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My Brief Interview With Susan Faludi, journalist and author of "The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post 9/11 America"

Last night, Susan Faludi was in Los Angles, speaking at the LA Central Library about her new book, "The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post 9/11 America." After an interesting discussion ranging from the stifling of women's voices immediately after 9-11 to the recapitulation of the "lone cowboy" version of hyper-masculinity, there was a question and answer period, during which I had hoped to ask a question about the nature of the mythic origin event itself. I had also hoped to weave in a glance at the philosophical heritage of the neo-cons that pointed to "creating reality" and some of the most nihilistic aspects of Nietszche's "superman" (ubermensch) concept. But my hand didn't get picked. So, I waited afterwards for everybody to get their book signed and then asked her for a brief interview, which she graciously accepted to do. Afterwards, I handed her a DVD (Zeitgeist is what I had in my bag at the time) and a pamphlet. Here is the transcript (I'm J (for Jeremy) and she's S (for Susan):

LA 9-11 Truth and Justicers Hit Washington DC aka the District of Criminality and/or Complicity

After participating in the 6th anniversary events in NYC, LA 9-11 truth and justicers David and I (Jeremy aka Shumonik) proceeded to Washington DC to truth-up the streets of DC and the halls of Congress. One of our first acts in DC was to do a banner drop on the steps of the Supreme Court under its statement of purpose "Equal Justice Under the Law." We quickly found out that was illegal and were told that the Supreme Court is private property. We didn't get to meet the people who own it.

Incompetent Theories: My Response to More Knee-jerk "Conspiracism" Crud from Cockburn

This was my quick (under 300 word) response to Alexander Cockburn's tsktsking of Fidel Castro for "9-11 conspiracism" in a larger piece about Alan Greenspan in the Nation magazine:

"Cockburn's Still Got the Wrong Conspiracy Theory"

Alexander Cockburn refuses to miss any opportunity to slander the 9-11 Truth Movement. While addressing Greenspan’s role in the very real global conspiracy to create an economy “exceptional” for oligarchs by a race to the bottom, Cockburn should’ve heeded his own warning to Castro of not giving in to conspiracism. But, Cockburn has clearly decided to hand his powers of reason over to the state-sponsored variety of 9-11 conspiracism.

Instead of an entire paragraph on some childish theory regarding Flight 77, Cockburn could have opened the space for real thought by appropriately mentioning some history, such as Operation Northwoods, a very real plan put to JFK by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to use CIA-directed, false-flag terror in instigating a confrontation with Cuba.

Bill Maher Interrupted in Real Time Overtime while Pushing Big Lie

A couple weeks ago, I attended a Real Time w/ Bill Maher taping with a fellow 9-11 Truther from Southern California. Maher's guests were Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Michael Eric Dyson and Pete Hamill. I could not keep my opinions to myself, especially with Rahm Emanuel mincing words about very important issues. So I shouted out a few times. I guess it got to Maher since it reached a crescendo during the Overtime segment. Right after he mentioned the overwhelming Saudi make-up of the 9-11 hijackers, I yelled out "Patsies." At this point he called me a "loudmouth asshole" and told security to shut me up. While security was talking to me, he said he would come down and kick my ass if he had to, eliciting audience applause. I wish had heard that at the time since I would have told him to debate me instead. It's agreed also that next time, the words "Don't tazer me bro!" might be apppropriate and disarming. Check it out here. It gets going @ about 2:30 into it.

Lynn Pentz of confronts Congresswoman Jane Harman

Lynn Pentz of caught up with/to Jane Harman, House repesentative from the 36th district in California after a townhall-type panel to ask her about her stance on 9-11 Truth and remind her about the legal repercussions of misprision of treason.

The following people were on the panel on October 6, 2007:
Lila Garrett - KPFK's "Connect The Dots"
Dr. Jo Olson - Advocate for Universal Health Care
Jesse Swanhuyser - "Level Trade" policy advocate
Peter Thottam - Impeachment advocate
Marcy Winograd - Pres., PDLA - Election Protection advocate

Fragments on 9-11 Truth, Justice and Peace from a ‘Young’ Jewish Intellectual: Part 1- "Breaking the Silence Barrier"

"My column will include voices so often excluded, people whose views the media mostly ignore, issues they distort and even ridicule."— Amy Goodman from her first piece for her weekly column "Breaking the Sound Barrier"

“Of course, there will be those who demand silent obedience. We expect that from the ultra-right, and anyone with a little familiarity with history will expect it from some left intellectuals as well, perhaps in an even more virulent form. But it is important not to be intimidated by hysterical ranting and lies and to keep as closely as one can to the course of truth and honesty and concern for the human consequences of what one does, or fails to do. All truisms, but worth bearing in mind. Beyond the truisms, we turn to specific questions, for inquiry and for action.”—Noam Chomsky from the last page in his pamphlet “9-11”

Johnny Wendell Put 9-11 Truth on Air America Affiliate KTLK1150 for Another Hour on Monday, September 3rd

A day after having Webster Tarpley and Barbara Honegger on the air to discuss 9-11 truth for an hour, host Johnny Wendell had Tarpley back on the air to hone in on the current threatening situation. The 1st segment was focused on the economic indicators that something is coming down the pike. After taking some calls from the audience, including some from local 9-11 truthers, Wendell had Tarpley on for one more segment to focus in on the case of building 7.

Overall, the two day truthathon sponsored by Mr. Wendell was a great gift to 9-11 truth movement in introducing some facts and ideas to a large progressive audience in Southern California. Additionally, both Honegger, on Sunday, and Tarpley, on Monday, directed listeners to go to the LA group's 9-11-07 Commemoration and Convergence Event. Everyone involved did great work to help make it happen.

Late Night Fragments on Using both Wings for Resolving and Healing the Kennebunkport Flare Up: Wisdom and Compassion

The intensity of emotions on all sides of the Kennebunkport Warning rings of authenticity to me, leading me to believe that this is not a disinfo plot but a serious encounter among people of good intention during very dire times. This is why we must treat this situation and all involved with a fierce respect in order to gain a chance for deep dialogue and bridge-building. That being said, I think we are now crossing an uneasy, but crucial bridge between the 9-11 truth movement and the anti-war movement, none too early I might say. For years and years, these two movements have been, at best, distant cousins who reluctantly see each other a few times a year and make fun of each other in between, and, at worst, suspicious neighbors thinking each other to be agents of dischord.

Meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan has been an incredibly courageous leader as the most aggressive and visible member of the peace movement. And Webster Tarpley has been a powerful spokesperson, not only for a devastating take on 9-11 truth, but also for strategies towards justice and peace.

Hard Work of LA Truther Pays Off in Hour of 9-11 Truth Talk on Local Air America Affiliate KTLK-AM1150

Yesterday, Sunday September 2nd, 2007, the disciplined effort of an LA Truther paid off in getting Webster Tarpley and Barbara Honegger an hour of air time on KTLK-AM1150, the local affiliate of Air America. Through engaging host Johnny Wendell in a serious 9-11 Truth dialogue over a course of many hours on the internet, she was able to get Wendell to invite Tarpley and Honegger, on very short notice, onto a show from 3-4pm he was guest-hosting for Joe McDonnell. With good interviewing from Wendell, both Tarpley and Honegger were able to give enough historical context, clear evidence from the "day of," and logical theories about what exactly might have happened, to spark Wendell's interest enough to commit to another hour or so of discussion centered around calls from the audience for this coming afternoon. Tarpley got more time and utilized it well by shredding the Zelikow Myth and giving a sense of how these type of operations actually work and where to look to for suspects.

Intrigue Hits the 9-11 Truth Movement: We Have the Evidence, Now Where is the Love?!

The Kenne'bunk(?)'port Warnings have touched a raw nerve it appears for all involved and not so involved. Clearly, things need to be cleared up. Apologies, if appropriate, should come freely and just an overall sense of making things right. Meanwhile, it is striking to me to have just gone trolling at dailykos and glimpsed comments to the effect, "yeah, Cheney's capable of that and some of the signatories are credible, but show me the evidence and a notarized copy of signatures if you want me to really bug out at my computer screen." I swear to God, I am in the twilight zone, we all are. "Yeah, I can believe that the man second in line to protect the American people is capable of taking out a city or three with mini-nukes, or at least with radiological devices of some sort. But not necessariy right now, or next week. Yeah, possibly to probably before the next elections."

Recently, a call heard on this morning's Washington Journal, check the video

or watch it here by going to the Washington Journal Program for 8/22/07 and start watching a bit after the 2:40:00 mark:

After this call, a firestorm of 9-11 truth began to rage until, after multiple callers had proclaimed their doubt about the government's story, a poor Republican woman had to bemoan how she was depressed that there wasn't enough talk about Al-Qaeda and other Islamo-extremists. She then proceeded to talk about how Janet Reno was the worst AG because of Waco and Ruby Ridge. You'll find no Janet Reno apologist here. People are pissed. And they're beginning to understand who at. Let's take it to court.

Impeachment Movement, Including Statement on 9-11 Treason, Hits Chamber of Los Angeles City Council

All photos by Sharona Smith
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On the morning of Friday, 8-17-07, about 50 people from the Los Angeles Impeachment Center ( stormed the chamber of the LA City Council to demand that the Council fulfill their oath to the Constitution by introducing and passing a resolution in support of impeaching George W. Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney. After much disciplined and strategic organizing by people like dedicated activist Peter Thottam and many other organizers and engaged citizens, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl helped open the space for a half hour discussion of why impeachment IS a local issue. Many people made powerful points about the ethical imperative of stepping up and doing something during a time of moral crisis. Watch the two videos @ the end of this post to get a flavor of how it went down.

Mike Gravel Supports 9-11 Criminal Investigation On Air, a week after Mike Medved says "No" to Respectful and Rational Dialogue

Today, August 21, 2007, on the Michael Medved show, Presidential candidate Mike Gravel reconfirmed his support for an independent investigation of 9-11-01 and affirmed his support for a criminal investigation as well. I wanted to see if he would go a little further than he has in the past, having learned a bit in the interim from the 9-11 Truth movement, but he fell back on things he has said before. Still, he affirmed support for a criminal investigation and made it explicit that any investigation should be free of government interest. Here is the recording: Click here to watch 'Mike-Gravel-part-1--asked-about-9-11-Investigation-on-Medved-show-8-21-07'

After I got cut off, Medved asked Gravel whether he thought JFK's assassination was a conspiracy. Gravel, having referenced the Warren Commission before, said he didn't think so, but he had questions about Ruby shooting Oswald. Medved told him to read Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History."

Using History Channel and Other 'Debunkers' to Identify Our Strengths and Use Them to Pursue Justice

I watched the History Channel program "The 9-11 Conspiracies" and it was one of the more wide-ranging 'debunking' efforts so far. This is a good sign. One guy ludicrously dropped 'theory' from its normal place in the epithet, and would just talk about the conspiracies abounding on the internet- 9-11 Blogger's not laundering drug money is it? They even brought up Mineta's testimony, about which Coburn from Popular Mechanics had no flippant response to other than wishing there would soon be some official response to it. We all know that there won't be until there are indictments and summonses.

Treason Trial Project Moves Forward to West Coast: 5 More Federal Judges Receive Notification and Evidence of 9-11 Treason

On Friday morning, August 17, 2007, 5 federal judges from the Western Division of the U.S. District Court of the Central District of California received a letter and packet of information regarding treasonous acts committed by the Bush administration (with a focus on Bush and Cheney in this communication) surrounding the attacks of September 11th, 2001. This district is the largest in the country, serving 17 million people, thus there are many judges who have not yet received information, who should and could in the future. The following judges received the letter and packets:
Honorable A. Howard Matz
Honorable Mariana R. Pfaelzer
Honorable Christina A.Snyder
Honorable Robert M. Takasugi
Honorable Robert J. Timlin

I had face to face contact with Judge Timlin for a few moments and announced that the content of my packet was regarding treason, misprision of treason and fulfilling my legal obligations surrounding these matters. He said, with an air of seriousness and interest, "I will read this." Check out this article I found on Judge Timlin: