Request for information

Can anybody direct me to a source for surface tracks of flights AA77 and UA93 superimposed on a reasonably large scale map?

I'd like to pursue an idea and these tracks would make a good starting point.


Thoughts on the technical side of the wtc collapses

First up, I'm not an engineer. However, I'd like to stimulate a bit of discussion on a technical aspect because I haven't seen it discussed in this context.

A common comment is that all three towers fell due to controlled demolition. The implication being that the collapses were identical. Of course they weren't. The first two [wtc 1 & 2] were subjected to a much more complex process than the third [wtc7].

I'd like to look at wtc 1 & 2 for two reasons:

1. A lack of supporting explanation could be a source for debunking fun.
2. A good supporting explanation would be yet another obvious smoking gun [apart from squibs, etc].

It appears that the normal way to pull a building is to break it off at the base then cut it rapidly floor by floor from the bottom up. This process is visible in wtc7 and all the comparitive examples.

I believe that the perpetrators used the standard technique on wtc7 a. because it wasn't going to be hit by a plane and b. the original plan was to say that it was dropped due to instability caused by collateral damage [I cite Silverstein's video statement re 'pulling' the building].

9/11 Mysteries is Reinstated by Google Video!!

Last night I stumbled upon the recently re-activated Google page for the film. The previous view count (2,475,901 last night) also shows on the page!! Hooray!!

Last night I emailed Sofia, the creator of the film, and she responded this morning--she's totally elated!! Spread the word about this excellent film: it's a door opener to the TRUTH.

High quality WTC collapse footage

Here's some of the collapse footage from the 9/11 archive. A zip file with all the original mpeg cuts (not re-encoded, original (interlaced) mpegs) is available for download here: . All footage can be verified in the 9/11 archive at

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Xenomorph, who originally posted the links to the mpegs on the conspiracy central forums.

ABC, 9/11, 22:40

NBC, 9/11, 14:40

CNN, 9/11, 11:33

FOX, 9/11, 21:28

911 Evidence as yet unearthed

As I monitor the flood of information popping up on 911 I frequently find myself wondering about some things that could add more weight to the discussion. These are things that ought to be ascertainable with a bit of legwork. I'm not in a position to do much hard investigation myself so I thought I'd put these thoughts out there in case someone wants to pick them up and put some time into them.

1. It appears that certain tenants of the 2 towers were warned not to come to work on 911. This implies a selection process.

Question: Is there a connection between people who didn't show for work that day?

Example - Registered republican, politicians, Bush acquaintances, Bush contributors, Saudi royal family connected.

The converse is interesting too. Who DID show?

Registered democrat, Bush opposer, muslim, middle eastern national, other foreigner, (Bush-centric) nonentity.

2. Who was in the audience at the Warren Buffett seminar deep in the bomb-proof bunker at the top secret air force base that Bush stopped at on 911? Were any of these guys skipping a days work at the WTC to attend?

Well known "debunkers" submitted a paper for peer review and publication to Journal of Engineering Mechanics

I just wanted to make visitors of this site aware that a bunch of well known "debunkers" submitted to the Department of Civil and Envriomental Engineering at Northwestern University a paper on the mechanism of collapse of the WTC Towers for peer review and publication by the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

Here is a link to the paper concerned.

I want to raise concern so that scientists and engineers from the movement move to respond to this paper.

Comparison Video - The Planned Demolition of the WTC


A video that compares aspects of well known, 'obvious' building demolitions with the almost hidden ones of WTC 1 & 2 on September 11th 2001. I say almost because ANYONE can watch this video and see it for themselves.

See hundreds of demolition charge flashes before and during the implosions of the towers.

Watch as huge horizontal blasts eject steel and concrete far below the collapsing section.

Its clear cut folks....those towers were absolutely laced with demo charges, fact.

And that creates all sorts of horrible thoughts....

We must expose the 9/11 Inside Job...for the victims, their families, subsequent war deaths and for everyone on this planet.

Thanks to the video "9/11: The Explosive Reality" - which inspired me to put this little video together.


Another "Huff" to support

The huffington post website has been re-done. If I thought it was 'soft' on 911 before, I was sadly mistaken. The 911 stuff is there but its buried in a ton of incredibly banal pap.

Anyway, someone's 'huffed' an article called "Why the towers fell: Two theories" its on page 3 of the US News section [ ].

If we get on there now and 'huff' it, it might make the ticker before it ages out of sight.

WTC Remains

This is a link to photos and videos of the WTC remains held in Hangar 17 at JFK airport:.

Pilots Discuss Difficulty of WTC Attacks

Professional Pilots Rob Balsamo and FAA Authorized Flight Examiner/Check Airman Dan Govatos discuss the difficulty of the WTC attacks as well as attempts to duplicate the attack in an Airline Simulator on

visit for archive of full interview.

Visit for the latest information and in depth analysis.

The Case for an Explosive Device in the Sub Levels of the WTC: North Tower

I believe the reader will find that the following information proves without a doubt that terrorists used an explosive device in the subleves of the North Tower.

The Case for an Explosive Device In The Sublevels of the WTC North Tower
Author: Swing Dangler

I will not attempt the blame game with this premise. I am not a structural engineer or an explosives expert. I do have reasonable doubts about the official story. My research to this point on a personal level has been with a trained explosive expert in the U.S. military and with a construction engineer. I have read reports in support of the NIST and rebuttals to the NIST report. I have also read the NIST report summary as posted online. The reason for this hypothesis is to consider what assisted in the global collapse of the Twin Towers. The existence for this hypothesis is three-fold.

1. The NIST did not attempt to explain the reason for a global collapse nor consider the hypothesis which I proposed. Does that make the existence of explosive devices(ED) invalid? No.

Phillip Morelli - Basement Explosion Witness (Full Interview)

I had not seen the entire interview, he gives a detailed account of his experience.

NIST releases some of the Computer Models for a Fee.

Some of the Computer models have been released according to this person and the ones he acquired are available for download.

He obtained them after a successful Freedom of Information Act request.

The fee for obtaining his models was $58.

Download links to obtained models:


I hope we can obtain rest of the models NIST relied on for further study.

Complete Archive of WTC Task Force Interviews for Download

I have spent quite a few hours going through and downloading every single interview PDF file available online and building a ZIP archive with them all conveniently stored together.

These are the original unedited World Trade Center Task Force Interview Transcripts taken between October 2001 and January 2002.

I have taken them from the NY Times website, so hopefully there are no questions over credibility.

Base URL (

They Include testamony from...


Please host these if you can (filesize is 44MB), share or whatever as they were tricky to put all together and are not located in many places (two websites I found, none in easily accessible archive format, all separate).

You can download the ZIP archive from :
Update: 911podcasts mirror

Please help store for posterity and future analysis.

Many thanks and best wishes

WTC1 Blueprints - Repack of original image files

This is a repack of the original WTC blueprint images - each file is now descriptively labeled, and those that were scanned upside down have been rotated. The originals also had a strange pixel aspect ratio that would result in a distorted image when opening the file in many programs, and that too has been corrected.

Note that this zip file contains only the blueprint images - the other large data files that were included in the original torrent have been left out.

WTC1 - 139.5 MB
(If anyone wants to stick these on a real server, I would love to kill the Megaupload link...)