monday at a book signing. The exciting video is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Other videos coming soon:

Bill Clinton
Larry Silverstein
Rudy Giuliani

Don't let these criminals walk without being confronted on their crimes, be the CHANGE you want to see in this world and start a CHANGE chapter in your city.

Pls See :

We Are Change - Florida Confronts Giuliani

9/11 Accountability Laid at CFR Doorstep

A day downtown with Alex Jones and WeAreChange

The Wind of Change of Is in the Air.

9/11 Tyranny develops in the silence

Jim Kirwan

This government has made a deal with every man, woman and child in this country ­ it's a one-sided arrangement made at birth, and not open to discussion or negotiation. This needs to change.

The further down on the food-chain a person is, the greater is the share taken by the government from that individual's life. The irony is that very few people understand just how much this unseen but deeply felt arrangement, has come to shape both the quality and the depth within their individual lives.

In the case of 911 the record of inequality, between the public and the government is obscene. The public paid for protection from attacks, such as those on 911: Yet no protection was provided. Afterwards the government chose not to investigate and those responsible chose not to discipline themselves, so in the end the same people that allowed 911 to happen have been dictating US policies ever since. In some cases the guilty parties were actually promoted after they failed to do their jobs on 911, and that's just for starters. Did no one resent this sorry state of depleted leadership!

It's been six long years now and it's time to review the public record.

America's Tomorrow

Burden on Those Yet to Come

Throughout human history certain patterns continue repeating themselves over and over again, becoming, if careful attention is paid to study them, a direct harbinger to what tomorrow’s cultures and societies will be like. The inevitability of what a future generation’s destiny will become is oftentimes discernable from the accumulated sins of the fathers that came before as well as those of the grandfathers that no longer exist, over years accruing and building upon each other until the future becomes the unstoppable rollercoaster birthed from the damage that was done in the past.

Rudy Giuliani Attacks Freedom, Profits from Terror, But Does Not Read

Rudy Giuliani, Republican candidate for President is calling for increased use of “electronic surveillance” and “interrogations” in the “War on Terror.”

It would seem clear from reports (Newsweek), that Giuliani has a clear motivation to keep domestic security in the publics mind, other than public safety.

"And he [has] been charging $100,000 a speech - $200,000 when he lingers for chitchat or a meal or two.

Yes, as the records now show, 9/11 has been very, very good to Rudy."

“In the new FEC filing from the Giuliani campaign, he put his personal assets in the $13-million to $66-million range, including his share of the Giuliani & Co. consulting firm. And most of the income, more than $11 million, came from speaking fees.”

The importance of 9/11 in relation to freedom

Hello everyone,

My good friend Niels recently came across a few people on a message board claiming that 9/11 is essentially irrelevant to current political consideration. I know a lot of people find themselves in this boat. For that reason, I am posting a 24 minute video response to this argument from Niels on youtube:

I know there are a lot of constitutionalists and minarchists in the 9/11 truth movement. This video is for anyone interested in achieving personal and political freedom. Follow the rabbit hole!

I don't know if that embed will work, so here is a link as well:



America Freedom to Fascism (Highest Quality Available)

This is the highest quality version of A.F.T.F. that I've found anywhere.

Think you're free?

This is a flyer you can use to inform others about the Military Commission Act of 2006.


This is the first time for me to write on a blog, I have done all of the research, and am into my 2nd year of understanding on what is happening to our country!
My main reason for starting this blog is this.. The polls show that over 1/2 of America believes that 9/11 was an
inside job.....Okay......So, why aren't people doing something about this? Our gov't is so corrupt from the bottom up
and most people inderstand this, but when I bring it up to all of the people that I deal with, most people look
at me as though I am crazy when I ask a few simple, gentle questions. Where are the 50%?? Why are people
so lost?? I feel so alone in this world, where our freedoms are being stripped away? Is it all just blogs and talk?
Or is something really going to change? With the Nov. Elections coming, I really feel that we are too lost, and too late.
I am doing what I can, and I do it everyday, but I feel as though I am running up a muddy hill. We have such a
MONSTER against us.... I am asking for advice? What do you think we are going to accomplish...especially
with rigged electronic voting machines, RFID cards mandated by 2008, and we are stuck with George W till
2008, who will create another false flag against Iran, or any other country he chooses. The list goes on and on as you well know. Can you feel my pain. Here is my delimma... Do I keep trying my best..One by one