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Is Fox News Recycling Terror To Scare The Masses?

Earlier today, I posted this article from Fox News entitled, "U.S. Terror Attack — 'Ninety Days at Most." This particular story was picked up today by,, and

As it turns out, this story was originally published by Fox News on 7/13/2005.

Thanks kelp for the catch.

Korey Rowe Arrest Story - front page!

The story is the number two headline on, right below Nifong's apology for his prosecution of the Duke players. The headline for the story is: "Army: 9/11 Filmmaker's a Deserter".

I would like to point out that Fox News doesn't even know proper English grammar. "Filmmaker's" is not a contraction for "Filmmaker Is".,2933,290942,00.html

Producer of 9/11 Conspiracy Film 'Loose Change' Arrested for Deserting the Army

Thursday, July 26, 2007

By Catherine Donaldson-Evans
Fox News

One of the young filmmakers behind a controversial 9/11 conspiracy documentary was arrested this week on charges that he deserted the Army, even though he claims he received an honorable discharge.

Korey Rowe, 24, who served with the 101st Airborne in Afghanistan and Iraq, told that he was honorably discharged from the military 18 months ago — which he said he explained to sheriffs when they pounded on his door late Monday night.

“When they came to my house, I showed them my paperwork,” Rowe said. “The cops said, 'You’re still in the system.'”

No conspiracy


No conspiracy

Chico Enterprise-Record

Article Launched:06/12/2007 12:00:00 AM PDT

I am not a propagandist. I have no agenda. I have faithfully reported what I have observed. And I share some of letter writer and 9/11 Truther Paul Ellcessor's exasperation.

Shame on the Fox News Channel for abusing Ellcessor's intellectual peer Rosie O'Donnell over her bold statement, "It's the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel." Fox lowering the bar on rational, scientific discussion is entirely unhelpful.

FOX News Marginalizes Giuliani Critics And 9/11 Victims As “Campaign Crazies” And Democrat Kirsten Powers Helps

FOX puts its best (worst?) spin on Giuliani's WTC moment. The fact of the matter is, confronting "America's Mayor" with "America's Questions" is a winning tactic, and FOX can't handle the truth. The fact of the matter is, Giuliani's 9/11 campaign crutch is quite vulnerable, and confronting Giuliani with tough questions is a winner for 9/11 skeptics. So get your handycam and bust some moves. Have a follow-up question ready to roll, a good one might be, "Why didn't your administration ensure that the First Responders had the best radios that they could possibly have?" -r.

FOX News Marginalizes Giuliani Critics And 9/11 Victims As “Campaign Crazies” And Democrat Kirsten Powers Helps

Reported by Ellen - June 1, 2007

A group of New York City firefighters and family members of 9/11 victims, upset with the faulty radios and what they called a lack of coordination at Ground Zero, have been protesting at Rudy Giuliani’s fundraisers in an effort to challenge his media image as a 9/11 hero. But rather than air the allegations in a fair and balanced forum, FOX News marginalized the critics as “campaign crazies” and equated them with a man who said he would never vote for Romney because he’s a Mormon. Sadly, “Democratic strategist” Kirstin Powers declined the opportunity to advocate for the other side. With video.

The discussion on last night's (5/31/07) Hannity & Colmes opened with Sean Hannity playing a clip of Romney politely approaching a potential constituent. “I’m one person who will never vote for a Mormon,” the man told Romney and refused to shake his hand. That was followed by a clip of Giuliani telling an unknown but aggressive questioner, “The fact is that I never realized the towers would collapse.” Hannity followed that up by repeating an old falsehood, that Republican guest Michael Steele “(was) hit with Oreo cookies” during a 2002 gubernatorial debate.

Powers seemed to have spent all her prep time on her appearance and none on any substantive issues. She either didn't know or didn't care that Hannity had just misrepresented the Oreo cookie incident. Her main interest seemed to be in flirting prettily with Hannity. She looked absolutely gorgeous but seemed to have nothing to say other than “this kind of stuff happens all the time on campaigns… A good politician, a good campaigner knows how to react.” It never seemed to have occurred to her that here was an opportunity to point out the vulnerabilities of a top Republican presidential candidate or even mention that there are plenty of real 9/11 heroes who take issue with Giuliani’s actions and his heroic image.

It was Alan Colmes who brought out the fact that Steele was not pelted with cookies but, as Steele later admitted, “when I looked at my feet, someone had rolled Oreo cookies in my direction.”

Colmes continued to make all the points Powers should have. He asked Steele, “What’s wrong with asking someone like Rudy Giuliani questions… there are some questions about, for example, the decision to put the emergency bunker on the 27th floor of the World Trade Center…. Those are legitimate questions to ask a candidate.” ...


Fox suggests Rosie fired over 'leaked' video of 9/11 talk

Update from William Rodriguez:

Dear Friends and supporters,
Fox news came out today with the rumor that Rosie O'Donnell was fired because she mentioned my story to a live audience of "The View" that was recorded by a spectator and posted on the Internet. The absurdity of their comments and their lack of investigative skills to even research that what she was talking about, makes Fox look like always, a far right demagogic network with no desire to look on the real evidence of 9/11. They finished by attacking the messenger like always.
Rosie did not get fired by mentioning me. I canceled the appearance before Rosie decided to quit, due to my many efforts in Washington and nationwide. Look on Rosie's blog today ( HTTP:// ) and she also address the rumors:

cj writes:

Fox says you left because of a video of you talking about wtc7 to the audience during a commercial break. Um, you talked about that on air! And you need to keep talking! Perpetuate the conversation!

william rodriguez
my friend
google him
i didnt get fired for talking about him
he was a booked guest in fact

Hope this clarifies it for my friends, supporters and enemies alike.
I am still working hard for the truth and Rosie is by my side.

David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Tuesday May 29, 2007

"Is this the real reason?" Fox News asked Tuesday why Rosie O'Donnell is no longer on The View, before playing a YouTube video of O'Donnell warming up her audience by "ranting" about suspicious events she says were omitted from the 9/11 Commission Report.

Most accounts have stated that O'Donnell's departure was due to an on-air fight over Iraq with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The Fox hosts speculate that the video might have come from an audience member's cellphone, and then comment briefly on how "people go off on this topic when Rosie talks about World Trade Center Building Number 7," before cutting to a story about a giant lizard.

The video was also posted at the Screw Loose Change blog, which characterized O'Donnell as "raving about WTC 7 being omitted from the 9-11 Commission Report," adding "like the 9-11 Commission was concerned about a building in which nobody died, which was not a direct target of the attacks."

Loose Change is an internet documentary which has received widespread press coverage over the last couple of years. Although many "9/11 truth" movement activists have criticized prior edits of the documentary, including a since-removed section which claimed video "proof" that the World Trade Center had been blown up, billionaire Mark Cuban is planning to finance a theatrical release, after its latest edit, with actor Charlie Sheen possibly providing narration.

"And anyway, the notion that the 9-11 Commission Report (PDF file) does not mention WTC 7 is wrong," Pat at "Screw Loose Change" writes, before citing four references to it, including page numbers.

However, none of these selections refer to the destruction of WTC 7, which has perplexed many scientists, government investigators and architects over the years.

Unmasking of the Authoritarians

Phoenix Rising

Can you smell the putrid fumes of authoritarianism rising like smoke from burning trash, filling our senses with the toxins of despotism? Do you see these clouds of tyranny surpassing the morning horizon, their darkened haze making blind our eyes, deaf our ears and ignorant our minds? Can you hear the America of yesterday screaming in agonizing pain as the cancer of the authoritarian personality slowly devours her from within? If so, you are not alone, for evolving within our shores since 9/11 lies a most ominous and frightening reality, namely, the rise and acceptance of American-style authoritarianism.

The amazing TRUE story behind Michelle Malkin's use of the term "911truthvirus"!

OK. Here's the real scoop on Michelle Malkin's use of the term "911truthvirus". ... is a rapidly growing website targetting 911 beginners. It's an educational site, but it's mainly an activist site with chapters forming nationwide, -chapters whose highway banners and literature are funded by donations..

One of the 911truthvirus groups is based in Jersey City, NJ and operates in NY and NJ. They are known for displaying a huge 4 x 8 street banner where Michelle works, and have handed out literally 1000's of flyers near major NJ and NY newspaper headquarters and train stations. These 911 truthers have garnered media attention in both NJ and NY and THEY SENT E-MAILS AND FLYERS DIRECTLY TO MALKIN WHEN SHE FIRST BASHED ROSIE ODONNEL A FEW WEEKS EARLIER!!!

When bashing Ron Paul and speaking of the 911truth virus, Malkin also stole several other terms commonly used at the WEBsite...such as "cesspool" and "911 truther":..and "Spread by YouTube and Internet". The site also features a photo of Ron Paul on front page, who she tried to link by saying he has been infected with "911 truth virus.".

Fox's Fair and Balanced Debate: Guiliani or Romney (pay no attention to Paul)

Fox News is clearly worried about the recent national success of Ron Paul. They begin the debate, by inserting the false notion that candidate order has a place within their format. They state that the order of the candidates on the stage is random. This statement while possibly true, is completely irrelevant if all candidates are not asked the same question, in order. By asking specific questions, in a non linear order, Fox News negates the importance of order all together. Yet they state that it is random, as if it matters in this format. Is that fair or balanced?

Moving on, they clearly ignored the “second teir” candidates the entire “debate.” Guiliani got far more questions, as did the other “front runners.” Is this fair or balanced?

Finally, in rare moments of true fairness, Fox News allowed candidates to respond if mentioned in a response, except for Ron Paul. As soon as Paul was mentioned, they cut to a commercial and did not allow him to respond. Again, fair or balanced?

911 Truthers Should Thank Fox News

Laughable weekly attempts at debunking only give the movement more credibility

By Steve Watson

Global Research, May 11, 2007

In their typical style of reporting news two weeks later than the rest of us, the mainstream media, in the shape of Fox news, has finally caught up with the alternative media in reporting the story we first broke here on April 23rd that John Kerry recently referred to the collapse of WTC building 7 on 9/11 as having been "done in a controlled fashion".
In another "fair and balanced" piece Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity again weakly attempted to debunk the inside job evidence while at the same time making themselves look like the playground bullies everyone else has outgrown and now points to and laughs at.

Colmes began by stating "The 9/11 conspiracy wingnuts are it again". So let us be as equally fair and balanced by beginning this analysis with the following...

The corporate hack establishment government lapdog media whores are at it again.

Video Archive Of Recent Attacks On Rosie O'Donnell, 9/11 Truth

digg_url = '';

This is an archive to view recent video clips of mainstream media whores attacking Rosie O'Donnell and others for questioning the US government and the official version of 9/11.

(Thanks goes out to We The People Radio Network for uploading these videos)

A similar archive can be found at this link:

(Thanks to 911Blogger member StopLying for this page)

If anyone has any related videos they'd like to add to this archive, please post them here.

Rosie Ruffles John Gibson's Feathers

John Gibson and Michelle Malkin give their view of The View......they even ripped off the Stop Lying sign :)

In Response to the Fox News and MSNBC Editorial Attacks on Rosie O'Donnell

I'm upset that they would stoop to the lows that they did.

Danny Bonaduce: "she should be strung up for treason". . "she's offering aid and comfort to the enemy"??

Come on, man. . .

Get a grip.

I thought that most of the "Analysts" on Fox News and MSNBC were hateful, innacurate, and opposed to freedom of speech. (minus the female personality on Hannity and Colmes, and O'Reilly's male guest - only during his final statement about our right to not watch the View if we disagree)

O'Reilly: "they are spitting out the worst propoganda that is fed to them by far-left Americans on the net. . that's where they're getting the "false flag", "Gulf of Tonkin", and all this other business"

O'Reilly's male guest: "the real danger, is that they're mainstreaming this hateful nonsense"

Hannity's male guest: "she has no right to speak [because she's] a clown, a fool, a deranged activist"

Hannity: Equating 9/11 Truth to disrespecting the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Ignorance at it's best!

Fox News Show 'Planet Mancow' to 'Rip into' 9/11 Skeptics

Planet Mancow -

Sat., November 18 at 9 p.m. ET
Hosted by Mancow

Come on a journey with Erich "Mancow" Muller to a parallel Universe he likes to call "Planet Mancow."

Mancow, best known for his syndicated radio program "Mancow's Morning Madhouse," brings a new perspective and wit to our ever-changing world.

"Planet Mancow" features a "different" kind of interview with William Shatner, who talks about playing Captain T. Kirk and how "Star Trek" impacted so many lives — even some Vietnam POWs.
Then, did our government mastermind the attacks of 9/11? Mancow rips into 9/11 conspiracy enthusiast Kevin Smith and talks with Brian Harvey, a New York City firefighter who was at Ground Zero that horrific day.

The preview for this show was apparently attempted to be posted to, but is not currently working. I am not familiar with him, but you can find out a bit on his wiki entry.

The following quote should give an idea as to what to expect:

On December 6th, 2005, Muller drew a swarm of controversy when he verbally attacked Howard Dean on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends, antagonizing with such words as "vile", "bloodthirsty", "evil", and retaliated to Dean's opinions on the War in Iraq, calling Dean a traitor that "ought to be kicked out of America" and "tried for treason".

And a bit about his radio show:

Bob Noxious: A hilarious candid audio recording is played of a man saying offensive things on a street setting and people's shocked responses.
Drunk Chick Friday: Muller invites a group of (supposedly) attractive women to visit the studio on Friday mornings, who then become highly intoxicated and obnoxious as the show progresses.

Looks like Fox has picked up another winner.